Gimme some suga

Something pretty to welcome everyone to this post! This will just be a short update while I make a playlist for my run tomorrow. I’ve done a ton of 10K runs since my first one when I was in P6 but I still dread each and every one of them. People who know me will know that I’m not exactly… the sportiest person but I happen to be born into a family who finds joy in running and gymming and all that terrible stuff, and somehow, I get dragged into it all the time so this is my fate I guess.

EXO won again today at Music Core and I’m really happy for them! I’ve been live streaming the music shows this week though I don’t really know why since all I watch are the performances for ‘hyde’, ‘Wolf’, ‘Trap’ and ‘We Are Bulletproof PT.2’/’No More Dream’ and then I put the stream on mute the rest of the time. I’m still in the process of getting to know the Bangtan Boys and even though I don’t have a favourite yet, Jungkook seems to be the most popular but I’m not surprised since he is adorable and ridiculously talented. Jimin is an entirely different person on stage (but in a good way), Jin is so awkz but pretty and SUGA is seriously the cutest. I love how talkative he is and how his eyes curve into half moons when he smiles *__*

HE IS SO KEWWWTTT I AM SO MAD >:( And even though they’re full of attitude on stage, off-stage, they’re so full of aegyo it’s kind of criminal. Here are some of my fave selcas from the group… As you can see, there are a lot because these boys evidently love taking pictures of themselves and uploading them on Twitter for all to see, not that I’m complaining.










bts11 bts12Other things I got up to today: I finally met up with my fave cousin, Genevieve, again and even though we see each other once every few months, we always manage to be on the same wavelength no matter what – I just love her to bits. We spent our night wiling away at our younger cousin’s ninth birthday party which was a total snoozefest that was not helped at all by the sweltering heat. Seriously… what is up with the major heatwave these past few days????


Birthday girl making a wish~

Wish me luck for my run! My entire body is still aching from dance yesterday so I have no idea how I’m going to complete 10K in one piece. X.X


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