Hair and other things

Two more days before September ends and not a whole lot has happened but I did get my hair cut…..which makes this the second time this year? I finally got rid of the bleached ends that I’ve had for a good few years and I don’t miss it at all because my hair does look a lot healthier, imho. I’m also a brunette for the first time in my life and I’m actually liking it. I did hope for a lighter shade of brown but I don’t think my hair would be able to stand it anyway.

To be honest, for the first few days after my haircut, I actually hated it so much I wanted to cry. My hair’s naturally kinda frizzy in addition to the waves that I have and the combination is just……nothing I’d wished upon anyone. And I really felt like the way my hair was layered this time really emphasised that so it was just horrible all around. But a crazy simple and useful tip I found (after much Googling) that makes my hair just a little more manageable is:

  • After washing my hair, I squeeze the water out as much as I can
  • Then use the towel to blot and gently soak up the excess water
  • Wrap my hair with the towel for a few minutes
  • Then I’ll use my fingers to kinda smoothen my hair as much as I can
  • Finally, I spray an anti-frizz mist all over (here‘s what I use and I love it so much!)

***DON’T rub the towel all over your hair because it’ll just create more friction and for me, it makes my hair puff up like a cloud >.< I don’t know if this is even news to anyone or if it’s hair care techniques that people already know but I’ve been following this for about a week now and I do think my hair looks sliiiightly better than usual, so it might work for you too.


LMAO I mean, it’s not just me, right? There is a visible difference? I do think my waves get emphasised more in a good way now rather than working against me and just making my hair look huge and messy and gross when combined with its natural frizziness. And okay, my hair doesn’t miraculously look gorgeous or anything but I’ll keep up with this and hopefully it can be a long term solution to keep the frizz somewhat at bay in this humidity.

A few other updates:

  • It’s finally recess week!!!!! I’ve got assignments to get done for all four of my mods, but still!!!! One whole week with no school! /rolls around in happiness/
  • I’m still in the midst of settling exchange matters because I suck and I keep procrastinating but I swear I’ll get it done in the first half of this coming week.
  • Master’s Sun is ending but Episodes 14 and 15 were really good and I’ll miss the show a lot… (and I’ll continue to pray furiously that one day I’ll wake up to the good news that Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub have admitted that they’re dating because the chemistry onscreen and offscreen – I really can’t with these two!!!)
  • BUT it also means Heirs is finally coming! With the crap ton of pre-release promo materials, I’m just hoping that it lives up to at least a fraction of all that hype and that it’s not just Boys Over Flowers 2.0 because no matter how pretty the cast is (and they are reeeeeaaaaallly pretty), I’ll still end up losing interest if it turns out to be a trainwreck. I’m hoping to be proven wrong, because there has to be a reason why so many of them signed on to be in it right?
  • Block B is coming back and everything is good and amazing and awesome and wonderful~
  • In less than a month, I’ll be seeing VIXX live!!!!!!! I’ll write about it more next time or closer to the date, probably.
  • Finally, here’s a behind-the-scenes cum MV of some cute boys (who are…..admittedly better actors than they are singers but they are multi-talented oKAY)

But come on, the song is catchy. And they’re absolutely adorable too, I refuse to be convinced otherwise. I MEAN, just look at them making cute faces at the camera at the end and their maknae is a 188cm tall giant isn’t that cUTE TOO THEY ALL ARE LIKE OMG WHY ASFJKHDASD HEY YOU COME ON FOLLOW MEEEEE


A touch of randomness

Well, school hasn’t exactly let up and I have a 4-page script due in two and a half hours. And yet, I’m on here. I told you I have a serious problem with procrastination. These days, I’ve been trying to hone my photography skills so I’ve been taking pictures of anything and everything with my DSLR. Though sadly, my improvement remains stagnant. Anyway, here are some of the pictures I’ve taken in the past few days. They’re not much, just pictures of some of my dinners, and some snacks I’ve acquired… but well, they all have to go somewhere.

Famous Amos’ double choc chip & pecan cookies! One of my faves. I can inhale a whole packet of these in one seating, no problem.
These key lime cookies from Hey Cupcakes are little bites of heaven. SO GOOD.

After following a couple of nail accounts on Instagram, I’ve been into glitter and polish lately. The polishes I’m using are super old though since I haven’t been updating my collection. For the glitter, I’m using LA Girl Rock Star’s ‘Overdose’ over a black base. And three coats of Holika Holika’s grey polish.
Definitely my favourite brand/flavour of instant noodles, after Singapore curry.

I get pretty bored easily when it comes to food so my favourite thing about coming home everyday is definitely the home-cooked dinners and the variety of the meals. Yum.

Other than that, I’ll probably post more extensively another time about B.A.P‘s ‘One Shot’ comeback as well as my thoughts on their recent concert (even though obviously I wasn’t there and had to update myself through live tweets :c).


Bang bang banggity bang

Some time back, I blogged about how I wanted a change when it came to my hair and was contemplating snipping off my fringe. Well, I did end up doing it and it’s been about two weeks since I’ve had blunt bangs for possibly the first time in my life. I’m still getting used to it, and I can’t say I love it, but well, hair grows, at least. Here’s to all those who’s itching to make a change but are too afraid to take that step! I hate to be cliche but… you only live once.

There are of course pros and cons to cutting bangs. Like for me, it’s virtually impossible to look decent without going sans glasses, and it’s always a pain when I’m trying to wash my face or put on make up since it’s a little too short to clip up fully. And that initial feeling right after your fringe has just been chopped off is a little disorienting since you can feel the hair resting on your forehead – kinda like getting glasses for the first time and you’re hyperaware of the frames. You’ll get used to the feeling pretty quickly though, but even now, I still sometimes get a shock when I pass by a mirror for that split second where I forget that I now have bangs.

And because my hair is naturally wavy, my bangs can end up looking just a little bit different each day (sometimes within the span of the same day) so on those days where I do have some time on my hands before I rush off to school (which is almost never), I’ll usually take the straightening iron to it just to get it looking a little more manageable and not as messy.

But I really do like how they look with any form of headwear, like a beanie or a cute hairband. It prompts me to be a little more proactive in changing up my look each day. For those cutting bangs for the first time (like me), it’s important to know what kind of bangs you want to go for. I specifically asked for the thicker type of bangs, and it’s better to show your hairstylist a reference picture so that he can really get it down pat. For those who are interested (lol I mean, you never know), I got my hair cut at Black Salon at Marina Link. Good luck!

This is a hair post

The first episode of Flower Boy Next Door premiered last night and is being subbed as I type, and I finally caught the much-talked about Les Miserables this afternoon, so today was a pretty good day, I’d say. But back to the reason for this post: I’ve mentioned how I’ve been keen on doing something different to my hair and while I haven’t yet plucked the courage to chop off my fringe, I did recently dye my entire head, DIY-style. I’m no stranger to dyeing my hair myself since I’ve been going at my bleached ends for I think two years now? I usually dye it in Manic Panic’s Hot Hot Pink (which is a very lovely dark but vibrant pink) and kinda ends up looking like this:

Manic Panic is really easy to use since it’s only semi-permanent so you don’t need to mix the colourant with the developer and all that fussy stuff. You just wash your hair, towel dry, spread on the dye, wait for a bit and rinse. (I usually leave it on for about 3 hours.) And the colour usually stays for about two weeks before it slowly fades to a light pink, and then to a muddy pink-brown. If you don’t want anything too permanent, I’d definitely recommend Manic Panic. I usually get mine here.

But while I was at a drugstore, I saw the new range of L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion hair colour and I was so tempted by the one that came in P66 Intense Spicy Red so I bought a box and thought I’d read up on the range before trying it out. And honestly, I’m kind of sick of my bleached ends and having to dye it all the time to cover up how ugly it looks.

But because it’s so new though, I can’t seem to find anything about it online and Google keeps on leading me back to the Excellence Creme line which isn’t what I’m looking for. So this post is mostly to help those who are thinking of trying out this new range, as well as those who are curious about how it’ll turn out when you use red hair dye on dark Asian hair without bleaching.

The last time I dyed my hair using dye out of a box was about six or so years ago, so it definitely feels like I’m doing it for the first time again. The back of the box promised to turn my dark brown/black hair to something resembling what was advertised on the cover of the box. I wasn’t so sure, but here goes…

I’m pretty sure the contents are the same as any other box dye but anyway it comes with (1) a protective pre-colour serum (2) a protective creme colourant (3) a creme developer with applicator (4) a protective conditioner and (5) a pair of gloves.

Before dyeing – taken with flash

I don’t have a proper before photo (above) where you can see my gross faded brown-pink bleached ends but besides that, I’ve always got really dark almost-black hair so I wasn’t expecting to come away with bright red hair or anything like that. And since I’m not pre-bleaching, even if my hair ended up simply being a little brown, I was okay with that.

So as the intructions say to work on dry, unwashed hair, that’s what I did and I started working the pre-serum through my hair. My hair’s about waist-length and I ended up using about 3/4 of the bottle. After mixing the colourant and the developer together, I switched to the comb applicator and started the application at my roots.

Okay, I honestly didn’t expect it to be so tedious and time-consuming, and crap, I forgot that I’d probably need another box for proper full coverage, and omg am I gonna end up with patchy black and red hair?! I did as best as I could and worked with what I had, and I also forgot how pungent the ammonia smell could be – definitely do not miss that.

After applying the entire colour mixture onto my hair, I started massaging it through and I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to get any of it on my scalp but I did, and I’m alive now so I guess don’t worry too much about that? The instructions say to leave it on for 30 minutes if applying all over your head, and for 5-10 minutes longer if your hair is coarser. I left mine for about an hour before washing out and maybe it’s because it was at night, but I was pretty disappointed with the results at first because I swear my hair looked exactly the same, except for the fact that my bleached ends were now a darker colour.

Right after washing – taken with flash

I was really worried though while I was dyeing my hair and kept thinking, “omg what did I get myself into this is a huge mistake omg omg” especially since I was so sure with only one box I couldn’t really fully saturate my entire head of hair. And my bleached ends kept getting tangled while I was dyeing and I swear I lost so much hair that day, I’m not even kidding.

My hair’s gone through about two washes now and I do really like the colour even though it’s nothing like I expected. The pictures are taken during the daytime, but the pictures don’t really do the colour justice (ok I KNOW it still kinda looks the same lol) because I think it’s a little prettier in real life, if I do say so myself. But wow, I really need to master the whole taking a selca with a DSLR thing…

With flash

Without flash

sitting like a lady~

It’s mostly a really dark, chocolatey brown that shines a little reddish in the sun. My roots are especially bright, and my bleached ends are more of a burgundy colour, which doesn’t really show up true to pictures. But I like that my ends finally blend in with the rest of my hair a lot more, compared to previously, so it’s not as obvious that they’re as dry as the Sahara desert (though ok I know the pic above says otherwise u___u). I also kinda like being a brunette…ish. I think the colour would be a little more intense if I had perhaps another box, but all in all, I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out – nothing too drastic that I’d regret immediately.

If you’re interested, I got my box of hair dye at one of those beauty shops along Toa Payoh (it’s one of the first few) but if I’m not wrong, it’s also currently available at Watsons outlets for $15.90.