Just another manic Monday

Two papers dooooooooown!!! It’s mid-term week over here at Pusan National University, and I pretty much spent the weekend holed up trying to cram as much information into my head as possible. The studying culture here is insane and is unlike anything I’m used to. Our 1am dorm curfew was actually lifted this entire week for the sole purpose of allowing students to go to the school library to study since it’s also open 24 hours during this period. Insane. I went to the library at 11 at night on Friday and was shocked to find it completely packed with students. .___. Saturday was even worse as we wandered from building to building in search of a studying spot that isn’t our stifling dorm room. It was only after 45 minutes before our search proved successful. The library rooms were all packed and students even made use of the floors to study with books and coffee cups littered everywhere.

But the important thing is, I’m halfway done with mid-terms!!! I had two papers consecutively this morning (Semantics and Marketing Research) and they were both really manageable so I’m feeling pretty good today! Last night, after studying non-stop, I took a toilet break and literally stared at the mirror and asked myself, “WHAT AM I DOING?” THESE MODS ARE ONLY PASS/FAIL WHY AM I STUDYING EVEN HARDER THAN I DO BACK IN SINGAPORE????????? But it’s probably a combination of factors including feeling the pressure when looking at all the hardworking students studying so hard around me and also how this is probably my only chance in my whole university time to do decently in a semester *sad single tear* Marketing Research is also my favourite subject that I’m taking here because the Professor is awesome and he seems to have really high expectations for Kiat Jiun and I. He’d always explain a concept to the class and then he’d go all cheekily, “Why don’t you ask the students from Singapore? They already know the answer…” And then every single student would turn to stare at us as we try and bury ourselves under the table. But all in all, his lectures are interesting and the concepts are all easy enough to grasp = I actually feel kinda smart in class!

I have two more papers that I haven’t begun studying for but I’m not too worried since they’re both mods I don’t care all too much about. My last paper is on Thursday and then it’s PARTY TIME!!! Which, in Singapore, would mean ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO SPEND ON TUMBLR, TWITTER AND DRAMAS but here, actually means PARTY TIME. Amazing Spiderman 2 opens here on Thursday and then seafood dinner with Sanguk/Dennis’ birthday is on Friday, and Saturday is CNBLUE!!!!!!!! And………I’m going to Japan the week after! *flails and makes high pitched noises* I know zilch about Japan so I’m really excited about discovering a completely foreign country and getting to know its culture and people. I’ll be spending 8 nights in Osaka/Kyoto with Kiat Jiun while the core group heads to Seoul/Jeju. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


B is for blessed

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve last blogged, and honestly, I’ve just been preoccupied–mostly with school, and when I do get back home, I’m either sleeping or procrastinating on Tumblr so as you can see, my days have been spent quite… fulfillingly. I’ve decided to post an entry today since there are a couple of things happening in my life, with the most major one being exchange!!!! But let’s start with the first piece of good news…

(1) Block B
Is this real or is this just fantasy? When I first found out that Block B are starting over with a new entertainment company called Seven Seasons (GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE STARDOM THANKS FOR TREATING THEM LIKE SHIT I WON’T MISS YOU), I could hardly believe my eyes. I’m so happy that they’ve stuck together and I never doubted for a moment that they wouldn’t because this is a group that voluntarily hang out with each other on a regular basic even in the absence of promotions so ofc a little setback like a lawsuit won’t stop them from finding a new home and making music together. God, I’m just so so happy. BBCs, mark your calendars and prepare your hankies because our boys are officially coming back on 30 September!!! ♥♥♥

Check out Seven Seasons’ cute greeting video to BBCs featuring our smile rep Yukwon!

I don’t even know whether I like it because I like it or because it’s something. Regardless, I love how simple the video is and here’s the text translation that conveys so much in just a few lines.

You’ve worked hard

I’ve suppressed it again and again and stayed patient

The training uniform that is drenched in the smell of sweat

Saying goodbye to public transport…

Quietly prepare for another beginning.

(Trans credit: ©)

(2) Busan
Like I mentioned, I got into my first choice for exchange for the next semester! Well, Seoul was actually my first choice, but I’d written Pusan National University instead since it has 20 vacancies and a girl’s gotta be realistic when her grades are like crap, ya know? This will mean that I’ll be living in Busan independently for a whole semester and attending school there as an exchange student. I’m nervous as hell just at the sheer thought of it but also ridiculously excited. I think it’s the experience I need to finally grow up and learn how to depend on myself a little more. I haven’t yet accepted the offer since I want to first complete my course matching and everything and see what’s available for me to take over there before I seal the deal (it’s pretty much done, anyway). But still!!!! I’m a little worried I’ll end up spending a miserable and lonely four to five months abroad with nothing to show (since I won’t be going with anyone I know), but I desperately hope that’s not the case. Time to step out of your comfort zone, Justine, and carpe diem!

(3) Birthdays
I celebrated two birthdays over the weekend, with my brother turning 25 on Friday and my two younger cousins having a birthday gathering at their place the day after. Birthday celebrations within the family are typically low-key affairs but I’m not bothered by that at all. We spent my brother’s birthday at Handlebar, which is this really awesome place in Sembawang that’s kinda ulu but serves really really good meat. I couldn’t take pictures at all because it’s alfresco dining so it was practically pitch black and I didn’t bring my DSLR. The food’s a little expensive, but the portions are pretty big and they’re so good, trust me. (And to my brother: I love you and all but I hope turning a quarter of a century old will mean that you’ll finally grow up because god knows you really need to. Please take responsibility for your life and act like the adult I know you can be.)

The next day, I was pretty much guilt-tripped to heading over to my aunt’s place since my other cousin wanted company at the gathering but well, she’s my favourite cousin, and it’s hard to say no to her when she’d asked so nicely. I really like spending time with her because no matter how much time we spend apart, it’s like it all disappears once we meet face to face. It’s nice. Right now, she’s head over heels in love with Dylan O’Brien, and it’s a feeling I completely understand. :’) Besides freaking out over my poly schoolmate’s MTV Movie Awards selcas with the Teen Wolf cast (WILL NEVER GET OVER HER SELCA WITH DANIEL FREAKING SHARMAN NOPE) and laughing our butts off over this picture (it’s fake lol), there was also….cake! Two of them to be exact. See, when one of the birthday girls is seven years old, well, you can’t expect her to share a birthday cake, right? But no one’s complaining because I love cake and cake loves me. Who doesn’t love cake?

 photo CAKE_zpsbf465306.jpg

Birthday girl Ethel and her sisters photobombing...with success
Birthday girl Ethel and her two older sisters photobombing…..with success
Other birthday girl Aurea with her twenty big candles. Happy 20th!!!
With the fav cuzzie who shares a birthday with both Chris Pine and Dylan O’Brien (as she had so excitedly shared)

Other than that, school has been spectacularly………normal. It’s been uneventful but with a three-day school week (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE), I can’t really complain. I’ve been trying (and failing) to keep up with my readings but hopefully once my few overdue Dinoseoul articles are out of the way, I can try and beat procrastination out of my system and finally get down to doing what needs to be done. Here’s to a great week, everyone! xx

For the Quinn

Here’s the song of the day, which has somehow and inevitably been attached forever to this year’s WKWSCIFOC’13, thanks to some of the Thai wannabe-popstars in our cohort.

After slightly more than half a year, WKWSCIFOC’13: Circus Obscura has come to an eventful close. I’ve reiterated a bunch of times about how much I regretted my decision to join the Main Committee simply for the fact that it took up a little more time than I was willing to give but now that it’s officially over, I do look back fondly on the friendships I’ve forged over these past few months as well as strongly believe that I’ve come out stronger for having overcome this in one piece. While I would never choose to do anything like this ever again, this experience did teach me a lesson or two and also allowed me to come to a few self-realisations of my own.

I’m in no way a peoples’ person or some social butterfly, I’m fully aware of that. I’m selective when it comes to the people I choose to spend my time with and most of the time, I’d pick solitude over being surrounded by meaningless and awkward conversations that never amount to anything. I’ve also learnt that I have such a poor perception of myself and going through camp and bearing that sense of responsibility as someone older and more senior really made me realise that maybe I’m not as bad a person as I think. I genuinely enjoyed caring for the freshies, making sure they blocked up and drank up, and making sure they had someone to talk to during meal times and that no one was lagging behind or left alone.



Joining the Main Committee was me going out on a limb and making the extra effort to try and make my Wee Kim Wee experience a little more enriching, and I did like the challenge and the Quinn freshies turned out to be such a cute bunch. Coming from Cherokee last year where we dominated and pretty much won everything, it took a bit for me to adjust to the Quinn attitude, but after I did, I really appreciated how chill they were – even when they came in last for almost everything LOL. The flash mob was so much fun and one of my favourite camp moments was during the last leg of Amazing Race and both Houdini and Quinn were fighting for third and last place and when we finally saw them coming in from the distance, both OGs were walking hand in hand towards the finish line. It was the cutest thing!!!!!

When it was time to finally break camp, even our dear chair Junfeng got all choked up delivering his final speech. D’awwwww. I can understand how he feels though – his last eight months were entirely dedicated to FOC and to see his hard work finally pay off and realising that it’s all over in the matter of five days must be a little emotional. Everyone knows I have a heart of ice and even I was touched when our Quinn freshies suddenly enveloped all the seniors in a surprise group hug. It was so sweet.



And yesterday was Reverb 2013, which is usually a chance for all the OGs to have their first post-camp outing, and for some reason, Caster and I thought it would be a good idea to go, except Caster came an hour later than I did because he was “nua-ing at home”. That boy, I swear… The performances were pretty good though and just goes to show the amount of talent our school is made of. During dinner, the freshies surprised us once again by whipping out paper bag gifts for each and every one of us seniors. I JUST- WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE AND SWEET?!?! Everyone’s came with a bag of sweets and a random toy. Mine was a super cute bow and arrow, which… okay, I don’t really know what to do with, but still, how cute are they??? And seeing the freshies really bond and have fun together, I just can’t help but feel happy for them, like I’m some proud mother watching my chicks fly for the first time. Or something. Good for them. :’)

Now that everything we’ve worked hard for is finally over, I’m feeling nothing other than a strong sense of relief. I didn’t walk away empty-handed of course, but really, thank god it’s over. My literal last words that were tossed out to some of the other seniors as I left camp were a half-joking, “Okay, let’s go back to ignoring one another,” which I guess speaks a lot about my cynicism and general outlook on life. Oh well.

(Picture credits: Cheryl Lee and Yeo Kai Wen via Facebook)

Mid-month update and an overflowing of feels

I’m still working on my VIXX pimp post which has been in my drafts forever because it’s taking me a little longer than I expected. Everytime I write a little, I have to go back and watch an episode of Diary or VIXX TV and then I get distracted and end up forgetting about the post and just watching the episodes. /DAMN U VIXX/ Other than that, I’ll just sum up what’s been happening in what will probably end up being a really long entry because you know how I get when I write.

(1) Today was surprisingly one of the most tiring dance classes at CJ. It was my first time going for Girl’s Style and it was so much fun even though as usual, what I imagine I look like when I dance is completely different from how I look like in reality (which is a dying fish, basically). But I’m really looking forward to the next class! For those who are interested in um getting off your butt and attempting to get fit, the school’s just introduced their INFINITY package which is such an awesome deal because you can basically pay a certain amount of money (more details here) and then within a fixed time frame of 30 or 60 days, you can then choose to come for any of the open classes throughout the week for as many times as you want.

(2) I’m 2394813 years late but I finally got my ‘hyde’ album!!!! I paid a few dollars more and had to wait longer in order to ensure I got the Ken insert I wanted (you see the things you gotta do when you have a bias but seriously those collarbones are unreal and totally worth the extra money alone) but I think the album’s absolutely gorgeous even though mine came a little bent from the travel here T__T The pictures were really dark so I tried to pretty them in Photoshop……and it may not seem like it but trust me, they were worse off pre-Photoshop ok.

(3) I feel like we’re so lucky this drama season because there are so many good things to watch, more specifically Monstar, Dating Agency Cyrano and I’m hoping to add I Hear Your Voice to that because I’ve been hearing good reviews but even though I’m on my break and don’t seem to be doing anything at all, I still can’t find the time to actually start watching it. Where does all my time go????? And I haven’t caught it but Cruel City seems to be amazing as well if you’re looking for a dark thriller-type drama that’s well-executed and well-acted. Which reminds me, I reeeeeally need to catch up on Itazura na Kiss.

(4) Bangtan Boys… OF COURSE I have to talk about them. I knew about them a couple of months back because some of the boys have been doing vlogs leading up to their debut and I heard something about how a couple of them had been scouted from underground rap battles so they’re talented as hell and amazing at what they do. But I really didn’t expect to like them as much as I do. The boys are alllll so incredibly young (the oldest member is 26 days older than me), but they already have such an amazing stage presence and I was honestly really blown away by their debut stage on M Countdown yesterday as well as the clips that was shown of their debut MelOn showcase. They’re that perfect combination of confidence, charisma and talent – and can I just remind everyone of the fact that Jungkook is freaking 16 years old but already blowing up the stage like a pro? They also have what is now my favourite greeting from any idol group ever – it’s just so cute and perfect.

While I’m not averse to rap or hip-hop, I won’t say I have much of an appreciation for mixed tapes and the like, so with more than half of the group made up of rappers, I was quite surprised to really enjoy ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’, which turned out to be such a treat. I love everything on there even though the interlude and skit (which would be cute if I understood what they were saying) seemed to be fillers more than anything. Now, my only experience with hip hop albums is the ton of Eminem albums I have collected from my phase back when I was 12 (DON’T JUDGE OK) but having skits and intros and outros seems to be a thing? Here’s my favourite track because it has such a Block B vibe (I know I shouldn’t be comparing but……), I just can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. Such a swoon-worthy song.

(5) Can VIXX please stop appearing on every single Ceci issue because my pockets are not deep enough??? I think they were in the June issue but I can’t be completely sure because I have no idea why there are no previews for it but they’re def in the July issue and they’ll be in 8 glorious pages and just… WANT. Just look at ’em prettying it up. As much as I love how dramatic and dark ‘hyde’ is, it’s when they’re like this that I love them best. I usually reduce the quality for my pictures to save on space, but these are so colourful and gorgeous, I couldn’t bear to.




(6) And on to real life (because I do have one too, as much as it doesn’t seem like it)… Senior’s camp last week was freaking exchausting to the core. So for those who don’t know, senior’s camp is basically a condensed three-day version of actual FOC where we test our games and programme on people from our own batch and then get feedback so we can improve when it comes to the actual thing for the freshies. I was a programmer for Day 1 and even though I only had one hour allocated to me for the first day, I still somehow ended up being involved in all three days mostly as a Station Master and it was just. so. tiring. I don’t know how I’m going to do it for the actual thing where it’s five full days and I have one whole day of programmes to plan meticulously T__T

I’ve always said that one of my biggest regrets in uni so far is getting involved with FOC because it’s just too much commitment and too much responsibility than I’m used to, but I do have to say that even if I could have done without going for camp, it wasn’t… all bad. I did enjoy actually getting to know people for once and it did make me care about others a little more and just become generally more self-aware as a person. I don’t know how to be more specific about this but yeah, it was… overall, not an entirely unpleasant experience. And I guess since I’ve already committed and it’s the final stretch, I might as well give it my all. Aw, look at me being all mature and positive about this, almost brings tears to the eyes :’)

Rooftop view on Day 0 of camp – SO GORGEOUS
With Fay – taken right after my 1-hour nap while waiting for the group to arrive at our station in town

The main comm + GLs had a photoshoot some time back in May for the FOC booklets and I was just in awe at how much effort was being put into the whole thing and everyone ended up looking really great and in character. I think we spent the whole day waiting around and getting our hair and make up done and it was a surprisingly professional experience, even though the entire team was made up of our own batch. Of course, I took pictures because never will my nose ever look as pronounced as it did that day. I ended the day with a round of laser tag and even though our team lost, I’m proud to announce that I had the highest score on our team – oh yeah (even if I was like 200 points away from the actual winner, but who’s counting)…



Junfeng – our dear FOC Chair – insisted I take another picture because I may or may not have intentionally cropped most of him out in the previous shot
With Diane… and Ayeshah photobombing


With Andrea :-)

And if you’re looking to come to WKW, just a quick reminder to sign up for camp here: http://bit.ly/ZDqj20 and do visit http://wkwscifoc13.tumblr.com as well to keep yourself updated! I do think camp will be awesome because a lot of amazingly talented people have been involved in this and I’m quite certain we’ll be able to pull this off without a hitch. Please come for FOC!!!

(7) And finally, a huge huge congratulations to EXO for their first win! Yay #EXO1STWIN! Anyone who’s been reading my blog, will know I’m a huge fan of the boys and even though I will concede that it is a liiiiittle early still for a win since it’s only their first comeback, I won’t take anything away from them because they have worked hard and do deserve it. I won’t go into how Suho had the most hilarious crying outburst on stage because that’s old news by now and frankly, I’m more interested in what looks like a blossoming friendship between two of my bias groups.

We all know EXO and VIXX took a group picture last week, and then Leo was seen talking and giggling with Lay at the back during the Inkigayo encore stage. And then today, after EXO won MuBank, so many things happened 1. Hongbin and Chanyeol clutching hands and jumping together 2. Leo and Lay practically seeking each other out 3. Hyuk fanboying 4. Ravi hugging Tao and then rushing forward to hug Kyungsoo 5. Kyungsoo running over to where VIXX was leaving and hugging Hongbin AND /WAILS/ I JUST- YOU DON’T UNDERSTAAAAND /IT’S VIXXEXO/ You can watch the whole thing in 1080p or just skip to the end ~where the magic happens~

Break down

LOL look at me trying to be artistic (but ending up more narcissistic than anything) and Photoshopping my own Photo Booth picture – Tumblr-style. Sorry, not sorry. Anyway, before I finish up episode 14 of Flower Boy Next Door and officially call it a night, I’ve got to prepare my mind for the incoming onslaught of work that’s been consistently piling up, because this weekend, I actually plan to strike things off my to-do list, one by one.

  • miss A Dinoseoul review
  • B.A.P One Shot Dinoseoul review
  • Study for Korean listening test (on Monday)
  • miss A review for Teenage (by Monday)
  • 4-page draft script for screenwriting class (by Monday night)
  • FOC Day 1 Proposal (by Tuesday latest)
  • Photo essay for CS2006 (by Wednesday)

LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF CRAP I HAVE DUE D: And this isn’t even counting all the readings and discussion questions I haven’t been contributing to.

Oh god, I need to pull myself together, and buck up. Now.