Travelling and other things, but mostly VIXX

April 19 is the date of my final presentation of my final university semester but April 19 not only means freeing myself for good from the shackles of school life, because now it also means a new beginning in more ways than one…….VIXX comeback!!! *sad trombone anti-climactic sound* Sorry, if you were expecting something more profound and philosophical. Feeling just a little overwhelmed here because finally, a comeback! But more importantly, it’s happening as the same time I’ll be in Korea!

It’s just so amazing to me, how of all the times to make their comeback, it happens to coincide with the 4 weeks out of the 52 weeks in a year that I’ll be in Korea. There can’t be any other explanation for it… it’s… it’s fate. My destiny to see them during a promotion cycle. I guess I have no choice but to accept this fate. *proceeds to rewrite entire itinerary and plan it around VIXX’s schedule* Okay fine, I guess I’m only half-kidding…

I’ll be in Korea from April 27 and fly back on May 24, but will be spending the first few days in Busan with my mum. I’m actually really excited to be going back to Busan! I wonder how much it’s changed… It’s still quite unbelievable to me that I spent an entire four months in this beautiful city.

 photo DSC_0133_zpswoprqrwb.jpg
All the huge lilac clusters that stretch out for miles are all cherry blossom trees!
 photo DSC_0021_zps5ebqmgbr.jpg
Igidae Park was torture to climb but holds some of the bluest seas I’ve ever seen

This place will always hold special memories and it’s gonna be that one thing that’ll likely bond Kiat Jiun, Gen and I for a long, long time, even despite not meeting up as often as we’d like to now. Busan will forever be what connects us together, and I love that. Sometimes I’ll see Kiat Jiun in class and we’ll catch up now and then, but most of the time, I have no clue what’s going on with her… which is kinda strange. To think, for a period of time, we spent practically every single day together as both classmates and roommates. We took almost all the same classes, had the same circle of friends and went everywhere together – even travelling to Japan! Life can be so amazing and unpredictable sometimes.

 photo DSC02399_zpsfghjfyzm.jpg
Three Musketeers teehee

But I digress. After my mum leaves, I’ll spend a day and a half by myself (hopefully VIXX has something on or maybe I’ll try and make it for Leo‘s Mata Hari arrival just for fun) before Cindy, Fel, Alex and Mel arrive in Seoul. Squotongs, unite! Buuut if I’m being completely honest, I’m a little wary about travelling together as a group of five because I feel like there’s going to have to be a loooot of compromising.

Because I’ve been to Korea, I’m quite clear about what I want to do or don’t want to do (not that the list is very extensive), especially since I’ll already be doing some of the things with my mum the week before. So I’m afraid I’m gonna end up feeling like the bossy hard-ass that tries to impose her opinions on others (which is kinda a new feeling because on most travel trips, I’m pretty hands-off when it comes to the itinerary). Either that, or because two of them are first-time visitors (and thus willing to try everything) and the other two can be more free with their money, I may end up feeling obligated to spend on food or activities that I would probably prefer to spend elsewhere. Team player and all that. And I’d hate to keep harping on money, so I might just go along with it (as I weep on the inside).

Of course, I’m still really, really excited about spending time together in a place we all love, but I can’t help but worry. Travelling and living together for two weeks is a lot different from occasional outings to the mall and one another’s houses. But now that VIXX has entered the (love) equation (hurhur), I think it does make things a little easier! We can bond over that no matter what, and we’re all keen to try and make it for some schedules while we’re there so that does fill up a chunk of our two-week itinerary. Yep, gonna be lugging all my official Starlight merch there. No doubt about it.

And if anyone’s been counting, yes, that does leave quite a few days where I’m by myself (hashtag HanSeoulo). It’s mostly an opportunity to prove to myself that I can do it. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do during this time but I’ll probably try and go to all the places that I didn’t manage to in the three weeks before that. And if VIXX happens to have a schedule too… well. :-)


The First Week: 저주인형

I know I seem to be posting on a semimonthly basis but school has my butt completely whooped and when it comes to fandom these days, I can’t seem to concern myself with anything other than VIXX. I reluctantly (and slightly ashamedly) admit that I now eat, sleep and breathe VIXX. This comeback is everything I ever wanted and more and I have little qualms in deeming it as The Era. It’s really their best yet, and how appropriate too that it happens with their first full-length album. I have so much hopes for this promotion cycle and I know Jelpi does too since it obviously invested a ton of money into this comeback. Just the wirework in the MV, the makeup and special effects, the (now deflated) giant voodoo doll that hangs outside their company building, and let’s not forget all the new merch that was sold at the Milky Way finale. Jelpi is small, we all know that, so it’s heart-warming to know how much the CEO believes in the six of them.

I didn’t plan on writing about VIXX since I can’t exactly afford the time to but I feel like if I don’t talk about their comeback somewhere, I might actually explode. So I decided to do a short round-up, now that first week’s stages are done with. Sadly, there was no M! Countdown this week due to MAMA (and next week too, I think).

1. Show Champion (13.11.20)

This is my favourite stage so far! It’s also the first time they perform ‘Voodoo Doll’ live (Milky Way doesn’t count for me and the shots were terrible anyway). It’s far from a perfect stage but it was definitely perfect in my eyes. This is also the only performance we get before they revised the choreography because it’s supposedly too violent and will influence kids to go around stabbing each other…or something. It’s pretty bullshit and I felt personally affronted when I first heard the news but after seeing the subsequent stages, it isn’t….as bad as I thought.

Show Champion‘s camerawork and editing are usually really straightforward and simple but I don’t mind it here because you get to see the full extent of the choreography and they’ve not only managed to strike the perfect balance of close-ups and long shots, they’ve also got the timing down pat so that the camera cuts to a close-up of the member just as he starts his line. Best of all, the part where Leo falls dramatically to his knees was captured perfectly. I won’t go too much into the choreography and the whole tie-in with their previous concepts because this will just turn into an essay so I’ll probably link to the article I wrote for Dinoseoul once that’s up.

2. Music Bank (13.11.22)

Ah, Music Bank, you never fail to disappoint with your shoddy camerawork. I always believe the Mubank cameramen sleep on the job because they always cut to a close-up a few seconds too late. I will always remember how during Ravi’s rap in one of the ‘G.R.8.U’ stages, the camera actually cut to Hyuk instead (probably because they’re both blonde) so the part where Ravi did his bunny ears intro was completely missed. Tsk.

Even though they completely missed Leo’s fall to the ground here, this stage was still pretty damn decent for a Mubank one. The boys are killing it each time with their energy but if the camerawork sucks like hell, it can still take the experience away from the viewer. I, for one, usually get quite affected by this because when all the key points of a performance isn’t captured as it should be, it just makes me very frustrated watching it. It’s like, the performance is perfect, but why are you only capturing a mere fraction of that????? ¿¿ I have to say though that I’m really really glad Mubank gave VIXX time to also do ‘Only U’ since the subsequent two major stations didn’t.

3. Music Core (13.11.23)

This was my second favourite stage after Show Champ‘s only because we don’t get the original choreo (yeah yeah I’m getting over it). Music Core seems to really love showing off their fancy slow-mo editing and well, I’m not complaining. It makes the stage look super cool and their timing was spot-on, I’m so happy!!! With this stage, it feels like the cameramen actually know the choreography like the back of their hands so they’re able to anticipate and cut to the right member on time. I don’t know what the significance is of having N be the only member who has his suit buttoned up but given the vigour of the moves, I can’t say I’m surprised the back of his jacket ripped right open midway through the performance. Still doesn’t take anything away from what a great stage this was though.

4. Inkigayo (13.11.24)

[No video link for the Inki stage at the moment because SBS is a shit]

There seems to be some sort of general consensus that this Inki stage was The Best Yet but while it was awesome, largely due to the amazing set (pyrotechnics, feathers and sheet ghost thingies at the back? uh hell yeah) and K-ST☆RLIGHTs generally being 짱, the shots weren’t all that great. What I’ve noticed about Inki is their extreme love for close-ups and while I have a lot of love for Inki stages normally, today’s fell a little short for me. There were odd close-ups of hands and feet that just didn’t make sense to me and it was just a bit off, overall. But as I mentioned, the fanchants were incredibly amazing and loud today (it seems to get louder with each stage) and I just feel so so so proud to be a part of this fandom, I really do. You can tell that the boys were strengthened too by the cheers because their energy was even better than usual.

I still plan on doing a post about KL/TMW as well since the pictures from the trip have to go somewhere but I’ll probably do it once my exams are over in early December. The ‘VOODOO’ album release is tomorrow at 11am and I can’t wait to hear the eight other new tracks. Particularly excited to hear Ravi’s self-composed track! This week is so important so let’s gather all our 별빛파워☆ and bring our boys to the top (I don’t know about you but I’m particularly dying for some chicken…….. ;)

And because someone needs to share my pain, please have a lovelorn puppy in the form of Lee Jaehwan.

 ow2  ow

Three things

1. Bangtan‘s cover of ‘Born Sinner’ is freaking perfection. I don’t follow the boys much and don’t really keep up with their stages and interviews and things like that, but I’m well aware of how talented they are. Happy 1st month to them!

2. I really should catch up on all the EXO stuff because I’ve been seeing GIFs of their Weekly Idol, Happy Camp and Beatles Code stints all over Tumblr and they look hilarious. Apparently they’ll be promoting a follow-up song soon, which would explain the hair changes and oh please, let it be something cute like ‘Peter Pan’ or ‘3.6.5’ or one of their ballads, because I desperately want to see something different from them onstage.

And on a somewhat related note, can we all just take a moment to welcome Krisus back? It’s amazing what a lighter shade of hair colour can do for this guy. Like wow Kris, this is not a freaking runway, can you maybe not???




(Picture credits to respective fansites)

3. My boys are coming back!!! It’s been only two weeks since VIXX‘s goodbye stages for ‘hyde’ and already, they’re set for a comeback this month. I do think it’s much too early and they definitely need to rest but I’m crossing my fingers for a cute song next because ‘Rock Ur Body’ 5ever!!!!1 It’ll also be much easier to promote and less intense compared with something like ‘hyde’ where they had to almost play a character each time they were onstage which I’m sure is exhausting.


Hyuk‘s gone blonde and evidently a drastic colour change is the number 1 tell-tale sign of a comeback. And Ross Lara, whom they’re working with for the comeback track has also revealed on Twitter, hinting at the boys’ return so yay!!!


Greetings from Albany!

I didn’t have the time to post a proper goodbye entry before I left for Perth since I had a ton of things to get done but right now it’s day 5 in Western Australia and I’m really really enjoying this getaway from the blazing Singapore sun. Okay, I’ll admit it’s a little cold here and I pretty much have to live in my thick fleece-lined jacket every single day, but the family time we have together is always good.

I’ll probably get some blog entries up about my time here since I have a huuuuuge amount of pictures (first trip with my D3200 yay!) but for now, here’s a picture of me with an alpaca from today! They’re so friendly and fluffy U_U

A few other things I may blog about in more detail if I get round to it (which is…..90% not gonna happen tbh, knowing me):

  • The photoshoot for WKWSCIFOC ’13 was a success I’d say! I do kinda still regret committing to such a huge project, because why on earth did I think it was a good idea to sign on as head programmer when I’m such a commitment-phobe??? But I’m still hoping it’s a success and that I don’t totally screw up Day 1’s activities (the freshies are so gonna hate me…).
  • LUNAFLY‘s concert last week was such a good experience and it completely surpassed my expectations and I just… Teo… Definitely the best 50 bucks I’ve spent in awhile.
  • VIXX is coming back!!!!! I managed to watch the ‘hyde’ MV teaser on my phone since I got one of those prepaid card things that allows me 500mb of data usage and I’m glad they didn’t suddenly go cute with this comeback (even if ‘Rock Ur Body’ is my fav era 5ever). I think since a lot of people were first introduced to VIXX as the Vampire-dols, they probably need to stay in a darker concept for a little while longer before they slowly ease us into a brighter image. But I’m convinced they can do anything and I’d still think it’s genius though, because that’s just how far gone I am…
  • EXO IS COMING BACK!!!!! This one deserves all caps because it’s only been what, a million years or so??? And I’ve only heard about 100239483 versions of ‘MAMA’? Anyway, I have to say, the concept pictures are super adorable and I’m really enjoying the whole yearbook idea, but since it’s pretty likely their title track is ‘Wolf’ or ‘Let Out the Beast’ or basically something a little edgier, I’m just rolling my eyes at SM because what would it take for them to tease us with pictures that are actually remotely related to the comeback track? XOXO
  • #B1A41STWIN: I’m soooooo happy to see the B1A4 boys get their first music show win! They were the first k-pop group I’ve ever met in real life and even though I lost interest in them along the way, they’ve definitely won me over again with ‘이게 무슨 일이야’ because the entire mini album is just full of gems, I love it so so much I can’t even words. It’s dreamy and a little whimsical and just all round perfect. And to see the boys break down onstage like that, you can just tell how much the win meant to them. Such a deserving win, truly. I’ll patiently wait for the days the few groups I stan get their first win like that too so I can stand by and watch like a proud mother… u_u

Anyway, I’ll be heading back to Perth tomorrow and it’s gonna be a looooong drive back but I’m sure we’ll spend our last two days in Australia well. I’ll finally be meeting up with Rachel for a bit and I’m also looking forward to getting back to more stable Internet >.< See you tomorrow, Rachel! <3

The beautiful sound of fandoms colliding

If it weren’t obvious to everyone, I’ve been on a VIXX bender ever since I got into them in March and with Plan V Diary coming to an end earlier in the week, I was doubtful when I’d be able to get my next fix. But it seems like I won’t have to wait long since the release of their (first ever!!!!!) mini album will coincide with the day of their first year anniversary party on May 20. *throws confetti* It seemed like not long ago since they ended ‘On and On’ promotions but I guess they’re going the B.A.P route with the whole never stop promoting/don’t ever give anyone the chance to forget them thing. I’m not complaining…much. I’m really eager to see how they’ll top the vampire concept but since I’m a fan of all their singles so far, I’m not counting on the boys to disappoint.

In related news, BTOB ended their recent Show Champion ‘2nd Confession’ performance with the ending pose from ‘On and On’. Ah, when fandoms collide…

Two more things: (1) I’m so glad Himchan finally took off his bandage!!! I’ve seen it on him for so long, I’ve really gotten used to that thing being wrapped around his right hand. But now that it’s off and with the news of him finally taking part in B.A.P activities starting with B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific, my OT6 has reunited as one and I couldn’t be happier.


And (2) Eat Your Kimchi‘s interview with uBEAT (+ Kevin) was the absolute cutest. It’s the kind of thing we could only dream of doing… *single tear* Eli cracked me up the most, especially with him trying to portray himself as some serious composer and talking about his “rapping style” LMAO. But seriously though, these boys are sooooo personable, I just want to give them the world. *squishes*