Eye can’t believe this

The strangest thing happened to me this morning. It all started when I woke up with a start at 9am when my McDonald’s surprise alarm rang and I realised I was going to be late for work. I quickly washed up and hurried to put on my contacts but then saw that they weren’t in the case. Where could they have been? The last time I put them on was on Thursday, when I had work. Could I have thrown them away? But there was still more than a week left to the end of the month! What a waste. Nevermind, no time to ponder. Moving on. I grabbed a new pair from the box, figured I’d put them on before work and rushed out of the house to catch my uber ride.

The whole time in the car I was looking out the window, feeling totally stumped because there’s no way I would’ve thrown the lenses away, not when the month wasn’t even up. And then… as I looked out at street signs, I realised that I had no issues making out all the words and oh my god, even license plate numbers were suddenly clear as day. What’s happening to me? Could this be the work of divine intervention? Did I suddenly have 20/20 eyesight? Was this like the time my brother broke his glasses in a boating incident and miraculously developed perfect eyesight and didn’t need glasses anymore?

With my heart pounding, I whipped out my mirror to double check… only to find… that my contacts were in my eyes. They were in my eyes ALL ALONG. I cannot even begin to describe how unbelievable this is. I mean, that would mean I haven’t taken them out since I first put them in on Thursday, THREE WHOLE DAYS AGO. Seriously, what in the world?! What were these magic contact lenses and why have my eyes not shrivelled up and fallen out of my sockets yet? Could I have woken up today in a daze and put on my contacts without realising? I don’t even know. Weird day.


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