So here’s the tea

Sometime late last year, I got completely hooked on RuPaul’s Drag Race, after watching a long clip of Adore Delano‘s best moments from Season 6. I watched the clip of Adore expecting nothing, but since then, I think I’ve watched it at least 3-4 times, I just adore Adore so much. She’s a queen. She’s hilarious, charming, so beautiful and confident, and always, always keeping it real. Love her. She actually did a show at Tab in February last year, and I’m kinda upset I never knew about it, or even if I did, I probably wouldn’t have been interested either.

“It is a competition but you don’t have to sabotage anybody on the way there.” – Adore Delano

Drag wasn’t something I knew much about but after this clip, it made me curious to find out more about this whole new world that I was so unfamiliar with. There are so many misconceptions about drag and drag queens, and coming from a third person’s point-of-view, I’m not exactly the best person to educate but I’m so fascinated about the art of it all – it’s not just about a bunch of guys putting on pretty glittery dresses and trying to pass off as girls, it’s about the performance of it, the character and the story behind their drag, the amount of effort and commitment that goes into it. Everyone has their own reasons for doing drag, and that’s the beauty of it, really.


With that said, Season 8 just started and like with any reality competition, I already have my favourites. This is the first season I’m watching fully because I only watched behind-the-scenes and ‘best of’ clips of the previous two seasons on YouTube. Season 6 was awesome because you’ve got huge personalities and talents like Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano, and I guess Season 7 was lacklustre in comparison because the queens weren’t as funny or memorable. I did love how cool and laidback Pearl was and Violet Chachki‘s looks were always spot on. Plus, those two were hands down some of the prettiest queens I’ve seen on the show.

“I have too much class to be trying to tell somebody that they don’t deserve to be in the Top 3. I’ll tell you why I deserve to be in the Top 3, I’m not gonna like, throw someone under the bus and try to tell you why you don’t deserve this.” – Pearl Liaison

We’re two episodes into the new season and already, I have had it with Acid Betty. She’s fierce and she consistently turns it out but I hate people who don’t show any respect for others because they think they’re more superior. I remember the first challenge in Episode 1 was to do a photoshoot with the past winners and she was all sarcastic about it during her personal interview, “Yes, RuPaul, very intimidating…sitting next to these wannabe-ass drag queens…” And when she was told that she was blocking Sharon Needles in the shot, she actually replied out loud, “Well. Then she should move.” …Rude.

These are past WINNERS you’re talking about, queens who’ve all proven themselves already and this is literally your first challenge since stepping onto the show. That’s just not the right attitude to have. It’s good to be confident about yourself, but there’s no reason to put others down in order to make yourself look better. So even though the judges constantly have praise for her drag, if you’re a shitty person inside, sooner or later that’s just gonna come back and bite you in the ass and you’ll have no one to blame for it but yourself. Truth.

On the other hand, Kim Chi is possibly the sweetest, cutest little anime thing to ever walk the earth, except maybe minus the little part because she is 6’3. But I just love her LOVE HER LOVE HER. During the same photoshoot in Episode 1, the photographer told her she was blocking one of the queens and she just went, “Oops! Sorry!” and scooted a little in the opposite direction. Adorable. And in Episode 2, she was struggling so much with the team dancing challenge because of her two left feet and felt soooo bad because she didn’t want to let her team down. She ended up in the bottom but still made it a point to comfort the other two girls who were likely gonna lipsync for their lives. Bless her soul. You just can’t help but root for her.

I love that a lot of the drag queens this season seem to be genuinely nice, good-hearted people, who don’t always have it out for the others. Others I like and would like to see more of in the coming episodes are Bob the Drag Queen, Thorgy Thor, Naomi Smalls and Cynthia Lee Fontaine. Argh, is it Tuesday yet?!


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