These past two weeks have been pretty crap and I’m thankful for VIXX being the one consistently good thing in my life right now (besides ya know family and all that) and I hate to have something as ~trivial~ as a K-pop group determine my happiness but at this point, I’ll take what I can get. I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met online and in real life (HEY VANESSA) because of VIXX, and just…I can’t imagine loving a group as much as I love this one. It’s only been eight months but I feel at home with Starlights, and they really are a lovely, welcoming bunch.

(GIF credit: pash )

I’m glad I joined the fandom early enough to see the six of them through a few comebacks, and on 6 December 2013, they celebrated their first win on Music Bank. I still can’t believe it actually happened. This is perhaps as monumental as the time Block B beat the odds and nabbed their Inki win. It’s so great to see groups from much smaller companies who have constantly been overshadowed finally rise up and surprise everyone. And of course, to celebrate, I made good on my promise and treated my family to KFC for dinner last night. I’m definitely loving how chicken and #VIXX1STWIN has practically become synonymous in this fandom.

And finally, *shoves N‘s mermaid tears in everyone’s faces* WATCH.


6 thoughts on “NUGUS NO MORE


    OH HI. I was really more amused at Taekwoon and the midgets during their win >_<
    Okay I need to make more starlight friends HAVING NO ONE TO FANGIRL W IS PAINFUL

    1. aw the trio were adorable!!! i love how supportive and genuinely glad they seemed about the win :D and yessss starlights are so friendly, you should ;~~~; just follow a bunch of people on twitter and say hi to them lmao

  2. D.O’s ADORABLE LIL FACE THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE THING AS WELL AS WHEN HE WAS RUBBING LEO’S BACK. I shall try to follow people on twitter! And ..not be so shy.

  3. Leo!! He couldn’t stop crying but he couldn’t show his face either, he kept his head down for the whole time. This is surprising though since he’s the chic one in the group and he actually showed emotions, our heavenly voiced Jung Taekwoon. Eventhough i only started watching vixx like last week, i absolutely love them already! I’ve watched a lot of their shows and am afraid to say that I’M OBSSESSED!! Lol i really do love them though and hope they can keep getting higher and higher.

    1. hello! ahh it’s really so nice to see more and more people getting into vixx because they’re so amazing and so so worth stanning ;~~~; yes leo may be chic on the outside but the guy has one of the hugest and softest hearts ever! just look at how he melts whenever he spots a baby or a cute animal hehe and even with some of the members sometimes, he can be unbelievably sweet. 2013 has been great to them and they’re so deserving of that number 1, we can only hope that they soar even higher in 2014… welcome to the fandom! <3

      1. thanks! I absolutely fell in love with them the first time I heard their song voodoo doll. I don’t know why but the voodoo doll was what scared me, not the cutting of the skin, which is quite weird. Lol but thanks again and I will continue loving them and supporting them

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