Travelling and other things, but mostly VIXX

April 19 is the date of my final presentation of my final university semester but April 19 not only means freeing myself for good from the shackles of school life, because now it also means a new beginning in more ways than one…….VIXX comeback!!! *sad trombone anti-climactic sound* Sorry, if you were expecting something more profound and philosophical. Feeling just a little overwhelmed here because finally, a comeback! But more importantly, it’s happening as the same time I’ll be in Korea!

It’s just so amazing to me, how of all the times to make their comeback, it happens to coincide with the 4 weeks out of the 52 weeks in a year that I’ll be in Korea. There can’t be any other explanation for it… it’s… it’s fate. My destiny to see them during a promotion cycle. I guess I have no choice but to accept this fate. *proceeds to rewrite entire itinerary and plan it around VIXX’s schedule* Okay fine, I guess I’m only half-kidding…

I’ll be in Korea from April 27 and fly back on May 24, but will be spending the first few days in Busan with my mum. I’m actually really excited to be going back to Busan! I wonder how much it’s changed… It’s still quite unbelievable to me that I spent an entire four months in this beautiful city.

 photo DSC_0133_zpswoprqrwb.jpg
All the huge lilac clusters that stretch out for miles are all cherry blossom trees!
 photo DSC_0021_zps5ebqmgbr.jpg
Igidae Park was torture to climb but holds some of the bluest seas I’ve ever seen

This place will always hold special memories and it’s gonna be that one thing that’ll likely bond Kiat Jiun, Gen and I for a long, long time, even despite not meeting up as often as we’d like to now. Busan will forever be what connects us together, and I love that. Sometimes I’ll see Kiat Jiun in class and we’ll catch up now and then, but most of the time, I have no clue what’s going on with her… which is kinda strange. To think, for a period of time, we spent practically every single day together as both classmates and roommates. We took almost all the same classes, had the same circle of friends and went everywhere together – even travelling to Japan! Life can be so amazing and unpredictable sometimes.

 photo DSC02399_zpsfghjfyzm.jpg
Three Musketeers teehee

But I digress. After my mum leaves, I’ll spend a day and a half by myself (hopefully VIXX has something on or maybe I’ll try and make it for Leo‘s Mata Hari arrival just for fun) before Cindy, Fel, Alex and Mel arrive in Seoul. Squotongs, unite! Buuut if I’m being completely honest, I’m a little wary about travelling together as a group of five because I feel like there’s going to have to be a loooot of compromising.

Because I’ve been to Korea, I’m quite clear about what I want to do or don’t want to do (not that the list is very extensive), especially since I’ll already be doing some of the things with my mum the week before. So I’m afraid I’m gonna end up feeling like the bossy hard-ass that tries to impose her opinions on others (which is kinda a new feeling because on most travel trips, I’m pretty hands-off when it comes to the itinerary). Either that, or because two of them are first-time visitors (and thus willing to try everything) and the other two can be more free with their money, I may end up feeling obligated to spend on food or activities that I would probably prefer to spend elsewhere. Team player and all that. And I’d hate to keep harping on money, so I might just go along with it (as I weep on the inside).

Of course, I’m still really, really excited about spending time together in a place we all love, but I can’t help but worry. Travelling and living together for two weeks is a lot different from occasional outings to the mall and one another’s houses. But now that VIXX has entered the (love) equation (hurhur), I think it does make things a little easier! We can bond over that no matter what, and we’re all keen to try and make it for some schedules while we’re there so that does fill up a chunk of our two-week itinerary. Yep, gonna be lugging all my official Starlight merch there. No doubt about it.

And if anyone’s been counting, yes, that does leave quite a few days where I’m by myself (hashtag HanSeoulo). It’s mostly an opportunity to prove to myself that I can do it. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do during this time but I’ll probably try and go to all the places that I didn’t manage to in the three weeks before that. And if VIXX happens to have a schedule too… well. :-)


Where did 2015 go?

2014 was an eventful year for me as I spent a large chunk of it overseas on exchange but my memories from the last year are hazy at best. My internship at Discovery took up the first half of the year, and then the second half was basically embarking on my FYP at uni. But if you want me to pick out individual significant moments from 2015, I honestly won’t be able to.

But one thing I have to say that I’m grateful for in 2015 was making a solid group of friends that I enjoy spending time together with. There may be times here and there where my patience is tested (as with any relationship), but other times, the good times, occasions spent stifling laughter in public places and being privy to a plethora of inside jokes, well, they’re some of the most enjoyable times I’ve had.

All my life, I’ve been the type to treasure one-on-one conversations, so being part of a bigger group (consisting of 8 people, including me) is something relatively new to me. At times, it almost feels like I’m an outsider looking in, because conversations move at the speed of light, and sometimes about the most inane things that I feel no connection with whatsoever.

But there’s always something to learn from every situation, and being part of such a friendship also teaches me to be more understanding, in a way. I guess what I mean is that being exposed to more people allows me to see things from new perspectives that don’t necessarily correlate with my own. Which is always important. And I don’t mean to wax poetic or anything, but I do feel that I end up learning more about myself in the process too—more about what I’m like, what I like, my boundaries, my skills, etc. and consequently, this awareness makes me appreciate myself more. You’re pretty damn great, Justine. Never forget.

See you in 5 months

Because there are so many facets to one’s personality, I’m of the belief that you need different people in your life that will not only affect you in different ways, but also help pull out those various parts of you and bring them to the surface, if that makes any sense. So it’s like how you’re a different person depending on who you’re with, but it’s not that you’re a different person per se, but it’s more like how each person in your life brings out something different in you, and you’re essentially the sum of all these parts. So this whole pretentious spiel is basically leading in to me having to say goodbye to one of the few important people in my life, Ying Xin, for a good five months as she embarks on a new chapter in her life… kinda. She’s currently living it up in Seoul, before moving on to Busan to do her exchange. Please, please have a good time and be selfish, for once. Remember that you don’t need to please everyone around you, ok? YOU’RE IN SEOUL, SO GO ENJOY YOURSELF. I wish I had the money to join you in July, but alas… And when you come back from Busan, you better come back with a Busan accent – I’m counting on it. Stay safe, and I’ll miss you!!! Here, have a few lovely, irrelevant GIFs of Finn.

 photo tumblr_mi8jzfIn6Y1qivneko4_r5_250_zpsc6c90acc.gif  photo tumblr_inline_miijpllXoT1qbpemw_zps4fe4e8a0.gif  photo tumblr_mi8jzfIn6Y1qivneko8_r1_250_zps88877779.gif

(GIF credits: everlark)

What is image… and can you eat it

Since Rachel’s left for Perth yesterday, here’s a picture-heavy post from last Friday night in all our…glory, since all the pictures we took have to go somewhere, right? I really don’t know how we can spend hours doing absolutely nothing, and still complain about how tired we are. Starting our night at Sarang, we literally moved from place to place just to take pictures/eat. Sigh, I swear I’m 20 going on 45… except that that’d probably be an insult to 45-year-olds. Sarang serves really good Korean fare, for those who want a taste of Seoul – though the food’s really really overpriced, but I guess you pay for the atmosphere or something. And there was a 50% promotion happening for their soju and makgulli so we had a pot of the latter for only $11 (though um admittedly, you can probably get a bottle for under 2 bucks at a convenience store in Korea…).

Just look at how pretty the apple orchard display at Orchard Central looks! It’s practically calling for a photoshoot… and so we clumsily obliged. ANTM? I think so.

And then… this happened.

I’ll miss you, Rachel. All the reaction GIFs in my sad/crying folders can’t even come close to expressing how I feel ok. :'( See you in May!!! xoxo

 photo tumblr_mempqjWSvK1qd7i2d_zps070cb2bc.gif

P.S. I’m still upset I didn’t get to have my farewell BK breakfast with you u__u