This is why I’m broke

I haven’t been very inspired to do writing in any way, shape or form, but now that hell week is over, I’ve finally got the time to sit down and just breathe. While I’ve been too busy to write, sad to say, I evidently haven’t been too busy to buy things…..and this will explain why I’m perpetually broke. I haven’t used my DSLR since I went for NU’EST two weeks ago (oh GOD I still have to finish the article now that I no longer have camp stuff weighing heavily on my mind) so I took it out for a spin and snapped some pictures of the things I’ve bought over the course of a few weeks. All this just confirms the fact that someone needs to freeze my ATM card in a block of ice ASAP – Shopaholic-style…except that won’t help because of the wonders of Paypal and iBanking (╥_╥)

Unsurprisingly, every single purchase is used to feed my fandom needs, so I believe no further explanation is necessary. The thing with VIXX merchandise is that they’re such a rare commodity that just by owning all the albums, and now both the slogan and the Dream Concert lightstick, I pretty much have 90% of their existing official goods. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, especially the slogan, but trust me when I say it’s reeeeeallly pretty and glittery. The combination of blue and gold is just to-die-for.

I also got a phone case from Etsy and I love it so much!!! The price is a little exorbitant but the quality is great and it’s just so pretty. Plus I’m still waiting for my issue of CeCi to arrive and I really should stop getting these magazines because they always end up just collecting dust somewhere but they’re so hard to resist :(



My ‘XOXO’ albums also came awhile ago and it’s a really gorgeous set of albums. The quality itself is pretty crap if I’m being honest – kinda similar to ‘MAMA’, since they’re both flimsy and will probably stain/tear easily but I really like the art direction with the whole high school/yearbook thing. It lends a personal touch to them and they just look really really cute! I love that the photocards look like ID cards too but the posters are kinda huge and besides the candid one, they’re not really worth paying extra for. I do strongly recommend getting both albums though!

Another album I bought recently was Bangtan‘s ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’ and it’s such a solid album both musically and physically. I love the lyrics to ‘We are Bulletproof Pt. 2’ so much and I’m really gunning for them to win the rookie award this year. They’re all so young and just oozing with talent. I was hoping my copy would come with a polaroid but considering my luck with these things, I can’t say I was really surprised that it didn’t. I’m still super happy with the album and it did come with a cute postcard! AND JUST LOOK AT SUGA‘S FACE ASDFLKJAKLJ

Finally, my biggest ticket item would be B.A.P LOE tickets which I queued up over 12 hours for and still can’t decide whether it was worth queuing for considering the seat I ended up getting. I met a couple of people in line – one of whom was a hardcore Starlight!!!!!( ´∀`)☆ – and they’re all really nice people so it did made the long wait a little less excruciating.

I still have a major bone to pick with Fast Track Events because would it be so hard to set a limit on the number of tickets each person can buy???? It’s annoying as hell because you have people at the front of the line buying close to 50 tickets at one time and it just sucks for the rest of us who queue overnight and still walk away with kinda shitty seats. I mean, I still managed an okay seat considering that, but if every person could buy a max of 2 or 3 tickets, then the seats we’d get would probably be dead center and really close to the stage so it’s frustrating. I mean, I was number 199 in line and yet, I’m 16 rows from the stage and all the way at the side…….ヽ( `0´)ノ I barely made it into Cat 1 and had to buy a single seat since that was all that was left when I should have been able to easily get a good seat and still be sitting with my friends. UGH not cool at all.

Furthermore, the first 200 in line got little slips of paper with our number on them so that we could claim our posters YET STILL WE DIDN’T GET THEM. Like seriously?! I don’t know if SISTIC or whoever gave out the posters either gave them to whoever wanted them or if they gave them out per ticket, I just know that by the 120+ person, the posters had run out. I mean, it’s not that I even really want the poster, it’s just the principle of it. Like why even give out numbers in the first place if you’re just gonna give out the posters however way you want to? Just…whatever. It’s over and I’ve got my ticket and I’m sure the concert experience will be worth it because I’ve been waiting forever to see these guys and hear all the LOE stages live and not just from fancams so I shall… look on the bright sideヽ(´ー`)┌


9 thoughts on “This is why I’m broke

  1. I WAS QUEUEING TOO i saw many people getting more than 1 poster? Pretty upsetting. What’s your seat number! :) I’m at AR 5-6. Too bad I didn’t see you there! I met so many people when queueing though. Made me feel like a big sister because the oldest of the group I was queuing in was 5 years my junior. Feeling like an old kpop band leader cause I’m an 89liner LOL.

    And yes Fast Track Events. I heard from another fan that her friend has personal connections with the company and got special e-passes that exempted them from queueing altogether. I can’t even. T_T

    Also omg where is that lightstick from it’s so pretty and glittery let me die I need it in my life T_T Yes, this is why we’re all broke. It’s like I work to feed my kpop shopping.

    1. I’m at CP19 so basically at the aisle all the way to the side haha *praying the boys walk past me during the encore* HAHA the people I met were all around my age so it wasn’t so bad! But ugh this is the first time i queued overnight for anything and it was so exchausting i was knocked out for like the whole of Sunday :/

      And we should totally arrange to queue for merch or something together haha since we seem to have so much in common – I didn’t know you liked B.A.P too \(^_^)/

      and I got the lightstick from sgkwave’s forum!!! It really is sooooo pretty and I hope I get to use it when they do come……..someday *slow single tear* The lightstick was created only for their Dream Concert perf though so hopefully an official one is released in the future. And one more thing: HYUK IS BLONDE AGAIN!!!!1 So….comeback maybe? He may not be blonde for the comeback though so it’s probably in that in-between stage before they dye it some outrageously bright colour (◡‿◡✿)

      1. YES I SAW BLONDE HYUK I was like why are old photos resurfacing. The hair color does alot for him though, kid looks a kid again. Hyuk let me hug you. I’ve also been drowned in a recent explosion of ken love recently – it just happened and I have no explanation but ugh FEELS. I love them all really. VIXX is like the first group I’ve been so in love with, if they come i’ll queue overnight every night (or not). If this is a sign for a comeback I’m gonna explode. They need to be on like Weekly Idol like immediately!

        AH, we’re on like ..different sides entirely but the same predicament – far back and shoved to the side, haha. Glad you met people your age when you were queuing! People my age are rare, lol. I felt like I was an some old person that day. To illustrate it was an 89liner queuing with ..the equivalent of BTS. The age difference, omg. I slept for the rest of Sunday too! Just knocked out entirely.

        YES I WANNA QUEUE FOR MERCH. What time do you think would be smart. >_<

        And then Infinite in October. I hope it's not the first four days of October, I'm still in Korea then! D:

      2. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT VIXX like the first group i ever really loved was block b and then i moved on to b.a.p but my love wasn’t this…..overflowing haha like hyde’s the first time i’ve ever watched pretty much every single live stage.

        Like EXO has so many variety shows now and i'm just not in the mood to catch up on them all because i just wanna drown in my vixx feels ORZ. I've been rewatching VIXX TV lately T__T And agreed about Weekly Idol! AND YAY FOR KEN LOVE I've never had an ultimate bias because it's always just been multiple biases but my love for Ken is just……. /cries/

        LMAO about the BTS comparison but I get what you mean!!! I”m a 92liner and I already feel ancient so I can imagine how you feel really >.< Yes to merch! But I'm not sure what I wanna get yet though. The hoodie's pretty but soooo expensive T__T i'm sure it'll be at least $100+ sobs um it really depends on when the merch sales starts! so i guess about 2-3 hours before that? I don't wanna go into the concert stinking of sweat either :/

        Haha it looks like we like all the same groups really!! I'll def go for INFINITE but I probably won't queue overnight for them so I'll try my luck with internet sales! I hope it's mid Oct for your sake! *fingers crossed* I'm sure you won't be that unlucky since it's just 4 days out of the entire month!

  2. OVERFLOWING IS THE CORRECT WORD. I just can’t control my feels when it comes down to VIXX. HAHA yes I watched like all the hyde stages the last time I was possibly so crazy was Beast’s Fiction. And maybe Infinite’s The Chaser. I’m dying really this month is chockful of comebacks BEAST/Infinite/BAP/EXO/VIXX enough to just die.

    Haha sometimes I go onto youtube with a goal to watch something then I just get distracted watching VIXX videos. Even those that I’ve watched alot. I’m rewatching Plan V it’s so friggin hilarious especially the last episode I keep laughing omg. They really need to be on Weekly Idol. Though they probably won’t be as epic as EXO – I haven’t got down to watching it but I heard they got called back because they got the highest ratings ever. BUT YES I WANNA SEE VIXX ON WEEKLY IDOL. Partly bc I wanna see how Leo’s going to take the whole thing. Maybe he’ll attack the Pig MCs. :D

    Ah, an ultimate bias I HAZ ONE. Infinite’s Sunggyu! I don’t know why either, maybe I really like hamsters. Like Henry. And JB looks like a hamster too, just that I’m neutral toward him.

    My Jaehwan love is just exploding omg I can’t believe I shoved him to the bottom of my VIXX ranking when I first got into them. And now even though I think Leo’s my favourite everyone else just keeps being flawless perfect adorable that I’ve given up on keeping track.

    I feel awfully ancient. I was okay with the 92liners but then EVERYONE KEEPS GETTING YOUNGER. Even the fans. I’ve met people who can call BTS’ maknae “oppa” and I’m all You. Are. Kidding. Me. You’re like, A FOETUS.

    Ah, keep in touch then! I haven’t checked the merch sales, I usually leave that to my younger friend (she’s your age!) LOL. Too old to catch up with these things. I just do the money counting and queueing and buying of tickets.

    I will queue for Infinite! (PLEASE LET TICKET SALES BE FIRST HALF OF SEPTEMBER GOD T_T) If you want I could queue for you if the quota permits :)

    1. YES ALL THE RELEASES THIS WEEK T__T Destiny’s super catchy but I haven’t really listened to the rest of the album and BEAST’s album’s good too! And EXO repackaged is coming out in a couple of days I think HOW TO SURVIVE LIKE THIS

      I finally watched the weekly idol ep with EXO! It’s pretty funny and it just made me love Lay more *__* Chanyeol’s still his normal attention-seeking self tho :/

      I prefer to rewatch MTV Diary eps bc they’re shorter and I love that it’s just them going around with a camera (and also because most of them are filmed during Rock Ur Body era aka my fav era 5ever!!!11) i like the 4th ep of Plan V best because vixx!!! with!!! pigs!!!

      aw Sunggyu~ Sungyeol’s my fave in INFINITE haha idk why I always end up liking the noisiest members like how Himchan’s my B.A.P fave too (◡‿◡✿) I don’t really have an ult though I’ve always said it’s Jaehyo but i’m becoming convinced that it’s Ken T__T I just love every single one of VIXX ((i do have a somewhat fixed list of my fave members lol it’s ken>leo/ravi>n>hongbin/hyuk ok that makes me sound like a terrible fan sigh)) Hyuk was my fave during mydol era tho bc he was super adorable and i felt so protective over him when everyone was questioning how he even ended up in the group :((((( apparently he only trained for a total of 3 months before debut :O

      that’s the reality of k-pop though they’re all getting younger and younger while here we are getting older and older /wails/ like how seventeen’s maknae is freaking born in 2002?! Just no.

      Haha yes yes we should def keep in touch! Maybe Twitter will be easier or something! Then you can DM me your number if needed :) so it’s easier to co-ordinate! Don’t think any details are released yet about merch sales though. I can’t believe the concert’s in like 3 weeks – it feels so soon! Idk if we’ll get to hear Coffee Shop or Hurricane though T__T the third song’s only coming out the day after LOE SG and if I’m not wrong they’re only performing all 3 for the first time at their Seoul concert… Sucks :(

      And omg that’s super nice of you regarding INFINITE! That’ll be awesome if you could but I feel bad too haha it really depends on the seating plan and everything I guess! I haven’t decided if I’d want to go to the pit for them :/ the only time I was freestanding was for CNBLUE and I queued for 12 hours to go in so I may not want to go through that again but we’ll see~ lol if ticket sales are on when you’re overseas i don’t mind getting for you too if I do decide to queue for tix :) i don’t really know how the whole queuing thing works, like do people usually queue to buy the freestanding tix too or is it usually for those who want seated tix?

      1. The album’s more or less been on repeat since I got it. I just really like the songs and there’re only 4 anyway haha mini albums always leave me wanting more. BEAST is good I just got it (akak downloaded it while waiting for my physical album to make it’s trip from Korea lol). I heard the EXO repackage was a hoax and everyone is calling SM a troll.

        ..Well no troll beats Jellyfish Ent they’re genius trolls. I trust you’ve heard the teaser for You’re Impressive? HAHA. So good, the trolling. I can’t wait for the repackaged Jekyll ;__; Even though it means a bigger hole in my wallet, sigh. REALLY HOW TO SURVIVE LIKE THIS my finances have been torn apart by kpop.

        Lay is so adorable I cannot even T_T My friend was telling me about it and she was like “Lay was so cute in Weekly Idol!” and I was like “of course” and she went “Oh yeah, I forgot to you he’s cute whenever”. Ah, I see a lot of fans starting to dislike Chanyeol a lot recently :( HE USED TO BE SO CUTE AND FLUFFY DURING MAMA WHAT HAPPENED T_T

        MTV Diary is so cute. Their “WASSUP DIARY”, hehe. I love how almost 60% (or more) of Diary eps are pretty much just of them eating and eating and eating. Heck they even had an ep dedicated to them eating. Leo was the star in that one, lol. SPEAKING OF ROCK UR BODY I HOPE THE NEW ERA IS AS FLUFFY :D I think my favourite diary would be the one where they have a ‘family meeting’ just so they could discuss who farted during the performance. I can’t even. And LOL THE PIGS. AND LEO. LEO AND PIGS OR ANY ANIMAL IS LIKE A DIFFERENT PERSON ALTOGETHER. And he spoke so loudly, too. Ep 5 was funny cause of Ken, mostly. Him making Hongbin laugh til he nearly died was super hilarious.

        HAHA NOISIEST MEMBERS. YOU LIKE KEN TOO RIGHT. I swear when it comes to VIXX, I always can’t hear shit because everyone is talking at the same time. Like seriously haha. Especially in the car in Plan V. Horrid. HAHA. Sunggyu’s my ultimate bias I guess seeing as he hasn’t been shoved aside even with VIXX coming back. Sungyeol was my first favourite! He was so handsome in CBA. Haha I do have somewhat of a fixed list for VIXX, of which Leo sits atop of. But it’s so hard to even try to rank the rest after LOL.
        And aww Hyukkie. He trained for 3 mnths? Pretty impressive I guess. And he did get into the group on national TV so I guess that did add some credibility. HE WAS SO ADORBS AND TINY DURING MYDOL. I wanted to take him home and feed him ;__;

        Sooner or later (or well, about now) I’m going to have to stop getting into new bands. I though VIXX was the last. But ugh BTS. And V. Damnit.

        Ah! my twitter is @collateral! OH WE WONT GET TO SEE COFFEE SHOP/HURRICANE nooooooo. Lol was looking forward to Dae screaming WE HURRICANEEEEE. Damn.

        Haha I’m too old for these things so I’m gonna be all YOLO and queue for the standing tix if there are. I had free standing for BEAST. It was goood. Except the pen we were in somehow didn’t seem to appeal to them and they kept going to the other pen. Sadness. :( Hmm. I don’t know how fast tix will go for Infinite. For BEAST we got it online from SISTIC. We just had to crazy queue on the day itself. I hope it’s that way! Then I won’t feel so bad making someone queue for me if I’m in Korea then >_<

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