For the Quinn

Here’s the song of the day, which has somehow and inevitably been attached forever to this year’s WKWSCIFOC’13, thanks to some of the Thai wannabe-popstars in our cohort.

After slightly more than half a year, WKWSCIFOC’13: Circus Obscura has come to an eventful close. I’ve reiterated a bunch of times about how much I regretted my decision to join the Main Committee simply for the fact that it took up a little more time than I was willing to give but now that it’s officially over, I do look back fondly on the friendships I’ve forged over these past few months as well as strongly believe that I’ve come out stronger for having overcome this in one piece. While I would never choose to do anything like this ever again, this experience did teach me a lesson or two and also allowed me to come to a few self-realisations of my own.

I’m in no way a peoples’ person or some social butterfly, I’m fully aware of that. I’m selective when it comes to the people I choose to spend my time with and most of the time, I’d pick solitude over being surrounded by meaningless and awkward conversations that never amount to anything. I’ve also learnt that I have such a poor perception of myself and going through camp and bearing that sense of responsibility as someone older and more senior really made me realise that maybe I’m not as bad a person as I think. I genuinely enjoyed caring for the freshies, making sure they blocked up and drank up, and making sure they had someone to talk to during meal times and that no one was lagging behind or left alone.



Joining the Main Committee was me going out on a limb and making the extra effort to try and make my Wee Kim Wee experience a little more enriching, and I did like the challenge and the Quinn freshies turned out to be such a cute bunch. Coming from Cherokee last year where we dominated and pretty much won everything, it took a bit for me to adjust to the Quinn attitude, but after I did, I really appreciated how chill they were – even when they came in last for almost everything LOL. The flash mob was so much fun and one of my favourite camp moments was during the last leg of Amazing Race and both Houdini and Quinn were fighting for third and last place and when we finally saw them coming in from the distance, both OGs were walking hand in hand towards the finish line. It was the cutest thing!!!!!

When it was time to finally break camp, even our dear chair Junfeng got all choked up delivering his final speech. D’awwwww. I can understand how he feels though – his last eight months were entirely dedicated to FOC and to see his hard work finally pay off and realising that it’s all over in the matter of five days must be a little emotional. Everyone knows I have a heart of ice and even I was touched when our Quinn freshies suddenly enveloped all the seniors in a surprise group hug. It was so sweet.



And yesterday was Reverb 2013, which is usually a chance for all the OGs to have their first post-camp outing, and for some reason, Caster and I thought it would be a good idea to go, except Caster came an hour later than I did because he was “nua-ing at home”. That boy, I swear… The performances were pretty good though and just goes to show the amount of talent our school is made of. During dinner, the freshies surprised us once again by whipping out paper bag gifts for each and every one of us seniors. I JUST- WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE AND SWEET?!?! Everyone’s came with a bag of sweets and a random toy. Mine was a super cute bow and arrow, which… okay, I don’t really know what to do with, but still, how cute are they??? And seeing the freshies really bond and have fun together, I just can’t help but feel happy for them, like I’m some proud mother watching my chicks fly for the first time. Or something. Good for them. :’)

Now that everything we’ve worked hard for is finally over, I’m feeling nothing other than a strong sense of relief. I didn’t walk away empty-handed of course, but really, thank god it’s over. My literal last words that were tossed out to some of the other seniors as I left camp were a half-joking, “Okay, let’s go back to ignoring one another,” which I guess speaks a lot about my cynicism and general outlook on life. Oh well.

(Picture credits: Cheryl Lee and Yeo Kai Wen via Facebook)


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