The anti-rom-com rom-com

A Korean movie that’s been on my radar for a few months now is Temperature of Love, which stars Lee Min Ki and Kim Min Hee. It doesn’t seem excessively over-the-top and seems like it’s right up my alley with its mix of quirky and sweet. It’s about an on-again-off-again couple who have been secretly dating in the workplace for 3 years and they have a sort of relationship that, based on the trailer seems really volatile – which makes for good onscreen entertainment, I’ll bet. It premiered in Korean theatres in March and seems to be doing amazingly at the box office, so I hope it hits our side as well because I’d love to see it. …And this is where I force in pictures from a one-year-old photoshoot just because I can and Lee Min Ki looks extra attractive here.




One thing I noticed though is how similar Lee Min Ki is to Block B‘s Jaehyo, which admittedly, could just be me seeing things… But they have the same build, a similar mouth… even the way they speak is really similar! And their mannerisms… I just- it’s really uncanny. Anyway, I really enjoy Lee Min Ki as an actor and I’ve always felt that he’s really expressive and versatile and because his projects have always been so different from one another, he’s not one to be typecasted easily. Speaking of which, I really do have to finish Dalja’s Spring one day. And… this is also where I awkwardly lead in to wishing the BB boys a happy 2nd year anniversary! I’ll always love you boys and support you, no matter what. ♥

Before I log off and sleep, here’s the MV for Lee Min Ki’s ‘Everything’, which is off the OST for the movie, and also features some clips of the couple being lovey and cute together.