Midnight fangirling

I should really be working on my LC9/Bangtan article for Dinoseoul, but I’m so distracted because (1) B.A.P is finally coming back with not one, not two, but THREE title tracks!!!!! IS THIS REAL LIFE OR IS THIS JUST FANTASY and (2) VIXX performed ‘Light Up the Darkness’ live at their Lotte World event earlier today and oh god, I can’t believe this song has actual choreo and it is glorious asdasldkjfldk there are barely any fancams but I did find two good ones:

Ravi and N are the two best dancers in VIXX without a doubt (probably followed by Hyuk) so I’m not surprised at all that he rocked this choreo. There’s a huge disparity in the way they move compared with the rest and it’s especially apparent during the freestyle parts where they just move to the music and I’m not just making presumptions here because there is a fancam of Hongbin just awkwardly bobbing to the song during Ken‘s lines (here).

I just die a little each time the “work ya body” part comes on because just- the way Ravi moves, it’s like he’s really feeling the music and not gonna lie, it’s kinda hypnotising. He’s so comfortable with his body and he moves so effortlessly, I’m a little envious. Hongbin could learn a thing or two from his BFF…

Leo took out his extensions and he got a haircut and just… F E E L S. This is the best he’s looked since ‘hyde’ promotions started and I really love how he turns into a completely different person on stage, it’s so nice to watch. I like that even though he’s not technically amazing at dancing, he still puts in a ton of effort into the performance itself and there’s so much attitude and confidence to it. My bias, on the other hand…….. it’s a Leo-focused fancam but I crack up each time Ken gets into the frame because BB DID YOU EVEN TRY he’s just flicking his shoulder back each time, I swear to god. The only redeeming factor is how much I love his voice in this song because it’s the first time I’ve heard him go really really low and it just sounds so good.

Ending this short post with their Simply Kpop selcas because um, gorgeous.



(Picture credits: Simply Kpop twitter)


2 thoughts on “Midnight fangirling

  1. In all your posts, spamming up your comments, lol.


    also yes to Ravi and N’s dancing being on an entirely different level. and LOL HONGBIN. Apparently the cheoreo for the song was arranged by Hakyeon. I’m thoroughly impressed ✿♥‿♥✿

    My friend says there’s something wrong with Leo’s voice and that he’s having problems with his throat though T_T And that he didn’t sing on Simply K-pop. Aww kiddos please get some rest!

    1. LOL HONGBIN IS SO AWKZ IT’S SO CUTE hahaha hongbin is me when I try and dance basically. even Ken was more natural which is surprising because I always assumed Ken was the black hole when it came to dancing lmao.

      AND WOW N :O But I can’t say I’m surprised! I mean, even in Super Hero it was his suggestion to do the X hand motions at “V-I-X-X”. But seriously, I love how chill this choreo is! Though um it def works to Hongbin’s disadvantage LOL

      AND OH NO I watched the perf though but I guess I was too distracted by his button popping open in the middle of the perf XD

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