Just another manic Monday

Two papers dooooooooown!!! It’s mid-term week over here at Pusan National University, and I pretty much spent the weekend holed up trying to cram as much information into my head as possible. The studying culture here is insane and is unlike anything I’m used to. Our 1am dorm curfew was actually lifted this entire week for the sole purpose of allowing students to go to the school library to study since it’s also open 24 hours during this period. Insane. I went to the library at 11 at night on Friday and was shocked to find it completely packed with students. .___. Saturday was even worse as we wandered from building to building in search of a studying spot that isn’t our stifling dorm room. It was only after 45 minutes before our search proved successful. The library rooms were all packed and students even made use of the floors to study with books and coffee cups littered everywhere.

But the important thing is, I’m halfway done with mid-terms!!! I had two papers consecutively this morning (Semantics and Marketing Research) and they were both really manageable so I’m feeling pretty good today! Last night, after studying non-stop, I took a toilet break and literally stared at the mirror and asked myself, “WHAT AM I DOING?” THESE MODS ARE ONLY PASS/FAIL WHY AM I STUDYING EVEN HARDER THAN I DO BACK IN SINGAPORE????????? But it’s probably a combination of factors including feeling the pressure when looking at all the hardworking students studying so hard around me and also how this is probably my only chance in my whole university time to do decently in a semester *sad single tear* Marketing Research is also my favourite subject that I’m taking here because the Professor is awesome and he seems to have really high expectations for Kiat Jiun and I. He’d always explain a concept to the class and then he’d go all cheekily, “Why don’t you ask the students from Singapore? They already know the answer…” And then every single student would turn to stare at us as we try and bury ourselves under the table. But all in all, his lectures are interesting and the concepts are all easy enough to grasp = I actually feel kinda smart in class!

I have two more papers that I haven’t begun studying for but I’m not too worried since they’re both mods I don’t care all too much about. My last paper is on Thursday and then it’s PARTY TIME!!! Which, in Singapore, would mean ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO SPEND ON TUMBLR, TWITTER AND DRAMAS but here, actually means PARTY TIME. Amazing Spiderman 2 opens here on Thursday and then seafood dinner with Sanguk/Dennis’ birthday is on Friday, and Saturday is CNBLUE!!!!!!!! And………I’m going to Japan the week after! *flails and makes high pitched noises* I know zilch about Japan so I’m really excited about discovering a completely foreign country and getting to know its culture and people. I’ll be spending 8 nights in Osaka/Kyoto with Kiat Jiun while the core group heads to Seoul/Jeju. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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