[FANACC] CNBLUE Live in Singapore 2013

Well I’ve never written a fanaccount before so forgive me if I miss out a lot or ramble on about irrelevant details, end up being too fangirly or whatever. But well, I thought it’d be good to preserve the memory of the concert in a post in case I ever forget. It’s probably gonna end up being a few thousand words so… lol brace yourself.

So to begin with, I got my Moon Zone ticket awhile back and posted on the Facebook fanpage that I was going alone and would like some company while queuing. Thankfully, Sarah replied and I texted her about 2 hours later. And she said that another group of girls had actually texted her and she’d thought she was me! Anyway, turned out to be a good thing though because the girl that first texted her was part of a group of Chinese girls who’d queued since the day before and they were first in line in the unofficial queue!!! So I guess they needed someone to take over the shift and then they’d come back just before the wrist-tagging at 1pm.

So I met Sarah and her guy friend (OMG SOBS I DIDN’T GET YOUR NAME) at 7.30 in the morning and we joined a few of the Chinese girls, most of them didn’t even end up going back home to rest or anything so it was about 5 or 6 of us all the way till tagging at 1pm. My god, the weather was absolutely INSANE, and we were under a shelter of sorts, so I can’t imagine how the people who were further back and directly under the hot sun were feeling (I would have been one of them if I didn’t manage to join them at the front of the line…) And then wrist-tagging began but before that the scary security guy was using a megaphone and was like “This is an unofficial queue. The official queue only begins at 1pm after tagging so we want to ask the people at the back if they have any objections for the front people getting tagged first…” And he literally walked to the back and started asking, and we were all like WTF of course they’d say they’d have objections???? But I guess some people have a conscience since we proceeded to the wrist-tagging process pretty smootly and holy shit, I was sixth in the queue????? It was mind-blowing, like how many chances would I ever have to be that in front at a sold out K-pop concert, honestly.

After we got tagged, we thought the queueing would be over, but we had to join the merchandise queue and only after that did we leave the place and relaxed a little. We got back really close to 5pm and thankfully, they were quite efficient in lining us up according to our tag numbers in order to lead us to the re-entry queue and it was a whole ‘nother round of waiting. I think I spent almost 12 hours just waiting and I was already feeling (and looking) like crap, so I’m sure the over-nighters felt 100x worse than we did.

And then at I think 6.30pm, we were finally let into the venue! And we were sooooo excited to be front row… until we found out that a freaking huge raised platform was blocking our entire view of the middle. LIKE SERIOUSLY, WTF ONE PRODUCTION?!?!?! I could only make out Yonghwa‘s mic stand when I JUMPED. I’m not even kidding. And I couldn’t possibly jump during the entire concert. It was pretty funny I guess, in hindsight, how we were all backing away from the barriers to get a better view, instead of rushing to be in front, like at a typical concert. So in essence, we paid almost $300 for our ticket and queued for hours only to get a shittier view than people who paid less. Didn’t make any sense to me, and pretty disappointing that the concert organiser didn’t do a better job of checking the venue to at least anticipate that this would happen.

Anyway, the only member I had a full and close view of throughout the whole concert was Jungshin and okay, I’m not complaining all thaaaaat much, since he was adorable yesterday. I’d say he was about 10 metres max away from our row? Anyway, it was pretty close. And it was so annoying because the amount of Jungshin-focused fancams I could have spammed is uncountable probably, if only security wasn’t so strict FML. I think Jungshin took off his shoes somewhere at the start during ‘나란 남자’ and he was playing and walking around the stage in his socks, it was so cute. And he was so into his bass-playing, I swear. Like most of the concert fancams I’ve seen in the past, he was usually pretty fixed in the same spot but he was moving around and dancing so much yesterday. I don’t even have a proper bias in CNBLUE, but oh god, he’s pretty close to becoming one? He was in a sweater and skinny jeans yesterday, and I just cry from the excessive attractiveness. I usually prefer his hair unstyled but they curled it yesterday, but it still looked SO GOOD T___T

I’m listening to some of the audio clips that I recorded yesterday and I’m really glad Minhyuk interacted a lot with the crowd. Twice during the concert, his drum set actually moved to the front at the extended part of the stage so our view during those couple of songs were AMAZING (which is basically the same raised platform that’s blocked our view throughout the concert so the only good thing it’s for is that we get a damn damn damn close/good view when the members do decide to walk up it). And CNBLUE is good-looking in real life definitely, but Minhyuk might be the best looking I think? His skin is fucking flawless, like you don’t even know. And when he was drumming, all I could stare at was his jawline, I can’t even. Like… I can’t. He is really really good-looking, I swear. He looked so happy drumming too, like a smile was permanently plastered on his face. And he waved at my friend who was next to me! Haha I guess since he was the only fanboy at the front, and he was right in the center. And Minhyuk also introduced himself at the start with Singlish! He said “Hello lah!” and “Singapore, thank you lah!” which… isn’t much, but good effort, I guess.

They’re really good live. I mean I expected them to be good, of course, but they were soooo good. The ‘Code Name Blue’ songs were especially good for me, and ‘Wake Up’ was probably one of the best performances of the night for me. And the breakdown when they were trying to get everyone to scream “Wake up wake up” was just… I loved how Yonghwa pretended he wanted to leave and return to Korea right then because we were being so soft. I think he actually pretended to walk a few steps toward the backstage LOL. And when we got back into the rest of the song and Yonghwa used his screaming voice to sing “You’re a coward!” /SCREAMS/ Such a good performance. The performances for ‘직감’ and ‘I’m sorry’ were another two that really stuck in my head, either because of the fanchants or just the sheer amazing stage presence. I think it was during the latter where the fireworks kept shooting out, which was so irritating because we were close enough for the sparks to get into our eyes so I had to anticipate and cover my eyes each time. :(

The boys pretty much spoke in English throughout the concert, which is just good job. Their English wasn’t um, the best, to be honest, but I was pretty impressed because they spoke A LOT throughout. And they were even capable of actually cracking jokes. When Minhyuk was giving his whole monologue about how much he loved Singapore and how our fishballs which he had the day before were “so awesome”, he asked for other food recommendations and duh, of course everyone started screaming “Chilli crab” at him, and Yonghwa being Yonghwa, said “I am chilli crab” and started doing some sort of crab dance, which Jungshin promptly copied. Boys… And my favourite talk break was when Yonghwa told everyone that they all had English names.

Jungshin: My name is Mental. Nickname is Mental Breakdown, M.B.
Yonghwa: Minhyuk is Eden.
Minhyuk: My name is Eden!
Yonghwa: My name is D.F. Dragon Flower. Dragon Flower! Jonghyun is Juan.
Jonghyun: I’m Juan. Just Juan.
Yonghwa: What’s your name? Your name is… Singapore? Yeah, cool name.

And Jungshin and Yonghwa actually referred to each other by these nicknames later during the concert, which was hilarious. “Hey Dragon Flower, are you ready?!” LMAO I LOVE THESE BOYS. I remember there was also one point when Jungshin was teasing the fans in front by taking his time to carefully wipe his face with a towel and then slowly wrapping it up into a big knot, presumably to throw into the crowd only toss it aside once he was done, everyone was like D: but he did end up throwing it into the crowd in the end. But seriously… what a tease haha.

After one of their talk breaks, they introduced the next song as a “smooth and lovely song”, which turned out to be ‘Love Light’. The atmosphere then was so nice, with everyone in the crowd singing along and waving their lightsticks. And Jungshin did the rapping here, and he actually sang/rapped quite a lot throughout the whole concert, which of course gave me more to watch, since he was pretty much my whole view 85% of the time. I’m kinda glad I was at Jungshin’s side during the concert, because even though guitar would have been more exciting to watch than bass, Jonghyun didn’t seem to talk or interact all that much during the concert, sad to say. And then the song ended with Yonghwa singing “그댄 나의 사랑… Singapore~~~” which is admittedly, cheesy as all hell, but got the crowd (including me) screaming like maniacs.

I’m most upset that my recording of ”넌 내게 반했어” wasn’t saved because I stopped recording halfway to record a fancam of Minhyuk during ‘LOVE’ /flings self off building/ I absolutely loved it because Jungshin sang the entire first part, and okay, his voice is a little shaky, and he’s not the best singer BUT STILL. :(((( Still beating myself up over it.

During the encore before ‘Try Again, Smile Again’, Jungshin was promising the crowd that the band was gonna go eat chilli crab after the concert and he was all “Where is the chilli crab… best? Best chilli crab… where? Give me address! Give me address!” and Sarah was like, “MY HOUSE” LOL. This led in to an adlib jazz/soul/scatting performance from Yonghwa singing about how much he loved Singapore. Sometime here, Jungshin had taken a Boy London cap from the crowd with the words ‘BOY’ across the front and wore it backwards (ASKDJHAKSJDASJ). He was trying to be cute and kept saying “You are a girl. I am a… *turns around*”, which he did a few times. WHICH… OK I THOUGHT WAS ADORABLE AT THE TIME /CRIES/

I took a few fancams during the last song since Yonghwa spent most of it at the extended part of the platform thingy AND HE WAS SO CLOSE his skin honestly looks pretty good from what I could see? And his blonde hair isn’t so bad, to be honest! Before it got completely drenched in his sweat (which is actually by the third or fourth song of the night LOL), it looked really soft and fluffy n__n and anyway, he started taking gifts from the crowd and he picked up a sign that we were all supposed to raise during ‘나 그대보다’ which didn’t end up happening, since it was missing from the setlist (SO DISAPPOINTING). He picked it up and was posing with it, and he also took one of those cute Rilakkuma hats from a fan and he wore it. SO CUTE, I CAN’T EVEN.

And sometime between then and their group picture with the crowd in the background (which Jonghyun ruined anyway since he took up like more than half of the picture PMSL), Yonghwa actually reached out into the crowd and our side was all surging forward obviously, and this all happened in a blur, but he actually touched my hand FML ASLDJKAKLSJHFH and it wasn’t just a touch-and-go thing because there was a guitar pick in his hand and I guess he was trying to subtly pass it but omg, I really couldn’t believe my luck, because these things NEVER happen to me, I swear to god. So I basically held hands with Yonghwa for like a moment. Yup. /INTERNAL SCREAMING/

I still don’t know how it all happened so I’ll have to wait till Sarah sends me her fancam. But sobs I’m fully aware of how lucky I was to have that happen to me (((his hand was kinda rough lol from guitar-playing I guess))) so after (or was it before? lol) that, they were all bowing and thanking the audience and we really had such a good view of all four of them because they were standing at the middle platform again and we were all just staring up in awe because wow, blinded by their beauty, much? I usually say that a lot of celebrities end up looking like how we always see them on screen, like… handsome, but not in an out-of-this-world kinda way, if you know what I mean, but I can safely say that CNBLUE is even better looking in real life. Not even being biased.

So that’s basically the end of the concert… The group of Chinese girls we were with kinda rushed out after a group picture because they’d rented a van to go stalk the boys after the concert. Which I mean, is really their prerogative, but not something I’m inclined to do. I’ll admit I hesitated when I was asked during B.A.P’s stay here the last time in March, but that’s it. I always feel like these idols don’t look too kindly at fangirls chasing them place to place in vans, and just the thought that I’m making them angry/frustrated just saddens me, and I wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of such feelings, even if they’re indirect. Sorry to end on such a preachy note, but that’s basically my entire day yesterday.

Other than that, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t change up the setlist from their Taiwan stop, and not only that, they performed one song less since they missed out ‘나 그대보다’. I’m still itching to hear the ‘Ear Fun’ songs live because that’s definitely one of my fave albums from them. Besides that and the fact that my view wasn’t all that great despite it supposedly being “the best”, I still had a good time and don’t regret going. The boys’ fanservice and stage presence already was worth going for, and to finally hear the songs live… is just such a blessing. Anyway, below are a few pictures that I took – not of the band though, because security is the bane of all our existence. I’m sure everyone in the other cats had a much easier time recording and taking pictures. >:( All videos and pictures taken by my iPhone, so that explains the quality…

This was my view before the concert when I turned around…

My awesome company for the day :)
Just look at the distance between my row (first row) and the second… There was like at least two feet of space between us because no one wanted to be right at the barricades where you could see shit _|_
Right after the concert – the huge black thing behind me is the platform that was blocking my view most of the time _|_
Yonghwa’s pick – which is even more awesome because you can actually see his name on it :O
The group picture that Jonghyun took (and took up most of) ORZ (but how cute do Yonghwa and Jungshin look with their hats?!!!)

And the last is a combination of two of the fancams I took of Yonghwa in the final song. The quality is absolute crap, but this is just to give you an idea of how close I was. This was taken with no zoom at all, since I don’t think you can right with an iPhone lol I’m a noob??? So that’s it for my almost-3000-word fanaccount… May I fondly look back on this post and not cringe myself to death reading about how fangirly I was. Enjoy reading, I guess…

Next gigs:

  • U-KISS (April 20)
  • LUNAFLY (May 12)
  • B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore (unconfirmed)
  • NU’EST (unconfirmed)
  • B.A.P Live on Earth Malaysia (unconfirmed)
  • VIXX (unconfirmed)

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I’m currently working on my second draft of my script for my screenwriting class, but I just wanted to come on here to report that all in all, yesterday was pretty satisfying. So here’s what went down…

  1. I finally got my hands on CNBLUE tickets!!! The Moon Zone category was initially sold out at lightning speed when sales officially started on March 1, which led to me trawling all the possible online portals for a coveted ticket and as luck would have it, just when I was about to complete a deal with this girl who was ripping me off and selling me a ticket at way above cost price, One Production announced that Sistic had just released more freestanding tickets SO YAY!
  2. Michelle and I went to SCAPE to check out the situation at 987’s recording studio since All Time Low was slated to do a short acoustic set on-air. Needless to say, the crowd was nuts as expected and we ended up having better luck of catching a glimpse of the guys on the first floor near their van’s drop-off point. The guys ended up walking past us a total of three times and they really are ridiculously good-looking and they’re always smiling. No wonder some of these girls go batshit crazy. I brought my DSLR hoping to snap some good pictures but well, I”m a lame photographer so my pictures suck. Badly.

  3. My ‘One Shot’ album came in the mail today! And it’s beautiful~ I ordered from this website called Kpoptown, and I’m really satisfied with the experience so I’ll definitely order from them again. My package came in about two weeks, and they even threw in a couple of unofficial B.A.P double-sided photocards. It was super well-packed too! And best of all, I got Himchan‘s photocard! I’m never never this lucky when it comes to these things, so this made me unbelievably happy. And he seriously looks adorable?!

  4. And finally, I studdified my phone, and I’m so in love with it. It’s nothing groundbreaking because um, it was probably trendy last year or two years ago or something, but I’ve always wanted to do this. I managed to stumble across a cheap plain black jelly case for my iPhone as well as a small packet of gold studs and thought, “why not?” These studs are awesome because they’re not individual pieces and rather, they come in a whole sheet so all I have to do is glue the whole thing on to the back of the case. Ta-dah!

Fandom collision and a reclusive weekend

Before I dig into dinner, and then dive headfirst into the freelance SNSD article I’ve been working on, just a quick update on some of the goings-on in my…cyber life.

Idol Sports Championship is literally happening right this moment as I type, and I’m dying in anticipation just reading bits and pieces of fan accounts from Twitter – Luhan, Daehyun and Youngjae sharing snacks?! Luhan waving at Myungsoo??? Let me just weep from the beauty of all these fandom collisions. It airs on February 11 but it’ll probably only be a couple more days later before the subbed version’s released, so basically it’s a lifetime away before I can indulge in idol interactions between my favourite groups. I’m giggling just thinking about Baekhyun speedwalking, as well as my China-line boys Luhan and Tao totally dominating the competition.



And once again, B.A.P are showing off new hair colours in preparation for their Feb comeback – they’ve all gone dark-haired again (Himchan must be rejoicing), though Zelo‘s hair is a dark blue-purple. Poor boy’s gonna lose all his hair before he even hits 20 u___u Jongup looks like he’s lost a ton of weight though, I don’t know if it’s the haircut but he looks scarily gaunt in some of the preview pictures. And from what I’ve read, Himchan really is poised to be the next Woohyun with the amount of fanservice he gives out. Look at how adorable he looks with his new hair?!? Sorry for the upcoming fantaken picspam, but not sorry *__*





As for my weekend, I spent a better part of it away from social interaction and I blazed through 22 episodes of New Girl so I’m finally all caught up, and just in time to watch my dearest OTP Nick and Jess finally kiss on tomorrow’s episode. Watching New Girl has really made me come to the almost depressing conclusion that I…am basically Nick Miller. He’s a cynical bum who’s a self-declared writer, broke like 90% of the time, has uncontrollable anger issues and is so self-deprecating it hurts.




(Gif credits: donniedarkos/belleprintemps)

See what I mean? He’s so frustratingly lazy sometimes, but I just want him to do well in life and get his girl in the end because how can you not root for him? When he finally finished his book ‘Z is for Zombie’ after a million and one bouts of procrastination, I just wanted to give him a great big hug and tell him good job, even though it was probably the crappiest piece of work ever written.

I also finally watched Silver Linings Playbook, the movie that won Jennifer Lawrence a Golden Globe recently. I don’t really have the time to go too in-depth into it, but I think I set my expectations way too high because it really fell short, and didn’t make me really feel anything like I thought it would. Still love Jen though.


And lastly, I can’t believe I missed it when it aired, but this happened.

How absolutely perfect was his rendition? His English pronouciation has definitely improved by leaps and bounds, and I can’t wait for CNBLUE to get their flawless asses back here on April 13 as part of their World Tour. Finally. I’ve only waited for forever for this.

(Picture credits: as tagged to respective owners)

CN-Blew me away

I haven’t really blogged about the two main K-pop releases of January that I’ve been anticipating, and that’s because I really haven’t got the time to properly sit down and put pen to paper. I’ve sort of put together my thoughts for B.A.P‘s pre-release track ‘Rain Sound’ into a semi-coherent MV review which you can read over here, but as for CNBLUE…….. I just, I can’t.

I am so, so glad they’re finally back and they’re definitely one of the few groups that for me their music trumps the group itself in every way – which is you know, kinda rare in K-pop. Because most of the time it’s the personalities of the group members that attract me to them first before I get into their music and it’s always a package deal but even if CNBLUE were the most boring boys on the planet, if they still put out the same kind of music as they do now, I’d genuinely still be all over them. I’ve had ‘Re:BLUE’ on repeat for awhile now, and I don’t really have the time to type out an album review, but ugh, it’s sooo good – like every single track on there can probably be a promoting single. They’re not exactly breaking any boundaries with the album, but it’s still so listenable, I cannot even stress enough.

They’ve promoted ‘I’m Sorry’ for a week now, and their live performances are asdkhjgsjkfks so effin’ amazing (though Yonghwa, that hair has got to go). But I really miss Jungshin‘s long hair, and I think he kinda does too… Idk he just kinda looks a bit moody during their performances, as if he wishes he could flip his hair around fabulously like he used to. :( I hope it grows out by the time CNBLUE finally return to our shores for a concert. For the music shows, besides ‘I’m Sorry’, they’ve done ‘More than You’, Where You Are’ and on yesterday’s Inkigayo stage, they performed ‘Coffee Shop’ which is probably my favourite track on the album (but omg the Engrish on this can I just-), next to ‘나란 남자’ which I can’t wait to hear live.

Other than that, Dinoseoul is having our very first giveaway! Ah, so exciting~ We’re giving away four copies of Jaejoong‘s mini album ‘I’ and it’s open to all countries, so please support! Details here. And just a little bit of promo, it’d mean so much if you’d like our Facebook page here, and you can also find us on Twitter and YouTube.