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Now that I’ve finally watched the first four episodes of Good Doctor and Master’s Sun – both of which I’ve been meaning to check out for awhile – I can try and weigh in on both dramas. This post will probably be mostly incoherent and will contain spoilers because I’m just vomitting out all my feelings about both shows onto here.

I started with Good Doctor just because right off the bat, it seemed like the type of premise I’d enjoy. I’m a total sucker for a good underdog story and a hero you can easily root for and want to see succeed. I was going to paste the synopsis from DramaWiki but I’m not entirely comfortable with the way they’ve described our autistic lead as someone with the “mentality of a 10-year-old”.

While I admit that my knowledge on autism is limited, what I get from Joo Won‘s portrayal of Shi On (which I find so fascinating just because he’s so completely immersed in his character) is that rather than someone who thinks like a child, it’s more like the way he processes information and expresses himself is different from what is seen or deemed normal by society’s standards. For Shi On, it’s using medical lingo instead of simply going, “I’m hungry,” or “I care for him”. And most of the time, even though he does have feelings, he’s lacking a way to express them explicitly and even when he tries, his actions are often misinterpreted and perceived in a negative manner.


That’s why as a viewer, it does get aggravating to see Shi On constantly being pushed around in the hospital and belittled because of his illness since so many people are prejudiced from the start (though being doctors, you’d think they’d be a little more open-minded or knowledgeable about it). Thankfully, there are a few people around him who are inherently good, who either treat him as an adult or go out of their way to look out for him.

This drama reminds me a lot of Baby-Faced Beauty, which is another workplace drama where the heroine is great at what she does but doesn’t get the opportunity to showcase that and is instead treated like crap most of the time. But what made me drop that drama was how extreme the bullying got and I felt like there was not enough good moments where she could rise up to the occasion and prove all the baddies wrong for the show to be satisfying. So it ended up being mostly frustrating and difficult to stomach since it was essentially episode after episode of things going horribly wrong and people piling the blame onto her.

What I like about Good Doctor is that despite all the baddies that are commonplace in most workplace dramas where oversized egos are the driving force behind most if not all of their actions, at the end of the day, I just really want to see Shi On succeed and make everyone go, “I was wrong about you.” We’re with him 24/7 so we see him for who he is, his motivation behind becoming a paediatrician and because of that, I want him to achieve his goal of becoming one.


Even though all the plotting in the drama can get exhausting because it’s just your typical plotting to take over the company stuff blah blah blah, it’s Shi On I’m watching for (I just want to shower him with all of my love u_u), and the heartwarming moments when they’re able to save a sick child and the intense, exciting moments when the patient’s on the brink of death and we don’t know if our team of surgeons will be able to pull through and save him/her. And one of the things that gut me the most about the drama is Shi On’s backstory with his older brother because every time they flashback to the childhood scenes, the acting is so spot-on and their relationship was so enviable and great, it really gives added insight to why Shi On’s so set on wanting to save sick children and gift them with the opportunity to experience a good life and grow into adults — something his older brother never had.

I love Hong Sisters and even though Big was disappointing, there were still good parts that made it enjoyable so I was looking forward to Master’s Sun. I was excited to see Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub paired together because they physically look great together and Gong Hyo Jin seems to be the type to have a natural chemistry with all her male co-stars, and mostly, I was just plain excited to see So Ji Sub doing something more comedy-like since his roles are so serious all the time.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the drama but the verdict is: I love it! It’s right up my alley with a sizzling OTP and likeable lead characters. It’s breezy and fun and even though I understand the comparisons to Dating Agency Cyrano, I personally much prefer it because all! the! skinship! I like dramas with romance shoved to the forefront, but I think it manages what Cyrano failed to achieve, which is to make me feel invested in the characters and the development of their relationships. Like I’m really eager to find out just what Kang Woo‘s deal is (whereas I could actually care less about Master and his shiftiness and his whole gangster connection) and I feel like I’ve been talking about this since I watched the first episode but when on earth did Seo In Guk get so handsome??????? It’s the damn swimming movie istg but whatever it is, he is so fiiiiiiine and I completely understand why Gong Shil swoons each time he’s within sight.

CAN U NOT???????

At four episodes in, I’m not yet tired of the whole one ghost story per ep thing (even though sometimes they can freak me out by popping out randomly), because there’s enough progress on the relationship front between our four mains that I’m kept engaged (and when Kang Woo straight up told our top star Yi Ryeong that she’s not pretty I just–). And really, I just love our OTP OK????? I love them together, I love their banter and their dynamics and just omG please get together already, thanks. Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub have so much chemistry together, I could watch entire episodes of just them interacting.


Gong Hyo Jin is one of those lovely low-key actresses that’s so naturally likeable and endearing, I just can’t imagine anyone who’d not like her in Master’s Sun. When she’s being pouty and cute, I don’t find it to be grating or put on, which says a whole lot since my tolerance for that sort of stuff isn’t exactly the highest. I think there was this one scene I was watching and for a moment, I imagined what it’d be like if someone like Park Shin Hye was playing Gong Shil instead and I internally cringed, because just no. So Ji Sub’s character, on the other hand, isn’t all that different from Cha Seung Won‘s in Best Love, in that they’re both assy and full of themselves but it’s a character type I’m kinda okay with, because you just know once he falls in love, he’ll fall so hard, it’ll be laughable. And hey, it’ll make for more cute OTP moments so all’s good in my book!

My only gripe is that the basic premise is very very similar to the spooky rom-com movie Chilling Romance with Sohn Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki, about a girl who can see ghosts after getting into an accident, and they often keep harrassing her until she does what they request of her. Because of that, she’s not had a proper day’s rest and has altered her lifestyle completely and became a shut-in. But overlooking that, I love love love the excuses for skinship in Master’s Sun — like, how great is it that when she touches Joong Won, the ghosts instantly poof and disappear? And I also like the introduction of their contract of sorts, where she’ll use her “gift” (using this term very loosely here) to find out about the money he’s lost 15 years ago, and in return, she gets to touch his body for solace (her gleeful exclamation of “Then I can touch you and everything?” was adorable). It’s so great.



“I’m busy, very very busy!”

Today’s post title, courtesy of Hyuk because this never fails to have me doubled over in laughter. I’m a weekend away from the official start of school, and I feel like I have to savour every single moment I have left because it’s just so precious. I’m not ready to once again be bombarded with the stresses of school life and endless deadlines /deep sigh/

1. Thankfully, I managed to spend the past few days indulging, indulging, indulging — starting with finally meeting up with people I haven’t seen in far too long, in order to catch Fall Out Boy‘s gig here at Fort Canning on Tuesday. It’s the third time I’ve seen them live and I really do have so much love for these boys and the perfect music they make. ‘The Phoenix’, ‘Alone Together’ and ‘What A Catch, Donnie’ were probably my favourites of the night. It wasn’t the greatest concert I’ve been to because the setlist wasn’t the best (‘I’m Like A Lawyer…’ should have been on there!!!!!) and the members were all really quiet onstage, but! Patrick Stump‘s voice is just a wonder to behold. It’s Saturday already and I still have Fall Out Boy on repeat, and I’d catch them again in a heartbeat if they were to come here for the fourth time.

2. This was immediately followed by B.A.P‘s second visit to Singapore. I feel like it was a lot more exciting when they came last year, for some reason, but I’m still glad I got to see them. I went for the press con under media as part of Dinoseoul, so at least I didn’t have to queue at an ungodly hour just for a good glimpse of the boys. My view in the end wasn’t great anyway, because it was such a huge public place and we were relegated to the last two rows of the media seats *single tear* When the boys came out though, all the media rushed to the front in order to snap better pictures and I did the same. We were all crammed at the front and I had to take pictures in between peoples’ tripod stands. Considering that, I’m glad my pictures turned out okay since I could barely see or hear anything they said due to how chaotic it all kinda was. To sum up, the boys were really polite, quiet and a little tired.

2.5. Dinoseoul can be found on Flickr now! We’ll be using it mainly to upload HQ pictures that we take at press conferences and events since FB always reduces them until they look like crap no matter how pretty they originally look. At the moment, HQ pictures from B.A.P’s press con as well as from Live on Earth Singapore can be found here. I’ll just share a few of my favourite shots that I took at the press con, just because. I took mostly pictures of Himchan because I had a pretty decent view of him and also because ~~*~bias~*~~ but I did snap a few of the others too (barely any Youngjae though, sadly). And I know the pictures aren’t ~koala tea~ since they’re nothing compared to what some of the other sites and especially the ones some of the fansites have taken, but well, I don’t claim to be some sort of professional anyway. I’m just thankful the lighting at City Square Mall was good and that I didn’t end up with a whole bunch of blurry pictures.





3. B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore was the day after and I was a jittery mess on my way to the Star Theatre because I was so excited at the thought of finally being able to watch them perform live. I mean, I’ve seen fancams (A SHIT TON OF THEM, TO BE EXACT) and they only served to amp up my anticipation……which might also be the main reason why I ended up being slightly disappointed. I’d already seen every single performance that they’d put up that night so I wasn’t surprised in the least, so I thought maybe hearing/watching ‘Badman’ for the first time would make up for that and make the experience a little more special, but… we didn’t even get that. So yes, they were great live, but I wasn’t blown away and I just wish they’d changed things up a bit — for the special stages, at the very least.

I guess I’m just a little bitter because I know their Wanted concert in Seoul is going to be entirely different, particularly with the inclusion of all the new tracks and also because I know they really want to show Korea how much they’ve grown since the first Seoul stop at the start of Live on Earth back in February. I feel a little slighted, but… I’ll get over it. I’ll say one more thing though: Jongup is a complete cutie pie. I don’t know how many times I was giggling and grinning from my seat because he was being so cute I just- and I’m so happy I chose the right area to sit at because I had a great view of Himchan throughout the concert and HimDae!!! IN!!! MATCHING!!! WIFEBEATERS!!!!! /backflips off every available wall/

I’ll definitely go into more detail about the concert when I finally get started on the review for Dinoseoul. In the meantime, here’s a preview picture of Himchan taken by sexyvocal.tumblr.com since the original HQ one isn’t uploaded yet. This might be one of my favourite pictures of Channie, possibly ever. I break into a huge smile everytime I look at it–he just looks so happy and you can see his precious eye dimple in all its glory. (✿◠‿◠)


And finally, it was so nice meeting Vanessa for the first time (hehe and Marie too)!!! /squishes you both/ K-pop fandom can really suck sometimes, but sometimes it can bring people closer together and allow you to meet some really wonderful people too. Thanks to the two and of course Michelle as well for being such great company that day. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

4. Today was a failed attempt at being productive since I spent the bulk of it sleeping, struggling to clean my room and only managing to neaten up a very very small part of it, followed by a 1-hour dance class with Cheryl (I hope you’re enjoying your dance classes so far!!!) and finally ending the night by making fudge brownies. Since my cooking skills are mediocre at best, I had to rely on a Betty Crocker ready mix that my mum bought, but since the brownies didn’t burn (….much) and they taste awesome, I’d still call my late night baking attempt a success. A+++++++ for effort. /dusts imaginary dirt off shoulder/

5. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving my Dinoseoul shoes behind and stepping into my (very very dusty) Teenage-sized ones and okay, I have no idea where I’m going with this analogy… Basically, I’ll be freelancing for an article on SKarf so I’ll be heading to Korea Plaza in the afternoon for the girls’ press conference, followed by a one-on-one interview, which I’m strangely nervous about. I’ve never interviewed a K-pop group before! I hope it goes swimmingly and I leave with the information I need to craft a good piece. Wish me luck! xx


My fandom life has been completely consumed by VIXX and honestly, I have no regrets. They’re a bunch of dorks who work really hard and put out great music, and are constantly setting their sights high, improving themselves with each release. I love them to bits. This post will be pretty much me gushing about them (yeah because the title didn’t make that obvious enough…) so you’re welcome to just scroll on past :-)

Today (or rather, yesterday) was the release of ‘G.R.8.U’, though I much prefer the Korean title 대.다.나.다.너 because it just sounds nicer, and the song and MV’s everything I ever wanted????? I can’t wait to see the full choreo during the live stages because I love the bits we did see in the MV! All three new songs are also so easy on the ears and just totally up my alley.

I love the whole Jekyll concept and how the rewinding is used to signify their return to being the good guys. It’s perfect and well thought out even though I don’t think Jellyfish even intended to put out a repackage in the first place. But well, I’m not complaining. /throws all my money at them/ Besides pre-ordering my copy of ‘Jekyll’ (and praying it comes with a Ken insert), I also bought the August issue of 10asia+star for obvious reasons, because how often do we get to see the boys actually gracing the freaking cover? It arrived in the mail today and it’s glorious. The magazine’s a really nice quality with a matte cover and thick glossy pages.

RIGHT??? AND LMAO BECAUSE I MADE A LOGO THINGY. I figured why not, and um it may or may not also somewhat resemble the logo for a fansite of a certain EXO member… but for the sake of my dignity, we’ll just pretend I’m totally original, okay? Anyway, the point is, HOW GORGEOUS IS THE PHOTOSHOOT? And that’s just 6 pages out of the entire 24-page spread of the boys. You can order a copy here like I did.

On a couple of non-VIXX-related notes:

  • I’ve listened to f(x)‘s ‘Pink Tape’ in its entirety and there’s honestly not a single song on there I don’t like. I pretty much never get into girl groups, so this was definitely a surprise. But the ears like what the ears like. I have a couple of favourites on there already, but as usual, that’ll probably change after a few more listens.
  • I’m really liking EXO‘s ‘Growl’ and its awesome choreo. I’m not on the level of spazzing over it, but I do really like it.
  • This week’s the last week for I Hear Your Voice and I don’t want to say goodbye to Soo Ha and Lee Jongsuk‘s excessively perfect face but it also means we’re nearing the premiere of Master’s Sun so yay! I didn’t want to spoil myself by watching the 12-minute long preview trailer but! I hope it’s as good as I want it to be. Come on, Hong Sisters, make up for your Big mistake, yeah?
  • B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH IN OFFICIALLY A WEEK!!!!!!! I’m so stoked. /aggressively prays for the boys to walk past my aisle/