Blinded by the light

I know all I ever seem to blog about is fandom and K-pop and I’d feel sorry about it, but I’m not. If it makes it any better, I’ll try and keep this one short (hah who am I kidding).

  • WIN: Who is Next?

I started watching it last week and already, I can’t get enough. I’ve been watching the dance practice cuts over and over again because they’re so well-choreographed and executed to perfection. Here’s the one of Team B during the April Monthly Evaluations:

I’m still feeling Team B a lot more since they’re more bonded at the moment (let’s not forget the 불알친구–or testicle trio as I like to call them–made up of Hanbin, Jinhwan and Bobby). Bobby is probably my favouritest out of them all (including Team A) because he’s just a freaking ray of sunshine (his YG audition clip is the cutest thing ever, basically) and his Skype call with his family made me cry like a loser. And yes, he does kinda look like a younger, squishier Himchan.


tumblr_ms402nMr2y1sgptm5o1_250 tumblr_ms402nMr2y1sgptm5o2_250

(GIF credits: hanb-i)

I’ve also got my eye on Hanbin because he’s so goddamned talented, not to mention he’s leading a team of six and he’s only 17 years old???? The other Team B members look really precious too but since they haven’t gotten much screentime, I don’t have much to comment on.

As for Team A, I do like most of them, particularly Minho (so. talented.) and Seunghoon. I really liked what we saw of Seunghoon in Episode 1 where he shared about how it’s always been his dream to be a part of YG Entertainment and how living in a rooftop apartment so near to the building really just makes him want it all the more. And I know he keeps getting told off for his countrified accent but I think the way he speaks is so so adorable. I do agree that it does affect his rapping quite a bit and he definitely isn’t as good a rapper as compared with the other trainees. However, he comes across as mature and hardworking and just a generally really down-to-earth likeable guy so he’s someone I do want to see succeed.

The good people at WINNER SUBS are currently subbing the episodes at lightning speed, and you can head over here to watch them (as well as send the team a thank you!). Also: if anyone’s interested in reading some of my thoughts about the show, feel free to click here.

  • Bangtan

Speaking of talented young things, I’ve got Bangtan’s concept trailer on repeat ever since it came out two days ago. BTOB‘s ‘Thriller’ didn’t amaze me like I thought it would, but I’m hopeful Bangtan’s will. At the very least, I’m sure there’ll be kickass choreography involved.

The first episode of MTV Rookie King: Channel Bangtan also aired recently and I watched the whole thing unsubbed because that’s the kinda thing people do when they procrastinate from doing actual work. It’s sort of a mish mash of different segments, including parody CFs and variety shows, all combined into 1-hour programming. I quite like it despite only understanding a percentage of what was happening. The whole concept is cute and refreshing and I think it does showcase the members’ bright personalities a lot (though Jin makes me want to punch him in the face sometimes…..but then he’ll go and do the thing that makes me want to hug him close because he’s such a sweet guy).

And because it’s always funny seeing how teenage boys react to being pushed up next to a busty lady, here’s a cut of the elevator prank that was pulled on them:

  • Idol Championships

The first recording for the Chuseok special for MBC Idol Star Athletic Championships happened on 3 September and it’s really unfortunate but Leo ended up getting injured during the futsal game, and had to be replaced by Ravi for the next recording. (Aaaand this is where I casually insert pictures of a sweaty, dark haired Ravi.)

r1 r2

(Picture credits: Hypnotic Fantasy, DELETE | Do not edit)

Anyway, I don’t want to speculate but obviously, the injury’s serious enough for him to need to be in a cast so I only hope he doesn’t need surgery of some sort and that it’s a slight fracture at most. Get well soon, Leo! (You can read more about what happened here.)

B.A.P also took part in the recording and I heard they’ve been absolute angels, picking up trash as they moved from location to location. But more importantly, can we talk about how Himchan looked like he basically floated out of heaven and landed on earth? He exudes rainbows and butterflies in every picture and his hair is the lightest shade of lilac and the perfect amount of fluffy. I…cannot think of an idol who’s more beautiful than him, I simply cannot.






(Picture credits: Taste of You | Do not edit)

  • VIXX’s goodbye stages

This shouldn’t be surprising because… well, when do I not talk about VIXX? As I mentioned, Leo suffered a leg injury and because of that he wasn’t able to perform this week’s set of goodbye stages for 대.다.나.다.너. He did the Show Champion stage on Wednesday somehow (even though they all look dead tired in that one) by sitting on a stool while the others danced next to him but today’s Music Bank stage was a five-member performance. Leo’s absence was definitely felt but I’m still utterly proud that Ken was able to competently take over all of Leo’s lines, high notes and all. My baby did so well!!!! *tear*

And just how attractive does Ravi look???? I love his hair so much and his whole outfit is just A++++. (On the other hand, I’m just itchy to rip off the pretentious-looking cardigan around Ken’s neck.) With promotions ending this week, I’m glad the boys can have a short rest before they have to prepare for their Milky Way showcase and start flying all over the place. I just hope Leo recovers in time and that he’ll be able to take part in activities as well because I can’t imagine having to rework all the choreo…


It’s finally the weekend!!! I’ve got a ton of things to get done, including readings that have been gradually piling up. And I also need to put up all my VIXX posters once and for all because right now, they’re just strewn all over the floor and honestly, my room’s not looking very pretty. But first, I’ll probably watch the next episode of VIXX File because it’s still Friday in my mind and responsibilities can wait.


5 thoughts on “Blinded by the light

  1. OMG THAT SQUISHY LIL HIMCHAN LOOKING DUDE may i adopt him ;_____; idek who he is tbh lol.

    also, all i could think of while looking at DT Ravi photos was damn, that could’ve been Leo all ..wet. but yes i was loving his hair in between the blonde and the current dark one where it looked like his sides were shaved down but wow the dark hair is reallllly awesome. also lol hongbin shines so bright cause everyone’s dark now HA.

    I haven’t touched BTS yet, haha. But I am loving Thriller! The song’s pretty mainstream but some parts of the dance have got me in love like the neck breaking/twisting move and the zombie-esque cheoreo. BUT MOSTLY IT JUST GIVES ME VIXX WITHDRAWALS the suits and contacts and ugh. My brother (who knows close to nothing about boybands) asked me if they were VIXX. AND THE MAKEUPPPP. /drowns in withdrawal feels

    How many posters you got! I ..haven’t even collected my second Jekyll poster, meh. I think bc I took so long i’ll prob end up with the group one :/

    1. YES YOU MAY SHARE BOBBY WITH ME haha he is so freaking cute ugh please start watching win so i have someone to spazz over the underaged boys in team b with >.< they’re soooo precious and talented they kinda remind of bangtan actually! but um average of 17 years old T__T

      and you mean idol championships, not dream team right! DARK HAIRED RAVI IS MY FAVOURITE THING he is so good looking i can't even tear my eyes away from him in this fancam: and have you seen this super cute gifset of binnie!!!

      YES YES PLS TOUCH BANGTAN ALL OVER OK!!! tbh i don’t really keep up with their things but i know they always tweet selcas and leave super long sweet posts on their fancafe hehe and all the members are really adorable too. i’ve only watched the mv for thriller and i thought it was quite mediocre but maybe i have to watch the live perfs!

      and sobs it's the end of another vixx era T__T i was watching hyde perfs again the other day and all. the. feels. and i have all the posters except super hero! for jekyll i've only got group and ken (which i spent a ton of money for ok cries)

  2. UNDERAGED BOYS ARE THE BEST WAY TO MAKE ME RUN AWAY. am already dying from the 95liners (Hyuk, Sungjae, V ajdioadjsdoa). NOOOOO. How old is squishy young himchan lookalike HAHA.

    THOSE WET RAVI PICS AREN’T DT? I thought they were when he replaced Leo! Leo’s injury brings me so much pain that stupid boy why did he see that he needed to finish playing futsal and do his run when he was already injured. Also yes HONGBIN *__* And lol I will watch that fancam when I’m off work. Youtube doesn’t work here, hehe.

    BTS is another of my “know-they-exist-but-have-too-much-on-my-plate-to-love-them” bands. V and Jin though, I am totally moving towards stanning them. THEY’RE SO CUTE TGT how does it even. Plus it’s like me and marie’s names – V and Jin (her chinese name has a jin in it LOL), ok random tidbit.

    I really like Thriller. Okay like I said the song isn’t very special it sounds like an older song. But haha finally it’s not cutesy stuff I like BTOB when they do songs like Insane or 사랑 밖에 난 몰라 i loved that. (Bc Ilsik __>

    1. RUN AWAY BUT THEN WE STILL END UP RUNNING BACK INTO THEIR ARMS FOR MORE PAIN TBH squishy young himchan lookalike is a 95 liner too haha! but team b has TWO 97-liners, their oldest hyung is a 94-liner and their leader is a 96-liner :-) /bring on the world of pain/

      OK IDK ACTUALLY the ravi pics might actually be DT MY BAD >.< but the point is /////wet///// and /////dark haired////// ravi……sigh and i don't get why n gets all the teasing when it comes to his tanned skin when ravi is just as tanned??????? idk i think they're handsome either way *__*

      yes vjin the visual ship!!! they're so cute but bangtan are all super cute together actually because they all seem really close ahhh you have to watch rookie king i think you'll love them a lot after that! HAHA THAT'S CUTE OK YOU AND MARIE~~~ shipping yourselves and all i see ahem

      ok i will get to watching the thriller perfs i swear! esp if they're as good as you say… in the mean time, please watch b.a.p's weekly idol ep if you haven't i practically killed myself laughing ;__;

      1. UGH DAMNIT 95LINERS WHAT IS MY LIFE. It’s a world of pain really. SO MUCH FOR STICKING TO THE 90LINERS UGH. Hyuk especially frigging stupid maknae who lights up the world when he smiles biggest bias list wrecker yet ;____;

        YES IKR WET RAVI IS LIKE AHDILDHSAIDSADSA. THEY NEED TO SEND THE WHOLE OF VIXX TO DREAM TEAM. Just because. They look so good anyway and it’d honestly be funny to see them fail LOLOL. I think Ravi’s still less tanned than N! But N looks nice I just wish people would stop making fun of it. Idk what if he gets upset about it >__> Ytd my friend was saying how dark BYG was and lol then she said “must have touched N” and I was all AHDLISDHASIDSAD SHUT.

        I don’t really know Bangtan dynamics yet because I haven’t watched them! But ohwell. V is so cute I cannot T_T And Jin is pretty sweet haha. That’s all I know. Also Hoseok is a dork really. And Rapmon looks 28439x better without hiding behind those sunglasses. I will watch BTS Rookie King ..if I ever get the time. I still have to watch Beast weekly idol UGH. And BAP (LOL JAE).

        And lol shipping ourselves ..nooooooooo that is weird. :D

        Haha I think I might be biased toward BTOB since no one seems to be saying Thriller’s like really good or anything. I do really like “When I was your man” though. So pretty *___*

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