Just let me be

I’ve been feeling rather desolate these past few days and since I don’t have a particular reason for feeling this way, I’d probably attribute it to the ol’ PMS so hopefully the feeling will pass soon enough. Assignments are piling up as high as ever and I keep having these dreams that make me not want to wake up to reality. I haven’t gone to dance classes in forever and I feel like a fat blob rotting away in front of my computer all the time but I. Can’t. Stop. I desperately need a change of environment to shake me to my senses and exchange in February could not be further away. I’ve got a major research paper due on Monday and while the decision to do school work should not depend solely on my mood, I feel like no amount of coffee and snacks in the world could make me want to sign in to google docs and write about Vizster. /tears hair out/ My whole weekend from Friday – Sunday will be taken up by Vizit Korea so I have to squeeze in time in between to actually get shit done and then if I get round to it, I’ll probably blog about KL and having my fandom life be complete after seeing my favourite group live. Till then, here’s to surviving.


Late night jams

There’s nothing much more I wish to add but do give these songs a listen if you’re in the mood for some new music to add to your playlist. Granted, most of them are more than a week old so they’re not new by any means, but well, they make my ears and my heart happy. I’ll leave Block B out of this one if only for the fact that they deserve a whole post of their own, but ‘Be the Light’ is definitely also included in my list of songs-I-can’t-stop-replaying.

‘느낄 수 있니’ by Vanilla Unity: I fell in love with song whilst watching After School Bokbulbok and everytime I listen to it now, it just puts a big smile on my face because it reminds me of how silly and fun that show was.

‘Becoming Dust’ by Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young: I only knew of this bromance after watching We Got Married but boy, was I missing out. I really like their dynamic – they’ve got vastly different voices and even though I typically prefer Joon Young’s, I found him a little sharp here whereas Roy’s was just really soothing and I love love loved all his falsetto adlibs.

‘Runaway’ by G-Dragon: Unsurprisingly, I’m late to the ‘Coup d’etat’ party since I’ve never been much of a G-Dragon fan, but holy crap, the album’s goooood. I love almost every song on there upon first listen, but this one’s probably my favourite. Such a fun rock-infused track.

‘Coffee’ by Bangtan: This one’s a cover but dammit, each time I listen to it, I love it just a little bit more. I love how the lyrics liken a relationship to the different types of coffee, and coincidentally, listening to this song for me is just like taking sips out of a cup of hot coffee and letting the liquid take its time to slide down your throat and slowly warm up your entire body. Mmmm.