Nailed it

These days, I’ve been obsessed with nail stickers. They’re nothing new, but I guess it’s only just hit me how convenient they are, and with a ton of designs to choose from, I’m kinda kicking myself for not having discovered them earlier. I’ve played around with nail stickers previously of course, but never really took to them because they don’t seem to stick on too well on my nails. I first tried Etude House’s ones long ago (didn’t like them), and then gave them another try using some other Korean brand (I think it was Aritaum). Meh, still not convinced.

Recently though, Cindy passed me some Hello Kitty ones that she got off Taobao. I tried them on with little to no expectations, and was really pleasantly surprised! They were so easy to stick on, and looked super cute. I was too lazy to put on top coat and instead of filing the excess sticky part away (so that the edges adhere to your nail better), I snipped them away with nail clippers. Big no-no. When I woke up, most of it had folded down and stuck onto each other, so I had to remove them completely, which was such a waste. But hey, at least it was a learning curve.

 photo DSC_0786_zps9qrebz3z.jpg

 photo DSC_0794_zpses8wcxrb.jpg
Not the best application technique, but…

Since then, I’ve bought like 8 different designs off Taobao. I put Doraemon ones on earlier today and look how adorable they are! The trick is to put on base coat before sticking them on. I prefer to do one hand at a time, because usually by the time I get to the second hand, the base coat is too dry and the stickers don’t stick on as well. After you choose the stickers that match the size of each nail, stick them on and file away the excess (don’t clip them off!). Finally, finish off with top coat (I usually do two coats) so that they last longer. They usually last about a week, like this. :D

 photo DSC_0799_zpsvwjxf0ep.jpg
Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse nail stickers!

For those who are interested, you can search nail stickers on Taobao and you’ll get a ton of results. I bought mine from a few different sellers and they were all ~$1 each. They have all sorts of designs, not just character ones like the ones I got. I’m still figuring out what’s the best way to remove these stickers, without leaving behind a sticky mess or ripping the top layer of your nail right off, so if anyone has any tips for me, I’d be more than happy to hear them!


A touch of randomness

Well, school hasn’t exactly let up and I have a 4-page script due in two and a half hours. And yet, I’m on here. I told you I have a serious problem with procrastination. These days, I’ve been trying to hone my photography skills so I’ve been taking pictures of anything and everything with my DSLR. Though sadly, my improvement remains stagnant. Anyway, here are some of the pictures I’ve taken in the past few days. They’re not much, just pictures of some of my dinners, and some snacks I’ve acquired… but well, they all have to go somewhere.

Famous Amos’ double choc chip & pecan cookies! One of my faves. I can inhale a whole packet of these in one seating, no problem.
These key lime cookies from Hey Cupcakes are little bites of heaven. SO GOOD.

After following a couple of nail accounts on Instagram, I’ve been into glitter and polish lately. The polishes I’m using are super old though since I haven’t been updating my collection. For the glitter, I’m using LA Girl Rock Star’s ‘Overdose’ over a black base. And three coats of Holika Holika’s grey polish.
Definitely my favourite brand/flavour of instant noodles, after Singapore curry.

I get pretty bored easily when it comes to food so my favourite thing about coming home everyday is definitely the home-cooked dinners and the variety of the meals. Yum.

Other than that, I’ll probably post more extensively another time about B.A.P‘s ‘One Shot’ comeback as well as my thoughts on their recent concert (even though obviously I wasn’t there and had to update myself through live tweets :c).