Hair and other things

Two more days before September ends and not a whole lot has happened but I did get my hair cut…..which makes this the second time this year? I finally got rid of the bleached ends that I’ve had for a good few years and I don’t miss it at all because my hair does look a lot healthier, imho. I’m also a brunette for the first time in my life and I’m actually liking it. I did hope for a lighter shade of brown but I don’t think my hair would be able to stand it anyway.

To be honest, for the first few days after my haircut, I actually hated it so much I wanted to cry. My hair’s naturally kinda frizzy in addition to the waves that I have and the combination is just……nothing I’d wished upon anyone. And I really felt like the way my hair was layered this time really emphasised that so it was just horrible all around. But a crazy simple and useful tip I found (after much Googling) that makes my hair just a little more manageable is:

  • After washing my hair, I squeeze the water out as much as I can
  • Then use the towel to blot and gently soak up the excess water
  • Wrap my hair with the towel for a few minutes
  • Then I’ll use my fingers to kinda smoothen my hair as much as I can
  • Finally, I spray an anti-frizz mist all over (here‘s what I use and I love it so much!)

***DON’T rub the towel all over your hair because it’ll just create more friction and for me, it makes my hair puff up like a cloud >.< I don’t know if this is even news to anyone or if it’s hair care techniques that people already know but I’ve been following this for about a week now and I do think my hair looks sliiiightly better than usual, so it might work for you too.


LMAO I mean, it’s not just me, right? There is a visible difference? I do think my waves get emphasised more in a good way now rather than working against me and just making my hair look huge and messy and gross when combined with its natural frizziness. And okay, my hair doesn’t miraculously look gorgeous or anything but I’ll keep up with this and hopefully it can be a long term solution to keep the frizz somewhat at bay in this humidity.

A few other updates:

  • It’s finally recess week!!!!! I’ve got assignments to get done for all four of my mods, but still!!!! One whole week with no school! /rolls around in happiness/
  • I’m still in the midst of settling exchange matters because I suck and I keep procrastinating but I swear I’ll get it done in the first half of this coming week.
  • Master’s Sun is ending but Episodes 14 and 15 were really good and I’ll miss the show a lot… (and I’ll continue to pray furiously that one day I’ll wake up to the good news that Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub have admitted that they’re dating because the chemistry onscreen and offscreen – I really can’t with these two!!!)
  • BUT it also means Heirs is finally coming! With the crap ton of pre-release promo materials, I’m just hoping that it lives up to at least a fraction of all that hype and that it’s not just Boys Over Flowers 2.0 because no matter how pretty the cast is (and they are reeeeeaaaaallly pretty), I’ll still end up losing interest if it turns out to be a trainwreck. I’m hoping to be proven wrong, because there has to be a reason why so many of them signed on to be in it right?
  • Block B is coming back and everything is good and amazing and awesome and wonderful~
  • In less than a month, I’ll be seeing VIXX live!!!!!!! I’ll write about it more next time or closer to the date, probably.
  • Finally, here’s a behind-the-scenes cum MV of some cute boys (who are…..admittedly better actors than they are singers but they are multi-talented oKAY)

But come on, the song is catchy. And they’re absolutely adorable too, I refuse to be convinced otherwise. I MEAN, just look at them making cute faces at the camera at the end and their maknae is a 188cm tall giant isn’t that cUTE TOO THEY ALL ARE LIKE OMG WHY ASFJKHDASD HEY YOU COME ON FOLLOW MEEEEE


Fun with food: Ramen burger

I’m not some cook by any means, but sometimes I do get this sudden inspiration to whip up something in the kitchen. The other day, I happened to stumble across this recipe for ramen burgers, and I thought it looked both delicious and simple enough to recreate. I mean I love ramen and I love burgers but who would think of actually combining them both? On hindsight, I guess it shouldn’t be all that surprising, what with the existence of rice burgers and all.

I won’t do a step-by-step since I pretty much followed the recipe I linked above to a T, just with some slight modifications since I’m missing a few ingredients. Basically, I replaced the meat patty with chopped hot dogs that I seasoned with Japanese Teriyaki sauce before stir frying. I topped it with grated Parmesan and popped the open-faced burger into the oven for a few minutes until the cheese had melted. Then I added a slice of lettuce and doused the thing with mayo and I’m done!

It’s pretty delicious but the ramen could have done with a little more salt. Other than that, I’d highly recommend trying this one out. It’s easy to do and fun too!

Blinded by the light

I know all I ever seem to blog about is fandom and K-pop and I’d feel sorry about it, but I’m not. If it makes it any better, I’ll try and keep this one short (hah who am I kidding).

  • WIN: Who is Next?

I started watching it last week and already, I can’t get enough. I’ve been watching the dance practice cuts over and over again because they’re so well-choreographed and executed to perfection. Here’s the one of Team B during the April Monthly Evaluations:

I’m still feeling Team B a lot more since they’re more bonded at the moment (let’s not forget the 불알친구–or testicle trio as I like to call them–made up of Hanbin, Jinhwan and Bobby). Bobby is probably my favouritest out of them all (including Team A) because he’s just a freaking ray of sunshine (his YG audition clip is the cutest thing ever, basically) and his Skype call with his family made me cry like a loser. And yes, he does kinda look like a younger, squishier Himchan.


tumblr_ms402nMr2y1sgptm5o1_250 tumblr_ms402nMr2y1sgptm5o2_250

(GIF credits: hanb-i)

I’ve also got my eye on Hanbin because he’s so goddamned talented, not to mention he’s leading a team of six and he’s only 17 years old???? The other Team B members look really precious too but since they haven’t gotten much screentime, I don’t have much to comment on.

As for Team A, I do like most of them, particularly Minho (so. talented.) and Seunghoon. I really liked what we saw of Seunghoon in Episode 1 where he shared about how it’s always been his dream to be a part of YG Entertainment and how living in a rooftop apartment so near to the building really just makes him want it all the more. And I know he keeps getting told off for his countrified accent but I think the way he speaks is so so adorable. I do agree that it does affect his rapping quite a bit and he definitely isn’t as good a rapper as compared with the other trainees. However, he comes across as mature and hardworking and just a generally really down-to-earth likeable guy so he’s someone I do want to see succeed.

The good people at WINNER SUBS are currently subbing the episodes at lightning speed, and you can head over here to watch them (as well as send the team a thank you!). Also: if anyone’s interested in reading some of my thoughts about the show, feel free to click here.

  • Bangtan

Speaking of talented young things, I’ve got Bangtan’s concept trailer on repeat ever since it came out two days ago. BTOB‘s ‘Thriller’ didn’t amaze me like I thought it would, but I’m hopeful Bangtan’s will. At the very least, I’m sure there’ll be kickass choreography involved.

The first episode of MTV Rookie King: Channel Bangtan also aired recently and I watched the whole thing unsubbed because that’s the kinda thing people do when they procrastinate from doing actual work. It’s sort of a mish mash of different segments, including parody CFs and variety shows, all combined into 1-hour programming. I quite like it despite only understanding a percentage of what was happening. The whole concept is cute and refreshing and I think it does showcase the members’ bright personalities a lot (though Jin makes me want to punch him in the face sometimes…..but then he’ll go and do the thing that makes me want to hug him close because he’s such a sweet guy).

And because it’s always funny seeing how teenage boys react to being pushed up next to a busty lady, here’s a cut of the elevator prank that was pulled on them:

  • Idol Championships

The first recording for the Chuseok special for MBC Idol Star Athletic Championships happened on 3 September and it’s really unfortunate but Leo ended up getting injured during the futsal game, and had to be replaced by Ravi for the next recording. (Aaaand this is where I casually insert pictures of a sweaty, dark haired Ravi.)

r1 r2

(Picture credits: Hypnotic Fantasy, DELETE | Do not edit)

Anyway, I don’t want to speculate but obviously, the injury’s serious enough for him to need to be in a cast so I only hope he doesn’t need surgery of some sort and that it’s a slight fracture at most. Get well soon, Leo! (You can read more about what happened here.)

B.A.P also took part in the recording and I heard they’ve been absolute angels, picking up trash as they moved from location to location. But more importantly, can we talk about how Himchan looked like he basically floated out of heaven and landed on earth? He exudes rainbows and butterflies in every picture and his hair is the lightest shade of lilac and the perfect amount of fluffy. I…cannot think of an idol who’s more beautiful than him, I simply cannot.






(Picture credits: Taste of You | Do not edit)

  • VIXX’s goodbye stages

This shouldn’t be surprising because… well, when do I not talk about VIXX? As I mentioned, Leo suffered a leg injury and because of that he wasn’t able to perform this week’s set of goodbye stages for 대.다.나.다.너. He did the Show Champion stage on Wednesday somehow (even though they all look dead tired in that one) by sitting on a stool while the others danced next to him but today’s Music Bank stage was a five-member performance. Leo’s absence was definitely felt but I’m still utterly proud that Ken was able to competently take over all of Leo’s lines, high notes and all. My baby did so well!!!! *tear*

And just how attractive does Ravi look???? I love his hair so much and his whole outfit is just A++++. (On the other hand, I’m just itchy to rip off the pretentious-looking cardigan around Ken’s neck.) With promotions ending this week, I’m glad the boys can have a short rest before they have to prepare for their Milky Way showcase and start flying all over the place. I just hope Leo recovers in time and that he’ll be able to take part in activities as well because I can’t imagine having to rework all the choreo…


It’s finally the weekend!!! I’ve got a ton of things to get done, including readings that have been gradually piling up. And I also need to put up all my VIXX posters once and for all because right now, they’re just strewn all over the floor and honestly, my room’s not looking very pretty. But first, I’ll probably watch the next episode of VIXX File because it’s still Friday in my mind and responsibilities can wait.

Where have my clothes gone?

THIS IS NOT A COHERENT POST BECAUSE HOW TO WORDS WITH VIXX ASKLDJASLFLKSJDAFLKJ /breathes deeply/ Okay. So. In short, Leo, Ken and Ravi recently performed ‘On and On’, ‘대.다.나.다.너’ and ‘CHAOS’ on MBC Picnic Live Sound Landscape but that’s not the main point, because the main point is they did acapella!!!! versions!!!! and I just— /takes another deep breath/ SORRY BUT I!!! AM!!!! NOT!!! CALM!!!!

Everytime Leo opens his mouth I imagine the sky opening up and bathing us in white light and a chorus of angels singing from up above because how does one do that with his voice I don’t understand????? I’m always torn between whether I prefer Ken’s or Leo’s voice but usually give up and settle on just loving them both. But I’ll admit that certain songs allow a certain member to shine and in these two performances, Leo is completely knocking it out of the park. He’s hitting all the notes flawlessly and singing in a way that sounds like he’s caressing every single note tenderly and you can tell he’s completely in his element because he. can’t. stop. smiling. ಥ‿ಥ The adlibs are absolutely beautiful too and he sounds so insanely sexy I don’t even know what to do with myself.


B is for blessed

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve last blogged, and honestly, I’ve just been preoccupied–mostly with school, and when I do get back home, I’m either sleeping or procrastinating on Tumblr so as you can see, my days have been spent quite… fulfillingly. I’ve decided to post an entry today since there are a couple of things happening in my life, with the most major one being exchange!!!! But let’s start with the first piece of good news…

(1) Block B
Is this real or is this just fantasy? When I first found out that Block B are starting over with a new entertainment company called Seven Seasons (GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE STARDOM THANKS FOR TREATING THEM LIKE SHIT I WON’T MISS YOU), I could hardly believe my eyes. I’m so happy that they’ve stuck together and I never doubted for a moment that they wouldn’t because this is a group that voluntarily hang out with each other on a regular basic even in the absence of promotions so ofc a little setback like a lawsuit won’t stop them from finding a new home and making music together. God, I’m just so so happy. BBCs, mark your calendars and prepare your hankies because our boys are officially coming back on 30 September!!! ♥♥♥

Check out Seven Seasons’ cute greeting video to BBCs featuring our smile rep Yukwon!

I don’t even know whether I like it because I like it or because it’s something. Regardless, I love how simple the video is and here’s the text translation that conveys so much in just a few lines.

You’ve worked hard

I’ve suppressed it again and again and stayed patient

The training uniform that is drenched in the smell of sweat

Saying goodbye to public transport…

Quietly prepare for another beginning.

(Trans credit: ©)

(2) Busan
Like I mentioned, I got into my first choice for exchange for the next semester! Well, Seoul was actually my first choice, but I’d written Pusan National University instead since it has 20 vacancies and a girl’s gotta be realistic when her grades are like crap, ya know? This will mean that I’ll be living in Busan independently for a whole semester and attending school there as an exchange student. I’m nervous as hell just at the sheer thought of it but also ridiculously excited. I think it’s the experience I need to finally grow up and learn how to depend on myself a little more. I haven’t yet accepted the offer since I want to first complete my course matching and everything and see what’s available for me to take over there before I seal the deal (it’s pretty much done, anyway). But still!!!! I’m a little worried I’ll end up spending a miserable and lonely four to five months abroad with nothing to show (since I won’t be going with anyone I know), but I desperately hope that’s not the case. Time to step out of your comfort zone, Justine, and carpe diem!

(3) Birthdays
I celebrated two birthdays over the weekend, with my brother turning 25 on Friday and my two younger cousins having a birthday gathering at their place the day after. Birthday celebrations within the family are typically low-key affairs but I’m not bothered by that at all. We spent my brother’s birthday at Handlebar, which is this really awesome place in Sembawang that’s kinda ulu but serves really really good meat. I couldn’t take pictures at all because it’s alfresco dining so it was practically pitch black and I didn’t bring my DSLR. The food’s a little expensive, but the portions are pretty big and they’re so good, trust me. (And to my brother: I love you and all but I hope turning a quarter of a century old will mean that you’ll finally grow up because god knows you really need to. Please take responsibility for your life and act like the adult I know you can be.)

The next day, I was pretty much guilt-tripped to heading over to my aunt’s place since my other cousin wanted company at the gathering but well, she’s my favourite cousin, and it’s hard to say no to her when she’d asked so nicely. I really like spending time with her because no matter how much time we spend apart, it’s like it all disappears once we meet face to face. It’s nice. Right now, she’s head over heels in love with Dylan O’Brien, and it’s a feeling I completely understand. :’) Besides freaking out over my poly schoolmate’s MTV Movie Awards selcas with the Teen Wolf cast (WILL NEVER GET OVER HER SELCA WITH DANIEL FREAKING SHARMAN NOPE) and laughing our butts off over this picture (it’s fake lol), there was also….cake! Two of them to be exact. See, when one of the birthday girls is seven years old, well, you can’t expect her to share a birthday cake, right? But no one’s complaining because I love cake and cake loves me. Who doesn’t love cake?

 photo CAKE_zpsbf465306.jpg

Birthday girl Ethel and her sisters photobombing...with success
Birthday girl Ethel and her two older sisters photobombing…..with success
Other birthday girl Aurea with her twenty big candles. Happy 20th!!!
With the fav cuzzie who shares a birthday with both Chris Pine and Dylan O’Brien (as she had so excitedly shared)

Other than that, school has been spectacularly………normal. It’s been uneventful but with a three-day school week (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE), I can’t really complain. I’ve been trying (and failing) to keep up with my readings but hopefully once my few overdue Dinoseoul articles are out of the way, I can try and beat procrastination out of my system and finally get down to doing what needs to be done. Here’s to a great week, everyone! xx