The anti-rom-com rom-com

A Korean movie that’s been on my radar for a few months now is Temperature of Love, which stars Lee Min Ki and Kim Min Hee. It doesn’t seem excessively over-the-top and seems like it’s right up my alley with its mix of quirky and sweet. It’s about an on-again-off-again couple who have been secretly dating in the workplace for 3 years and they have a sort of relationship that, based on the trailer seems really volatile – which makes for good onscreen entertainment, I’ll bet. It premiered in Korean theatres in March and seems to be doing amazingly at the box office, so I hope it hits our side as well because I’d love to see it. …And this is where I force in pictures from a one-year-old photoshoot just because I can and Lee Min Ki looks extra attractive here.




One thing I noticed though is how similar Lee Min Ki is to Block B‘s Jaehyo, which admittedly, could just be me seeing things… But they have the same build, a similar mouth… even the way they speak is really similar! And their mannerisms… I just- it’s really uncanny. Anyway, I really enjoy Lee Min Ki as an actor and I’ve always felt that he’s really expressive and versatile and because his projects have always been so different from one another, he’s not one to be typecasted easily. Speaking of which, I really do have to finish Dalja’s Spring one day. And… this is also where I awkwardly lead in to wishing the BB boys a happy 2nd year anniversary! I’ll always love you boys and support you, no matter what. ♥

Before I log off and sleep, here’s the MV for Lee Min Ki’s ‘Everything’, which is off the OST for the movie, and also features some clips of the couple being lovey and cute together.


Dear Diary

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She is me. I am her.

These days, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with work from every possible angle and all the more, it just makes me want to retreat to my room and veg out in front of my computer in a futile attempt to drown out all the responsibility coming at me from all sides. So no. I am not ok. I’m finally all caught up on E4’s My Mad Fat Diary and it’s completely brilliant but so painful to watch but I’m so invested in Rae’s character that I just. can’t. stop. I want her to be happy and I want her to be happy with Finn next to her, yeah?

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Um just look at them, he’s obviously in love with her?! Nothing can convince me otherwise, kthxbai. Just the looks, and the hugs, and their secret way of communicating. ARGH I am drowning in my OTP feels. My ship better sail next week. And speaking of Finn………… OMGTHISBOYICANTOKHOWDOYOUFACETEACHMELICKMEASKLDJASKLDH let me just sit here and weep because there is no way this guy is real.

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Guys, I think I love him. Nothing beats fictional boys… says the girl who will probably die alone in her apartment with her million and one cats. In somewhat related news, have some pictures from my Valentine’s Day two nights ago. Obviously, my date wasn’t a cute boy… But it sure beats spending it alone.

Hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day went great and that you spent it well with your loved ones! Other than that, I’m excited for new episodes for all my favourite shows next week, which unfortunately, coincides with all my assignment deadlines. Oh please, get me through next week in one piece. On a side note, I’m really looking forward to The Mortal Instruments and The Host movies. I’ve only read the first TMI book and I don’t really plan to touch The Host, but the movies do look promising! And both have British boy leads playing American. Hmm…

Fandom collision and a reclusive weekend

Before I dig into dinner, and then dive headfirst into the freelance SNSD article I’ve been working on, just a quick update on some of the goings-on in my…cyber life.

Idol Sports Championship is literally happening right this moment as I type, and I’m dying in anticipation just reading bits and pieces of fan accounts from Twitter – Luhan, Daehyun and Youngjae sharing snacks?! Luhan waving at Myungsoo??? Let me just weep from the beauty of all these fandom collisions. It airs on February 11 but it’ll probably only be a couple more days later before the subbed version’s released, so basically it’s a lifetime away before I can indulge in idol interactions between my favourite groups. I’m giggling just thinking about Baekhyun speedwalking, as well as my China-line boys Luhan and Tao totally dominating the competition.



And once again, B.A.P are showing off new hair colours in preparation for their Feb comeback – they’ve all gone dark-haired again (Himchan must be rejoicing), though Zelo‘s hair is a dark blue-purple. Poor boy’s gonna lose all his hair before he even hits 20 u___u Jongup looks like he’s lost a ton of weight though, I don’t know if it’s the haircut but he looks scarily gaunt in some of the preview pictures. And from what I’ve read, Himchan really is poised to be the next Woohyun with the amount of fanservice he gives out. Look at how adorable he looks with his new hair?!? Sorry for the upcoming fantaken picspam, but not sorry *__*





As for my weekend, I spent a better part of it away from social interaction and I blazed through 22 episodes of New Girl so I’m finally all caught up, and just in time to watch my dearest OTP Nick and Jess finally kiss on tomorrow’s episode. Watching New Girl has really made me come to the almost depressing conclusion that I…am basically Nick Miller. He’s a cynical bum who’s a self-declared writer, broke like 90% of the time, has uncontrollable anger issues and is so self-deprecating it hurts.




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See what I mean? He’s so frustratingly lazy sometimes, but I just want him to do well in life and get his girl in the end because how can you not root for him? When he finally finished his book ‘Z is for Zombie’ after a million and one bouts of procrastination, I just wanted to give him a great big hug and tell him good job, even though it was probably the crappiest piece of work ever written.

I also finally watched Silver Linings Playbook, the movie that won Jennifer Lawrence a Golden Globe recently. I don’t really have the time to go too in-depth into it, but I think I set my expectations way too high because it really fell short, and didn’t make me really feel anything like I thought it would. Still love Jen though.


And lastly, I can’t believe I missed it when it aired, but this happened.

How absolutely perfect was his rendition? His English pronouciation has definitely improved by leaps and bounds, and I can’t wait for CNBLUE to get their flawless asses back here on April 13 as part of their World Tour. Finally. I’ve only waited for forever for this.

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Some much-needed R&R

I’ve had a total of four hours’ worth of dance practice for these past two days and I’m exhausted. My eyelids feel all heavy and my whole body aches. Now I know what it feels like to be a trainee — I kid, I kid…. u__u It’s a little startling to note though, that these trainees in entertainment companies go through this every single day, for probably 14-15 hours a day and here I am, feeling so drained after working out for a mere percentage of what they’re used to.

Regardless, I’m in that sort of mood where I’m just too tired to really do anything that requires too much brain work, so the rest of my night will probably consist of me glued to my computer, chilling. Just for tonight, I’m not going to do any writing, or worry about how school is literally starting in two days (NOOOOOO) and I’m not going to get overly stressed out over my poor grades or over FOC. Thanks to Tumblr, I managed to find an online stream of Jackal is Coming with English subs (HALLELUJAH), the Korean movie which was released late last year and stars JYJ‘s Jaejoong. I was meaning to catch it once it hit theatres here, but since there’s an opportunity to catch the show earlier (and for free, too), well I’m definitely not gonna say no to that (link’s here but shhhh).

But before that, I’m gonna try out the nourishing Orange Pekoe mask from the Banila Co. Tea Party Mask Sheet Set that Rachel got from Korea. Ahh~ it’s so pretty, thank you ^-^ They come in various tea flavours, and it’s basically a freaking tea party on your face (or so I hope) – I bet it smells lovely!

Time for a quickie

Gonna type up a quick update before I pass out.

1. I watched The Perks of Being A Wallflower and was surprised by how much I actually loved it. I never did pick up the book before today because it has this reputation of being this sort of ‘hipster bible’, but I went to Popular and bought it right after the movie ended. I’ll probably do up a mini review on just why it really got to me. Perhaps after I’m done with the book.

2. PAPA is gonna be taking up my entire weekend. It’s this drama production thing in school that I signed up for (and sort of really, really regret). I really didn’t know what I would be getting myself into… I play one of ten masked figures, I’ve got no lines, and appear on stage in a CROWD SCENE for a total of one and a half minutes. I’ve attended one rehearsal (out of a million) and it was a terrible waste of time, so I didn’t attend anymore. But since I’ve committed, the least I could do was show up for the actual production tomorrow and Sunday.

3. Tomorrow’s gonna be a loooong day not only because rehearsals start at 8.40 in the AM, but right after it ends at 11PM, I’ve got to rush down to Expo for CJ‘s ‘KPOP! Before the Dawn‘ which Rachel signed four of us up for. I think it’ll be a fun overnight event where I’ll be surrounded by K-pop and other like-minded people, but I’m really not looking forward to dancing outside of my Thursday dance class because I’m 99.9% sure I’m gonna embarrass myself in public.

4. Brian Joo‘s press conference and showcase was yesterday! It was a really good experience for me and Dinoseoul, even though I had to cab back to school ($20…) for my film tutorial, and then train back to Butter Factory where the concert’s held. Ugh not to mention I overslept on the train to Raffles Place and ended up waking up at Kallang. This is what happens when you sleep for less than 3 hours everyday…

5. I found out just now that B.A.P‘s coming back again pretty soon and I’m just… I don’t even know how to react. I’m really quite frustrated, and I just want them to s-t-o-p and have a good, long rest!!! This has been a non-stop 9-10 months, and I guess they’re gunning for the Rookie Award. I’m not sure how these award things work and how they’re tabulated, but these boys really better goddamn win. I hope people recognise how hard they’ve worked since their debut. Oh, and they’re all back to blonde! This is definitely, definitely, definitely their last comeback of this year (IT BETTER BE) and I heard that they’re going back to something ‘Warrior’-esque, which is quite a nice way to round off their year.

6. And WHAT THE FUCK?! Colton Haynes is leaving Teen Wolf?! This is not happening. I loved his Jackson in Seasons 1 and 2, and I thought he was such a complex character and Colton did a fantastic job fleshing that out and making us sympathise with the freaking villain. And when it was revealed that he didn’t die and he turned into a werewolf at the end, I was like, ‘HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH’ but um, he’s leaving anyway now?!

There were rumours that he was “forced out of the show” but apparently they couldn’t settle on the salary issue to the extent that when Season 2 ended, he still hadn’t signed on for the third. Colton’s tweeted a goodbye message and thanked fans for all the love, which pretty much confirms that this is true but an MTV spokesperson came out and said that he would definitely be appearing in Season 3. Ugh idk what is this uncertainty – praying for a miracle here 🙏

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