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Can we all just take a moment to bask in the absolute magic that is Flower Boy Next Door? Episode 10 was heavenly and possibly my favourite one thus far… I just felt like there was so much development packed into a 45-minute episode that felt way too short for my liking. But this might just be beat once 11 rolls around, if the swoon-worthy preview is anything to go by. Yoon Shi Yoon is hitting it out of the park with his Enrique and I love his acting range – how he can go from perky to serious in a matter of seconds, but still not feel like a complete caricature of a character is beyond me. And of course, Park Shin Hye is nothing short of utterly perfect. The drama is not without its flaws though and I wish I could just do away with all the secondary characters and sub-plots (could care less about how Do Hwi is linked to Jae Won/Jin Rak to be perfectly honest) and just watch my OTP interact all day long.

Now, something sweet to tide us over till next week…


Flower Boy Next Door ep. 1 impressions

Is this what they call love at first sight? Because I am in love. It was honestly everything I hoped for and more. I just wanna run circles around my house grinning from ear to ear from how much I really enjoyed that first episode. tvN, you’ve done it again!


It looks like Park Shin Hye really is able to tone down that exaggerated cuteness to deliver a female lead that’s subtle and sweet, and so so charming. I feel so invested in her Dok Mi and it’s only the first episode. I can’t wait to dig deeper into her past to find out why she holes herself up in her apartment and is such a recluse.


For those who weren’t keeping up with the pre-release promo materials, Flower Boy Next Door is the third in the Oh! Boy series and is based off a web-toon. It is basically about the lead girl, Dok Mi (Shin Hye) who on a daily basis, spies on Tae Joon (Kim Jung San), the good-looking guy living in the unit opposite hers. She saw him by chance one day and fell in love immediately and to her good luck, realised that he’d moved in opposite.


While that’s the main storyline driving the plot forward and shaping up the series, you also have your two male leads who’ll soon fall for her and fight over her in their own ways as the story progresses. The first is Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi Yoon) who is essentially the completely opposite of Dok Mi – he’s a people person, chatters on incessantly and has no qualms being the center of attention. He’ll move in with his hyung who surprise surprise, is the same guy Dok Mi has been crushing on, and that’s where he’ll catch Dok Mi in the midst of one of her “spying sessions”.


Meanwhile, Dok Mi’s next-door neighbour, Jin Rak (Kim Ji Hoon) is a web-toon artist who’s trying to get his pitch to be successful. His friend and drawing partner, Dong Hoon (Go Kyung Pyo) lives with him (and I don’t think the short haircut is really working for Kyung Pyo, because I remember him looking so much cuter in Operation Proposal). Jin Rak appears interested or at least, intrigued, by Dok Mi and I’m curious to know to what extent he knows about her since she doesn’t seem to know him and yet, he’s aware about her loner personality (and hmmm… Something tells me he may be the one that’s been leaving the milk cartons with cute post-its at Dok Mi’s door everyday. Innnnteresting.).

One of my favourite scenes in episode 1, was when Dok Mi was knocking at Tae Joon’s door and freaking out and crying because she’s so afraid his dog’s injured and then she turns to her side and gets a shock when she sees Enrique pretending to sob next to her. That scene cracked me up so bad. I also loved the moments when they were sneaking peeks at each other across the building apartments and at the end when he finally catches her staring, and he’s glaring at her with the “I’m watching you” hand gesture, while wearing his boxers and a fluffy panda hat. I’m not even kidding.


Dok Mi is so adorable, I just wanna pat her on the head and keep her in my pocket. And Shi Yoon’s Enrique is really really growing on me. I can’t wait till their two worlds collide and he slowly brings her out of her shell.

So far, I absolutely love this world of characters that FBND has created for us (Mizuta Kouki is adorable as the smiley Japanese guy who practises his Korean before he introduces himself to his neighbours) and we haven’t yet been introduced to Park Soo Jin‘s second female lead character, but I sure hope it’s not as meddling and infuriating as her one-dimensional character in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.


Although the drama has similar ingredients to Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, it doesn’t have that glossy sheen that makes everything look almost too pretty, which usually keeps me from really feeling for any of the characters because I’m so aware that this entire premise is set up. (Not to mention how over-the-top some of the characters were, I swear to God, I wanted to slap some maturity into Cha Chi Soo on so many occasions.) Oh please oh please, don’t disappoint.

If you want something sweet and charming, but not overly so, with a delightful heroine that’s easy to root for, and a male lead who’s… not exactly your typical K-drama hero, I highly recommend picking this up. Watch it with English subs here.

Here’s a bonus picture of our main couple looking absolutely gorgeous together for their InStyle photoshoot!


Holiday update

For those who don’t know, I’ve been in Chiang Mai for the past week, and it really is quite lovely here. The only part of Thailand I’ve been to is Phuket, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It’s not exactly a shopping paradise (though their Sunday night bazzars at Tapae Gate is huuuge) but I like the atmosphere here and the people are nice despite the language barrier.

Today’s my last day here and while I’ve had a nice time, I do miss home quite a bit (oh what I’d do for stable Internet connection~~). The reason why we came was mainly because my dad wanted to take part in the Chiang Mai marathon and wanted to drag us along by disguising it as a “family holiday trip”. The run was on Sunday morning, and despite my initial overwhelming dread, it turned out surprisingly okay. Let’s hope my one day workout is enough to make up for all the pigging out I’ve been doing. Thai food is both cheap and amazing. I think my brother’s had at least six different variations of Pad Thai from six different locations. Hmm…


While I’ve been away, it seems that U-KISS, the idol group that first got me into K-pop, will finally be popping over to our shores in Feb 2013 since their last visit in Nov 2010. …Yes, I’m actually excited enough to dedicate a post to this.

I’ve seen the boys twice now – once in KL last year ((long story short: I cut work and endured a 6-hour coach ride to see them)), and another time earlier this year at the Simply KPOP taping in Seoul. Which was an amazing experience because the members were just all kinds of cute, and really friendly and down-to-earth, and it just made me really glad to be a fan.

But what I don’t like is that because they’ve have been around for so long, they have such a huge body of work that when it comes to performances, they only get to do their title tracks, which is merely a sliver of their entire discography. Which is disappointing for me because they have so many better songs that aren’t part of their promotional cycles. So I’m especially excited to hear that this time, they could be here for a concert, instead of a fanmeet so we’d hopefully get to really see what U-KISS is capable of.

As of now, it seems that the concert will be (1) in February (2) after CNY and (3) during a weekend, so that narrows down the dates to either 16-17 or 23-24. For updates about the concert as well as details that are soon to be released, do keep checking back with @Judyvein from Jig Asia.


And finally, though I’m a little behind and it’s already Boxing Day back in Singapore… a huge Merry Christmas to everyone!

Here are some videos to be merry about:

Flower Boy Next Door just released another video teaser, which shows clips from Episode 1, and everything is so cute and fluffy and there’s eye candy everywhere and god, I hope it’ll turn out as good as it looks! The drama will begin airing on January 7 so mark your calendars!!

Also, BtoB, a rookie group that I couldn’t really bring myself to care about when they first debuted in March, have definitely shone a little brighter in my eyes since. I really like their personalities, and I especially love their energy and fanservice on stage.

They’ve had some experience with reality shows, and I’ve watched some clips here and there and the boys are adddoorrraableee~ I’m convinced this is a group you’ll never be able to have a permanent bias because they all have their individual charms. My favourites as of now are Hyunsik, Sungjae and Peniel. But ya know, that’ll probably change as well…

They’re currently filming for SBS MTV’s B+ Diary and here’s one of the clips from Episode 2, where the members are sort of in an… unusual dating show scenario. This made my cheeks hurt from watching because I was grinning so much.

And finally, some holiday greetings from my OT6, and the group who will always be 2012’s Rookie of the Year to me no matter what happens:

+ a bonus Christmas selca from Daehyun


With love from Chiang Mai,


Christmas came early

This year, I’ll be celebrating Christmas overseas, and I can’t wait. I’ve started doing my Christmas shopping, though I’m in a bit of a fix since I’m broker than ever before. Hmm… may need to suck it up and beg from the parents… to buy presents for the parents. Oh, the irony…

I’m really excited about tvN’s upcoming rom-com, Flower Boy Next Door and if the teasers are anything to go by, I think we’re all in for a good time because they’ve all been so cute so far! And all! the! eye! candy! I love the long hair on Park Shin Hye too. I don’t think I’ve seen her looking more gorgeous in any of her previous dramas – let’s hope she manages to balance the cute with the flirty in this role. Other than that, I hope to god the chemistry between the leads deliver or I’ll be sorely disappointed.

It’s 4 in the morning, but exams are over so screw the body clock. I’m off to watch Pitch Perfect! Hope it’s as good as Tumblr makes it out to be.


Flower Boy Next Door? Yes, please.

Another quick post before I’m off to sleep since it’s exactly 5:55am. I bring forth good news in Dramaland! We all know tvN’s set to do another Flower Boy installment, after the success of Flower Boy Ramen Shop and my all-time favourite drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band, but casting news have recently been confirmed and two pretty well-known actors with a decent body of work will be starring in Flower Boy Next Door – which I hope is as cute as it sounds. And the actors are none other than Yoon Si Yoon (Me Too Flower, Baking King Kim Tak Goo) and Park Shin Hye (You’re Beautiful).

These two are adorable and seem to match both age-wise and looks-wise (since they have such youthful baby faces), so I hope the chemistry is as cute. Shin Hye is usually hit or miss for me – I thought she was cluelessly cute in You’re Beautiful, but that almost-exaggerated cuteness she usually brings to her roles didn’t quite work for Heartstrings, a drama that was a little more grounded.

I’ve watched the previous Flower Boy installments, and much prefer SUFBB just because it had everything I love in a drama – good music, romance, tear-inducing bromance, realistic situations and gah, I can go on and on (add this to your to-watch now if you haven’t!!!). FBRS was cute too, but it was that sort of breezy, fun watch that isn’t particularly memorable. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really love either of the two leads, though that one kiss was… sizzling (it’s worth looking up, go go).

I’m not sure what the characters for the upcoming Flower Boy Next Door will be like (though from the title, I assume they’re neighbours) but I’ll definitely be tuning in to catch the cute, and weigh in on how it differs from the previous two installments. It seems promising since the PD is the same guy behind FBRS so hopefully we’re guaranteed at least that amount of fun.

The drama will air on tvN starting 7 January 2013. Can’t wait!

(Source: Koalasplayground)