Of Monstars and Men

I just finished watching Episode 10 of Monstar and I think it might be my favourite yet. I laughed, I cried, I giggled, I squealed… I just love this show to death. I love that the episode finally shone a spotlight on Eun Ha‘s problems and her tantrum about Se Yi taking away Seol Chan from her was one that I felt was completely understandable. Do Nam and Kyu Dong‘s friendship takes a turn for the better too and the soccer scene was the cutest thing.

Although I’m wholeheartedly onboard the Se Yi-Seol Chan ship, I get that there are people who are second-lead shipping, and I don’t blame them because Kang Ha Neul is so gorgeous *__* I think Ha Yeon Soo and Kang Ha Neul look super cute and compatible together, so I actually won’t be surprised if in a couple of months, they came out and said they were dating (one can hope!).

They recently did a set of Denmark Milk CFs and even share a smooch (or two!) in them. It’s all really cute and this is probably more expression I’ve seen on her face than all of the Monstar episodes put together.


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