Late night jams

There’s nothing much more I wish to add but do give these songs a listen if you’re in the mood for some new music to add to your playlist. Granted, most of them are more than a week old so they’re not new by any means, but well, they make my ears and my heart happy. I’ll leave Block B out of this one if only for the fact that they deserve a whole post of their own, but ‘Be the Light’ is definitely also included in my list of songs-I-can’t-stop-replaying.

‘느낄 수 있니’ by Vanilla Unity: I fell in love with song whilst watching After School Bokbulbok and everytime I listen to it now, it just puts a big smile on my face because it reminds me of how silly and fun that show was.

‘Becoming Dust’ by Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young: I only knew of this bromance after watching We Got Married but boy, was I missing out. I really like their dynamic – they’ve got vastly different voices and even though I typically prefer Joon Young’s, I found him a little sharp here whereas Roy’s was just really soothing and I love love loved all his falsetto adlibs.

‘Runaway’ by G-Dragon: Unsurprisingly, I’m late to the ‘Coup d’etat’ party since I’ve never been much of a G-Dragon fan, but holy crap, the album’s goooood. I love almost every song on there upon first listen, but this one’s probably my favourite. Such a fun rock-infused track.

‘Coffee’ by Bangtan: This one’s a cover but dammit, each time I listen to it, I love it just a little bit more. I love how the lyrics liken a relationship to the different types of coffee, and coincidentally, listening to this song for me is just like taking sips out of a cup of hot coffee and letting the liquid take its time to slide down your throat and slowly warm up your entire body. Mmmm.


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