Building blocks of Gamcheon Culture Village (감천문화마을)

I suck at doing tutorial type of posts because my sense of direction is the worst so I’ll just include some vague directions in this and let the pictures do the talking. Two or three Fridays ago, I finally explored one of Busan‘s most well-known tourist attractions (though admittedly, I haven’t heard of it before I even stepped foot here) and the day didn’t disappoint! To get to Gamcheon Culture Village, we alighted at Toseong station Exit 6 and took Bus 2 which brought us all the way up (here’s some better directions that someone else wrote up).

 photo DSC_0009_zpsb3f022dd.jpg

 photo P4040587_zps2627d085.jpg
At a certain spot, the three sculptures of people coincide with the village scenery so it looks as though they are “becoming one” with Gamcheon

Gamcheon-dong began with very poor living conditions after the Korean War. The area formed with a unique stair format spanning from Oknyeo-bong to Cheonma-san and the housing complexes are built in a way that they don’t block the adjacent housings. Because of this, people often come and reminisce about the past days here since it’s an area where the original traditions of the Korean culture are preserved. The first thing you’d want to do is purchase a map at the tourist information centre for 2000krw before you enter the village and then you can have a full view of the place and see which route you’d like to take. The only reason I bought the map was because there are these stamps you have to collect at certain “stations” and at two of them, we get to collect a postcard of our choice for free!

 photo DSC_0014_zps29dff98b.jpg

 photo DSC_0024_zpsf47b6f15.jpg

 photo DSC_0019_zpsfba32a13.jpg

We explored Gamcheon-dong in a group of 12 and spent a relaxing two hours or so just winding through rather narrow corridors and popping in randomly into empty houses. It was so interesting! A lot of the walls were painted in bright colours and some of the rooms were also completely covered in graffiti (of course we couldn’t help but add to it). Besides the housing complexes, there were many quirky art installations in rooms and on walls that made everything so fascinating to me.

 photo DSC_0051_zps6df3254f.jpg

 photo DSC_0033_zpse99561fe.jpg

 photo DSC_0038_zpsae5a168e.jpg

 photo DSC_0021_zps0426a374.jpg

 photo DSC_0077_zpsaa7ad52b.jpg

 photo DSC_0052_zpsb05bd2c7.jpg

 photo DSC_0044_zps65a91111.jpg
Eternity by Kim Jeong Ju
 photo DSC_0046_zps60f86792.jpg
Tree of Hope by Choi Jang Rak

 photo P4046028_zps7fe92156.jpg

 photo DSC_0062_zps3a497fd4.jpg

 photo DSC_0063_zpsa2bf9811.jpg

We passed by rows of daisies which made me inexplicably happy because I love daisies!!!!!! We also passed by a beautiful cherry blossom tree and while that was a common sight during Spring, this one was particularly luscious. Ying Wei and Leo immediately climbed up and demanded we all take photos – and so we did.

 photo DSC_0064_zps37bcb76f.jpg

 photo DSC_0067_zpsfdca63a0.jpg

 photo DSC_0070_zpsbf6d3399.jpg

Camera 360 Camera 360



After spending more than 15 minutes taking every possible kind of photo you can possibly take with a cherry blossom tree, we finally moved on. There was so much to see!

 photo P4040608_zps7de9a6fd.jpg

 photo DSC_0079_zps45348953.jpg

 photo DSC_0116_zpsbb5c69d0.jpg
People, and birds by Jeon Young Jin
 photo DSC_0091_zps6ab96799.jpg
Little Prince and Desert Fox by Na In Ju

 photo DSC_0089_zpsed90098f.jpg

The Little Prince and Dessert Fox above was one of my favourites of the day! Apparently, the two descended from the stars and stopped by Gamcheon-dong and sat on the banisters to look down on the village (yeah, okay…). Naturally, we all took turns to take the middle spot between the two to join them as they wistfully look out into the open. Hah. Later, when we passed by a wall that reminded me of a scene taken right of Anne of Green Gables, of course I urged Chong Xin to pose in front of it and pretended he was walking down the path. …And then the rest of us all took turns being silly and trying to see who can most realistically look like they were actually part of the scene. I don’t know, I think I did a pretty good job…

 photo DSC_0093_zps2e30ad3d.jpg

 photo DSC_0100_zps391450a0.jpg

 photo DSC_0075_zps77079239.jpg

 photo DSC_0111_zps22803deb.jpg
Fish in alleys by Jin Young Seob

 photo P4040657_zps3f263dec.jpg

We ended the day with a noodle dinner where I spent half the time panicking over the sales release of Block B tickets (I managed to procure completely crappy seats thanks to my sucky phone connection) though the night ended on a high when we moved on to this place in the PNU area that I have a love-hate relationship with. The staff is seriously rude and mean for absolutely no reason, but the place serves the Best Drink Ever, which…I will get to in another post ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll also hopefully be able to post up my Jinhae and Jeju entries before I fly off to Japan next Wednesday! Till next time~!


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