How to love

I just got back from CJ‘s Dansu Dansu showcase and it was a fun night, which I may (……probably not lol) blog about in the near future when the pics from everyone’s phones and cameras are slowly released on Facebook and everywhere else. Meanwhile, here’s a song that I’m completely smitten with:

Words can’t explain how much I love this song. It’s so pretty from start to finish and I’m not really enough of a fan to properly tell their voices apart (besides Junhyung since I’ve watched enough Monstar episodes to kinda know) but they all sound so good!!! I’ve given the rest of the album a cursory listen and it’s actually really good too though I definitely need a couple more spins to really fall in love with it. Great comeback, nonetheless.

B.A.P also released ‘Hurricane’ earlier in the week and I wasn’t all that impressed with the MV, but the song’s my new jam. It’s really different from anything they’ve put out before, and it’s totally something I can imagine playing at all the clubs but still, it’s completely impossible to not get into it. And can we talk about how they manage to squeeze in the whistling to every song ever and it still doesn’t sound out of place? My favourite part in the song’s Zelo‘s rap and the dance break where he raps again. And now I’m just picturing his giant head of curls and smiling to myself. Cute maknae is cute. But I’ll go into more detail about everything when I get round to doing my review for Dinoseoul…..which is hopefully soon. *fingers crossed*


One thought on “How to love

  1. The BEAST album is pretty good! Also haha even as a seasoned BEAST fan I can’t really tell them apart on the first listen of How To Love. Yoseob has like 60% of the song? Dongwoon’s voice is pretty as usual tho :D

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