Go away Kim Taehyung

This was gonna be a deep reflective post cataloguing some of my favourite musical choices over the years and how they made navigating the treacherous waters of adolescence a little more manageable but… V happened. So here’s a cute vlog where V talks about his pre-debut days and how no one knew of his existence until the first Bangtan teaser was released.

He is just adsakljfhkdjs I’m not sure why Big Hit decided to keep him from us until the big reveal but I guess it was just purely for the element of surprise. It must have sucked for him though to not have been able to participate in all their pre-debut activities like the vlogs and the tweeting/selcas. Currently, he seems to be ruining everyone’s Bangtan bias lists so good on him! *cries a little because we share the same birthday but you’re three whole years younger than me*