Guess who’s back

I can’t believe my last post was more than a whole year ago. 2016 will likely be a year of major changes in my life as I graduate university and step foot into the working world, so I thought this is as good a time as any to finally get back into the writing mode.

I’ve always labelled myself as a writer, and have felt a little guilty that I haven’t managed to dedicate my time to writing leisurely as much as I’d like. I’ve always, always loved writing but writing doesn’t exactly come easy to me. It’s sometimes a struggle to put my thoughts into words, or just to get motivated enough to open a blank document and write. But when I do get into it, it’s always a joy.

So this year, I hope to write more – whether it’s blog entries, or articles, or even fanfiction (hey don’t judge). Hold me to it.

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