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VIXX has wrapped up their first week of comeback stages for ‘hyde’ and while the title track and concept are blowing my mind in every way, the live stages seem to be a little… lacking. It’s mostly the vocals that I have an issue with because Ken and Leo sound so out of breath half of the time but I’m 99% sure that can be attributed to the intensity of the choreography because in every shot you can really see the sweat pouring down their faces.

M! Countdown

Okay… this one was pretty perfect. I love how it’s dark and ominous at the start and the lights are flashing to coincide with the rumbling of the thunder. The all-black outfits look so good on them and the boys do sound pretty on-point, with Ken and Leo reaching most of their high notes, even if the backing track is loud enough to drown out all of Hyuk‘s and Hongbin’s lines.

The angles were good too with nice shots of everyone and sufficient long shots during the group choreography. But the fanchants were the best part, they were so loud!!! And I didn’t notice it until someone pointed it out, but Ravi actually dropped his bodypack (I think that’s what they’re called?) after the move where he drops to the floor and you can see him trying to put it back into his back pocket all the while still keeping up with choreography.

Music Bank

The backing track was so loud on here, and it was especially distracting during Ravi’s rap. And oh my god, that black lipstick and the all-white outfits were a terrible combination (Leo and N worked it the best, I have to say). Also, I’m beginning to feel like Ken has to work doubly hard because he’s not the best dancer (and apparently doesn’t have very good stamina) and yet he’s given a substantial amount of lines as a main vocalist, so he always ends up panting through his lines.

That ending shot of Leo is gorgeous though. But other than that, I feel like the person who’s doing the live cutting or whatever you call it (switching???), isn’t really doing his job well because the close-ups on whoever is singing always comes a few seconds too late… and really, they completely missed the opportunity to get a good shot of the fierce glare that N shoots into the camera when Ken is singing the line ‘겁을 먹어버린 그 눈빛 이러지마’.

Music Core

Not a huge fan of the red outfits, and especially so on N since it clashes with his fluorescent hair. And what is Ken even wearing??? The cut-out looks like the top part of a dress. Okay, I know it sounds like I’m picking on him a lot but he’s really most of what I notice when I watch these stages anyway. And by now, I’ve pretty much given up on trying to make out Hyuk and Hongbin’s singing because it’s impossible. Even though it’s apparent that Leo and Ken are struggling with their high notes amidst the choreography, they’ve still kinda hit them here so I’m glad.


This was such a good stage. I looooove how it finally occurred to the stylists to split the guys into white and black outfits to symbolise good versus evil. It’s pretty genius. And midway, where there’s a sudden halt in the music and you can just feel the tension onstage – so good. And don’t even get me started on that little lip curl that N does… He’s so into character, I just absolutely love it.

I’ll admit the cameraman went a little overboard with the close-ups but there are some interesting angles and shots here and there, and of course, the pan up Leo’s arm was completely necessary. The good thing about the extreme amount of close-ups during this stage is that we’re more able to capture their facial expressions and I do feel like they’re really feeling this particular performance because they’re just smouldering all over the place. Daebak. Can’t wait for next week’s!