“I’m busy, very very busy!”

Today’s post title, courtesy of Hyuk because this never fails to have me doubled over in laughter. I’m a weekend away from the official start of school, and I feel like I have to savour every single moment I have left because it’s just so precious. I’m not ready to once again be bombarded with the stresses of school life and endless deadlines /deep sigh/

1. Thankfully, I managed to spend the past few days indulging, indulging, indulging — starting with finally meeting up with people I haven’t seen in far too long, in order to catch Fall Out Boy‘s gig here at Fort Canning on Tuesday. It’s the third time I’ve seen them live and I really do have so much love for these boys and the perfect music they make. ‘The Phoenix’, ‘Alone Together’ and ‘What A Catch, Donnie’ were probably my favourites of the night. It wasn’t the greatest concert I’ve been to because the setlist wasn’t the best (‘I’m Like A Lawyer…’ should have been on there!!!!!) and the members were all really quiet onstage, but! Patrick Stump‘s voice is just a wonder to behold. It’s Saturday already and I still have Fall Out Boy on repeat, and I’d catch them again in a heartbeat if they were to come here for the fourth time.

2. This was immediately followed by B.A.P‘s second visit to Singapore. I feel like it was a lot more exciting when they came last year, for some reason, but I’m still glad I got to see them. I went for the press con under media as part of Dinoseoul, so at least I didn’t have to queue at an ungodly hour just for a good glimpse of the boys. My view in the end wasn’t great anyway, because it was such a huge public place and we were relegated to the last two rows of the media seats *single tear* When the boys came out though, all the media rushed to the front in order to snap better pictures and I did the same. We were all crammed at the front and I had to take pictures in between peoples’ tripod stands. Considering that, I’m glad my pictures turned out okay since I could barely see or hear anything they said due to how chaotic it all kinda was. To sum up, the boys were really polite, quiet and a little tired.

2.5. Dinoseoul can be found on Flickr now! We’ll be using it mainly to upload HQ pictures that we take at press conferences and events since FB always reduces them until they look like crap no matter how pretty they originally look. At the moment, HQ pictures from B.A.P’s press con as well as from Live on Earth Singapore can be found here. I’ll just share a few of my favourite shots that I took at the press con, just because. I took mostly pictures of Himchan because I had a pretty decent view of him and also because ~~*~bias~*~~ but I did snap a few of the others too (barely any Youngjae though, sadly). And I know the pictures aren’t ~koala tea~ since they’re nothing compared to what some of the other sites and especially the ones some of the fansites have taken, but well, I don’t claim to be some sort of professional anyway. I’m just thankful the lighting at City Square Mall was good and that I didn’t end up with a whole bunch of blurry pictures.





3. B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore was the day after and I was a jittery mess on my way to the Star Theatre because I was so excited at the thought of finally being able to watch them perform live. I mean, I’ve seen fancams (A SHIT TON OF THEM, TO BE EXACT) and they only served to amp up my anticipation……which might also be the main reason why I ended up being slightly disappointed. I’d already seen every single performance that they’d put up that night so I wasn’t surprised in the least, so I thought maybe hearing/watching ‘Badman’ for the first time would make up for that and make the experience a little more special, but… we didn’t even get that. So yes, they were great live, but I wasn’t blown away and I just wish they’d changed things up a bit — for the special stages, at the very least.

I guess I’m just a little bitter because I know their Wanted concert in Seoul is going to be entirely different, particularly with the inclusion of all the new tracks and also because I know they really want to show Korea how much they’ve grown since the first Seoul stop at the start of Live on Earth back in February. I feel a little slighted, but… I’ll get over it. I’ll say one more thing though: Jongup is a complete cutie pie. I don’t know how many times I was giggling and grinning from my seat because he was being so cute I just- and I’m so happy I chose the right area to sit at because I had a great view of Himchan throughout the concert and HimDae!!! IN!!! MATCHING!!! WIFEBEATERS!!!!! /backflips off every available wall/

I’ll definitely go into more detail about the concert when I finally get started on the review for Dinoseoul. In the meantime, here’s a preview picture of Himchan taken by sexyvocal.tumblr.com since the original HQ one isn’t uploaded yet. This might be one of my favourite pictures of Channie, possibly ever. I break into a huge smile everytime I look at it–he just looks so happy and you can see his precious eye dimple in all its glory. (✿◠‿◠)


And finally, it was so nice meeting Vanessa for the first time (hehe and Marie too)!!! /squishes you both/ K-pop fandom can really suck sometimes, but sometimes it can bring people closer together and allow you to meet some really wonderful people too. Thanks to the two and of course Michelle as well for being such great company that day. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

4. Today was a failed attempt at being productive since I spent the bulk of it sleeping, struggling to clean my room and only managing to neaten up a very very small part of it, followed by a 1-hour dance class with Cheryl (I hope you’re enjoying your dance classes so far!!!) and finally ending the night by making fudge brownies. Since my cooking skills are mediocre at best, I had to rely on a Betty Crocker ready mix that my mum bought, but since the brownies didn’t burn (….much) and they taste awesome, I’d still call my late night baking attempt a success. A+++++++ for effort. /dusts imaginary dirt off shoulder/

5. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving my Dinoseoul shoes behind and stepping into my (very very dusty) Teenage-sized ones and okay, I have no idea where I’m going with this analogy… Basically, I’ll be freelancing for an article on SKarf so I’ll be heading to Korea Plaza in the afternoon for the girls’ press conference, followed by a one-on-one interview, which I’m strangely nervous about. I’ve never interviewed a K-pop group before! I hope it goes swimmingly and I leave with the information I need to craft a good piece. Wish me luck! xx


3 thoughts on ““I’m busy, very very busy!”

  1. Woah you write for Teenage too? Awesomesauce!

    And yushhh it was great to finally meet you. Again when VIXX comes okay. Better not be in September I’ll fling myself of the highest mountain in Korea or something if that happens. Share the photo we took! (if it turned out nicely, lol) My matoki stick is still in need of fixing T_T My house has no superglue, can you believe it.

    THAT CHANNIE PHOTO. Is so precious I can love it forever. So pretty ermagherd. SO PRETTY I CAN DIE i love his hair too >_< AND I CHOSE THE WRONG SIDE TO SIT AT HIMCHAN WAS SO FAR FROM ME OMG AND BANG WAS ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE /cries
    but heck youngjae omg youngjae he just shot up my bias list. Although I felt so sorry for him when his voice broke lol.

    Ugh I will get down to blogging about the concert. I wish the long weekend was longer! Work just blows, lol. Enjoy school!

    1. haha yeah i used to intern for teenage so when i left i just kinda became a freelancer (though they really only call me once in a blue moon lol)

      and yessss i think a nov visit is best but please no not for korean music wave (which has confirmed 12 groups already) but i don’t want to pay like $500 or something crazy like that just to see my babies perform less than 3 songs /cries/

      lol yes ok i’ll link you to the original group photo when…..i find it haha YES CHANNIE /SOBS/ he’s so precious and his smile and his eye dimple!!!!! haha it’s youngjae for you but it’s jongup for me i think he’s my second fav in b.a.p now?? he was adorable during the concert!!!! it used to be daejae lol but my b.a.p ranking is usually himchan >>> everyone else anyway (◡‿◡✿)

      and aside but, HEHE CONGRATS FOR GETTING LEO IN JEKYLL (and it only took two tries woohoo) *throws confetti*

  2. The musicwave concert is crazy plus I haven’t got much love for the rest of the bands, so even if VIXX does come ..I’ll give it a pass. $438 is too much I could fly to Korea for that amount. :/

    Himchan is forever precious, omg. I read a review on Badman on some site and the writer gave like some valid points but then totally killed it when she said that Himchan ruined the whole song and MV by his _appearance_ alone. PFFFT. My BAP ranking is so hard to sort out I can’t. I guess it’s still banghimjae for the top three HAHA.

    HEHE THANKS I think I’ve used up all the blessings from the photocard god in this one album LOL. But I figure it’s just pity for me for opening my Sungjong/Hoya/Dongwoo paradise albums lolol. I don’t even dare to try with Growl. I think I’d be really meh if I don’t get a Lay/Suho/Chen.

    ALSO DID YOU SEE LAY KISS (ok i don’t think there was contact but) SUHO ON THE NECK ASHDOASDIASDJLADASD

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