My fandom life has been completely consumed by VIXX and honestly, I have no regrets. They’re a bunch of dorks who work really hard and put out great music, and are constantly setting their sights high, improving themselves with each release. I love them to bits. This post will be pretty much me gushing about them (yeah because the title didn’t make that obvious enough…) so you’re welcome to just scroll on past :-)

Today (or rather, yesterday) was the release of ‘G.R.8.U’, though I much prefer the Korean title 대.다.나.다.너 because it just sounds nicer, and the song and MV’s everything I ever wanted????? I can’t wait to see the full choreo during the live stages because I love the bits we did see in the MV! All three new songs are also so easy on the ears and just totally up my alley.

I love the whole Jekyll concept and how the rewinding is used to signify their return to being the good guys. It’s perfect and well thought out even though I don’t think Jellyfish even intended to put out a repackage in the first place. But well, I’m not complaining. /throws all my money at them/ Besides pre-ordering my copy of ‘Jekyll’ (and praying it comes with a Ken insert), I also bought the August issue of 10asia+star for obvious reasons, because how often do we get to see the boys actually gracing the freaking cover? It arrived in the mail today and it’s glorious. The magazine’s a really nice quality with a matte cover and thick glossy pages.

RIGHT??? AND LMAO BECAUSE I MADE A LOGO THINGY. I figured why not, and um it may or may not also somewhat resemble the logo for a fansite of a certain EXO member… but for the sake of my dignity, we’ll just pretend I’m totally original, okay? Anyway, the point is, HOW GORGEOUS IS THE PHOTOSHOOT? And that’s just 6 pages out of the entire 24-page spread of the boys. You can order a copy here like I did.

On a couple of non-VIXX-related notes:

  • I’ve listened to f(x)‘s ‘Pink Tape’ in its entirety and there’s honestly not a single song on there I don’t like. I pretty much never get into girl groups, so this was definitely a surprise. But the ears like what the ears like. I have a couple of favourites on there already, but as usual, that’ll probably change after a few more listens.
  • I’m really liking EXO‘s ‘Growl’ and its awesome choreo. I’m not on the level of spazzing over it, but I do really like it.
  • This week’s the last week for I Hear Your Voice and I don’t want to say goodbye to Soo Ha and Lee Jongsuk‘s excessively perfect face but it also means we’re nearing the premiere of Master’s Sun so yay! I didn’t want to spoil myself by watching the 12-minute long preview trailer but! I hope it’s as good as I want it to be. Come on, Hong Sisters, make up for your Big mistake, yeah?
  • B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH IN OFFICIALLY A WEEK!!!!!!! I’m so stoked. /aggressively prays for the boys to walk past my aisle/

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