B is for blessed

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve last blogged, and honestly, I’ve just been preoccupied–mostly with school, and when I do get back home, I’m either sleeping or procrastinating on Tumblr so as you can see, my days have been spent quite… fulfillingly. I’ve decided to post an entry today since there are a couple of things happening in my life, with the most major one being exchange!!!! But let’s start with the first piece of good news…

(1) Block B
Is this real or is this just fantasy? When I first found out that Block B are starting over with a new entertainment company called Seven Seasons (GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE STARDOM THANKS FOR TREATING THEM LIKE SHIT I WON’T MISS YOU), I could hardly believe my eyes. I’m so happy that they’ve stuck together and I never doubted for a moment that they wouldn’t because this is a group that voluntarily hang out with each other on a regular basic even in the absence of promotions so ofc a little setback like a lawsuit won’t stop them from finding a new home and making music together. God, I’m just so so happy. BBCs, mark your calendars and prepare your hankies because our boys are officially coming back on 30 September!!! ♥♥♥

Check out Seven Seasons’ cute greeting video to BBCs featuring our smile rep Yukwon!

I don’t even know whether I like it because I like it or because it’s something. Regardless, I love how simple the video is and here’s the text translation that conveys so much in just a few lines.

You’ve worked hard

I’ve suppressed it again and again and stayed patient

The training uniform that is drenched in the smell of sweat

Saying goodbye to public transport…

Quietly prepare for another beginning.

(Trans credit: ©)

(2) Busan
Like I mentioned, I got into my first choice for exchange for the next semester! Well, Seoul was actually my first choice, but I’d written Pusan National University instead since it has 20 vacancies and a girl’s gotta be realistic when her grades are like crap, ya know? This will mean that I’ll be living in Busan independently for a whole semester and attending school there as an exchange student. I’m nervous as hell just at the sheer thought of it but also ridiculously excited. I think it’s the experience I need to finally grow up and learn how to depend on myself a little more. I haven’t yet accepted the offer since I want to first complete my course matching and everything and see what’s available for me to take over there before I seal the deal (it’s pretty much done, anyway). But still!!!! I’m a little worried I’ll end up spending a miserable and lonely four to five months abroad with nothing to show (since I won’t be going with anyone I know), but I desperately hope that’s not the case. Time to step out of your comfort zone, Justine, and carpe diem!

(3) Birthdays
I celebrated two birthdays over the weekend, with my brother turning 25 on Friday and my two younger cousins having a birthday gathering at their place the day after. Birthday celebrations within the family are typically low-key affairs but I’m not bothered by that at all. We spent my brother’s birthday at Handlebar, which is this really awesome place in Sembawang that’s kinda ulu but serves really really good meat. I couldn’t take pictures at all because it’s alfresco dining so it was practically pitch black and I didn’t bring my DSLR. The food’s a little expensive, but the portions are pretty big and they’re so good, trust me. (And to my brother: I love you and all but I hope turning a quarter of a century old will mean that you’ll finally grow up because god knows you really need to. Please take responsibility for your life and act like the adult I know you can be.)

The next day, I was pretty much guilt-tripped to heading over to my aunt’s place since my other cousin wanted company at the gathering but well, she’s my favourite cousin, and it’s hard to say no to her when she’d asked so nicely. I really like spending time with her because no matter how much time we spend apart, it’s like it all disappears once we meet face to face. It’s nice. Right now, she’s head over heels in love with Dylan O’Brien, and it’s a feeling I completely understand. :’) Besides freaking out over my poly schoolmate’s MTV Movie Awards selcas with the Teen Wolf cast (WILL NEVER GET OVER HER SELCA WITH DANIEL FREAKING SHARMAN NOPE) and laughing our butts off over this picture (it’s fake lol), there was also….cake! Two of them to be exact. See, when one of the birthday girls is seven years old, well, you can’t expect her to share a birthday cake, right? But no one’s complaining because I love cake and cake loves me. Who doesn’t love cake?

 photo CAKE_zpsbf465306.jpg

Birthday girl Ethel and her sisters photobombing...with success
Birthday girl Ethel and her two older sisters photobombing…..with success
Other birthday girl Aurea with her twenty big candles. Happy 20th!!!
With the fav cuzzie who shares a birthday with both Chris Pine and Dylan O’Brien (as she had so excitedly shared)

Other than that, school has been spectacularly………normal. It’s been uneventful but with a three-day school week (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE), I can’t really complain. I’ve been trying (and failing) to keep up with my readings but hopefully once my few overdue Dinoseoul articles are out of the way, I can try and beat procrastination out of my system and finally get down to doing what needs to be done. Here’s to a great week, everyone! xx


Gimme some suga

Something pretty to welcome everyone to this post! This will just be a short update while I make a playlist for my run tomorrow. I’ve done a ton of 10K runs since my first one when I was in P6 but I still dread each and every one of them. People who know me will know that I’m not exactly… the sportiest person but I happen to be born into a family who finds joy in running and gymming and all that terrible stuff, and somehow, I get dragged into it all the time so this is my fate I guess.

EXO won again today at Music Core and I’m really happy for them! I’ve been live streaming the music shows this week though I don’t really know why since all I watch are the performances for ‘hyde’, ‘Wolf’, ‘Trap’ and ‘We Are Bulletproof PT.2’/’No More Dream’ and then I put the stream on mute the rest of the time. I’m still in the process of getting to know the Bangtan Boys and even though I don’t have a favourite yet, Jungkook seems to be the most popular but I’m not surprised since he is adorable and ridiculously talented. Jimin is an entirely different person on stage (but in a good way), Jin is so awkz but pretty and SUGA is seriously the cutest. I love how talkative he is and how his eyes curve into half moons when he smiles *__*

HE IS SO KEWWWTTT I AM SO MAD >:( And even though they’re full of attitude on stage, off-stage, they’re so full of aegyo it’s kind of criminal. Here are some of my fave selcas from the group… As you can see, there are a lot because these boys evidently love taking pictures of themselves and uploading them on Twitter for all to see, not that I’m complaining.










bts11 bts12Other things I got up to today: I finally met up with my fave cousin, Genevieve, again and even though we see each other once every few months, we always manage to be on the same wavelength no matter what – I just love her to bits. We spent our night wiling away at our younger cousin’s ninth birthday party which was a total snoozefest that was not helped at all by the sweltering heat. Seriously… what is up with the major heatwave these past few days????


Birthday girl making a wish~

Wish me luck for my run! My entire body is still aching from dance yesterday so I have no idea how I’m going to complete 10K in one piece. X.X

WA Diaries: Flying off to Perth

I’ll blog about the Perth trip that I recently came back from in a series of blog entries starting off with the first day and it’s mostly just so all the pictures I took using my DSLR (as well as my iPhone 4) can go somewhere since I’m not much of a travel writer. Our trip was from May 14-21 and our flight was super early in the morning so all I could vaguely recall was eating a plate of 6-dollar wanton noodles at the airport at six in the morning (I wouldn’t recommend it). I also remember forgoing sleep the night before since I knew I could have six hours of uninterrupted sleep on the plane anyway (and I did).

My face with zero sleep and at an ungodly hour of the morning u_u

On the plane right before I fell into a 6-hour slumber orz

I always feel like maaaaybe I might be missing out on something if I slept throughout a plane ride, but the desire to sleep always wins out and once again, all I could remember was waving off the lady who wanted to serve me breakfast just so I could continue sleeping (I woke up starving). I travelled with my parents and my brother and we flew by Singapore Airlines (at about $6XX per ticket if I remember right) and it was a pretty smooth 5-hour plus flight even though none of the inflight movie choices caught my eye.

The view right after stepping out of the airport

We spent the first day in Western Australia in Perth before driving to Margaret River the next morning. We arrived at about two in the afternoon and had to get a cab from the international airport to Bayswater Car Rental to rent the car that we’d be using throughout our eight days there because when you’re in Australia, it’s better to drive from place to place instead of forking out money on public transport, or so I hear. The cab ride came down to about 30AUD for a 20-minute ride and I was so apalled as I monitored the meter. We were at a traffic light and I remember it jumped almost 2AUD during the time the car was stalled there waiting for the light to turn green. *insert money flying away emoji*

Anyway, I just looooove how blue the sky is over there and how you can see so much of it because it’s such a rare sight in Singapore where there’s pollution and skyscrapers everywhere. So I did what any other girl would do (okay maybe not)… I took a ton of selcas. The sky makes everything look so gorgeous (even though of course the subject does help ahem ahem)…

Inspecting the boot space because we needed lots of room to fit all four of our suitcases since we’d be driving from place to place and switching apartments
Me being of absolutely no help while everyone tried to figure out how to work the GPS

Minusing the time taken to travel to our apartment and check in, we weren’t left with a whole lot of daylight hours. The first night, we stayed at a place called City Stay Apartment Hotel which is literally a road across from Harbour Town, a shopping mall consisting mainly of factory outlets and some food places. Our apartment was pretty small but it was cosy and best of all, it had wi-fi!

After arriving and settling in, all we really had time for was a late lunch at Subway and now, our expectations were sky high because my brother had spent a year in Australia studying and came home raving about how it was a thousand times better than the Subway we get here because of the variety. We ended up splitting a chicken parmagiatta foot-long which was… not amazing, but pretty yummy.

I think I actually have a ton of pictures of my parents (but mostly my dad) from this trip because they’re the most willing subjects ever

We wanted to find a supermarket because we’d all agreed that we’d buy groceries so that we could have homecooked meals as far as possible in order to minimise our spending (everything there is so expensive!!!). The receptionist at City Stay had mentioned there was one nearby so after dinner, we got walking… and walking and walking… I swear we walked at least 3km before we finally got to a supermarket that basically had nothing because it was already 5pm by the time we got there (keep in mind that everything pretty much closes by 5.30pm over there).

A very very posed obligatory touristy shot that my dad insisted I took – I think this was the third try

My parents were pretty much always at least 20 paces ahead during the walk… while my brother and I trudged after them reluctantly

What we really needed was bread but they’d run out of it already so all we could do was buy things here and there in order to make up some semblance of a meal – which mainly consisted of some crackers and dip as well as readymade pasta. We also got some yoghurt and cake for breakfast the next morning but worst of all, everything added up to almost 50AUD!!!! …This was obviously gonna take some getting used to.

Our not-so-pretty hastily thrown together dinner

As you can see, the first day in Perth wasn’t particularly eventful since we essentially only had a couple of hours but I have to say that the weather was a much-needed getaway from the scorching Singapore sun. Since it was winter when I arrived, the weather was about 18-20 degrees during the day, which was honestly a little chilly (especially when you’re so used to summer all year round) but still pretty perfect. Till my next entry xx

If you look carefully, you can kinda make out my parents at the traffic light somewhere… in the distance

Greetings from Albany!

I didn’t have the time to post a proper goodbye entry before I left for Perth since I had a ton of things to get done but right now it’s day 5 in Western Australia and I’m really really enjoying this getaway from the blazing Singapore sun. Okay, I’ll admit it’s a little cold here and I pretty much have to live in my thick fleece-lined jacket every single day, but the family time we have together is always good.

I’ll probably get some blog entries up about my time here since I have a huuuuuge amount of pictures (first trip with my D3200 yay!) but for now, here’s a picture of me with an alpaca from today! They’re so friendly and fluffy U_U

A few other things I may blog about in more detail if I get round to it (which is…..90% not gonna happen tbh, knowing me):

  • The photoshoot for WKWSCIFOC ’13 was a success I’d say! I do kinda still regret committing to such a huge project, because why on earth did I think it was a good idea to sign on as head programmer when I’m such a commitment-phobe??? But I’m still hoping it’s a success and that I don’t totally screw up Day 1’s activities (the freshies are so gonna hate me…).
  • LUNAFLY‘s concert last week was such a good experience and it completely surpassed my expectations and I just… Teo… Definitely the best 50 bucks I’ve spent in awhile.
  • VIXX is coming back!!!!! I managed to watch the ‘hyde’ MV teaser on my phone since I got one of those prepaid card things that allows me 500mb of data usage and I’m glad they didn’t suddenly go cute with this comeback (even if ‘Rock Ur Body’ is my fav era 5ever). I think since a lot of people were first introduced to VIXX as the Vampire-dols, they probably need to stay in a darker concept for a little while longer before they slowly ease us into a brighter image. But I’m convinced they can do anything and I’d still think it’s genius though, because that’s just how far gone I am…
  • EXO IS COMING BACK!!!!! This one deserves all caps because it’s only been what, a million years or so??? And I’ve only heard about 100239483 versions of ‘MAMA’? Anyway, I have to say, the concept pictures are super adorable and I’m really enjoying the whole yearbook idea, but since it’s pretty likely their title track is ‘Wolf’ or ‘Let Out the Beast’ or basically something a little edgier, I’m just rolling my eyes at SM because what would it take for them to tease us with pictures that are actually remotely related to the comeback track? XOXO
  • #B1A41STWIN: I’m soooooo happy to see the B1A4 boys get their first music show win! They were the first k-pop group I’ve ever met in real life and even though I lost interest in them along the way, they’ve definitely won me over again with ‘이게 무슨 일이야’ because the entire mini album is just full of gems, I love it so so much I can’t even words. It’s dreamy and a little whimsical and just all round perfect. And to see the boys break down onstage like that, you can just tell how much the win meant to them. Such a deserving win, truly. I’ll patiently wait for the days the few groups I stan get their first win like that too so I can stand by and watch like a proud mother… u_u

Anyway, I’ll be heading back to Perth tomorrow and it’s gonna be a looooong drive back but I’m sure we’ll spend our last two days in Australia well. I’ll finally be meeting up with Rachel for a bit and I’m also looking forward to getting back to more stable Internet >.< See you tomorrow, Rachel! <3

Love is all you need

EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!! Which means I can finally get back to what I’ve been doing before studying and all-nighters at Starbucks took over my life — nothing. Or rather, catch up on TV shows and dramas, K-pop, spend time on Tumblr, as well as get back into the writing groove for Dinoseoul.

Today not only marked the day of my last paper but also the day B.A.P took LA by storm during their Live on Earth concert. My Twitter feed was filled with live updates and stream after stream of fancams and I think I must have downloaded at least 50 fancams, some of which are really decent. Of course, I wasn’t there since I’m stuck all the way on the wrong side of the world (please will someone release the ticketing details for LOE SG already T_T)… I haven’t watched most of the fancams yet, except for a really good ‘One Shot’ one that I swear to god almost made me tear up in public because ~first ever~ live OT6 performance. I’ve also watched the special stages and I’ll admit I have BangHim’s ‘Sexy Clap’ performance on repeat because… well look.

Yongguk‘s got mooooves and Himchan… I don’t know what he was doing patting his crotch and wiggling his butt in the middle of the song but, I’ll take it. DaeJae’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ was sadly boring and was totally the wrong choice for Daehyun‘s voice and suited Youngjae‘s so so much better. And then you have maknae line doing the dougie (which wasn’t terribly exciting since they did it in Seoul too) but then the music cuts off and Jongup falls dramatically to the floor AND THEN the school bell from ‘Never Give Up’ plays and everyone’s screaming because holy crap are we getting Moon & Zelo for this??????? Jongup’s totally working the red hair. Come to think of it, red seems to be a k-pop hair trend that can’t really go wrong. Hmm.

Wasn’t it the cutest?! They have so much chemistry onstage and they’re pretty much BFFs in real life and I love the dance break and their high five exchange during the ‘clap your hands’ part towards the end. I-just ugh Moon & Zelo sub-unit please, TS.

I have to say that US-BABYs are totally awesome and quick with their fancams though. With LOE Seoul, it took a few days before fancams started being released properly and even so, they were all at most 1-minute cuts but here, so many of them are in full and 1080p. So, so thankful. I’ll definitely try and return the favour, that is, if LOE SG goes according to plan (FML). Sometimes I want to cry because I love B.A.P so much… and then I think to myself, “Justine, just what are you doing with your life?”

And then I feel thankful that at least I have people who will always love me unconditionally – no matter what happens. It’s a little late since Parent’s Day in Korea literally just passed (it’s on 8 May) but sometimes it’ll strike me randomly, just how grateful I am to have my mum and dad in my life so I just wanted to write a little something to express that.

Since young, family has always been the most important thing in my life and growing up, what with peer pressure and puberty, I’m really glad that I never grew apart from them and that we still manage daily homecooked meals as best as we can as well as frequent family holidays/gatherings. And my mum made kimchi friend rice for the first time (in honour of me, she says lol) for dinner today to celebrate the end of my exams and it was so good!

Perhaps its the hellish exam period that’s made me realise this more than ever, but my parents really are so supportive. Like my mum forwent going to the gym this morning just so she could come home on time and make sure I woke up and wouldn’t miss my paper (since I was late the week before when she did go). Or how my dad would ask every single time whether my paper went okay and I’d snap back that it was terrible ~as usual~ and he’d be all understanding. It’s the little things like these that make me look back and feel so loved. And they deal with my shit every single day and so, I’m just really glad for them. I love you both so much!!!