Crying. Wolf.

These past few days, I’ve been catching up on VIXX cuts of MTV Diary which aired for a bit last year from June-August if I’m not wrong? And it just further deepens my love for the six of them because they all have their individual quirks that you can’t help but fall for. But other than that, I’ve also been watching EXO‘s comeback stages for ‘Wolf’. And… I’m just glad they’re back for good since I thought I’d never see this day.

While I always claim to proudly support OT12, I have to first confess that I’m not a huge fan of the idea of all twelve members shuttling back and forth China and Korea together to promote. Can you just imagine how awkward those live China interviews would be with 3/4 of them not understanding the language? (I am looking forward to watching the Chinese versions of ‘Wolf’ performances though.) And it’s still a little unfair to me that even in the Chinese version of ‘Wolf’, the six members of EXO-M aren’t given enough spotlight, with the main vocalists of K still taking up a bulk of the substantial singing parts. So what’s the point of having the vocalists in M if you aren’t gonna let them sing in both the Korean or the Chinese version, instead reducing them to a couple of seconds of screentime at best? But the upside to this is that we’ll be seeing more of the M members since they’ll be active during all the Korean schedules as well as radio shows and interviews, etc. It’s really good to see the M members’ popularity going up in Korea, when previously, I’m sure the bulk of the EXO fans in Korea were simply K stans.

Thoughts on the comeback stages so far: I actually absolutely loooooved the outfits for yesterday’s Music Bank stage, and I’m always amazed that they have completely different stage outfits for every comeback stage. While yesterday’s was all boyish grey hoodies and caps, today’s Music Core stage saw them back in their MV outfits, which are… to be honest, a little abstract and excessive on the turtlenecks. But… Yixing in a headband!!!!! He just looked extra fab in today’s stage.

I thought I’d hate the song when I heard the demo leak eons ago and again in the highlight medley that SM released (it’s the weakest track by miles), I’ve actually grown to really like it and it’s definitely been stuck in my head for awhile. And can we just talk about how awesome the intro performance is??? It’s like something out of So You Think You Can Dance and I think the choreography overall just really works for such a big group like EXO, which I’m really impressed by since I thought the stages would end up looking too chaotic.

I also really dig the whole wolf concept… it doesn’t happen all that often but I always enjoy it when there’s a story-like concept to the song and the artistes have to embody a character for it because it’s just so much more engaging and fascinating that way. And because I can’t think of any other better examples, I’ll just mention VIXX’s stint as vampires in ‘On and On’ as well as the Jekyll and Hyde theme that’s in ‘hyde’ as examples.

As for ‘Wolf’, some of the members definitely get into character a little better than others, and in the comeback stages, I’m always a little drawn to Kyungsoo and Baekhyun, especially during their solo parts. My favourite part (and probably everyone else’s) is Xiumin‘s lines during the second group where they look like they’re doing spirit fingers and then they end it off with that shoulder shake. Another part I really like is when they split the tree of life into two and they each step into the space in the center for their few seconds of fame as the music dips, and also at the start where Chanyeol/Kris sticks out both arms and claw the ground. I love how dramatic and dynamic the whole performance is and there’s so many things to look out for throughout the five minutes, you never get bored at all.

I will say though that Kris seems to be totally not into it at all every single time, and I just hope he somehow finds it in himself to muster up some form of enthusiasm for the subsequent stages and schedules, because M really needs their duizhang back. Other than that, EXO are terrrrrriiiibbblle at lipsynching and I hope to god next week’s stages are live. Unfortunately, I’ll be missing the release of ‘XOXO’ on June 3 since I’ll be away at camp but I just know the album will be amazing, judging from the medley, and I already have my eye on a couple of tracks which will very likely end up being my faves. Other than that… SM, I demand the drama versions of the ‘Wolf’ MV now.


2 thoughts on “Crying. Wolf.

  1. Love this post – I agree with everything you said! What’s with Kris anyway, is there some reason that I don’t know about that’s making him act like he just wants the performance to be over asap?

    1. 10000 years late to seeing this lol but thank you u_u and idk this was one of the rumours about him leaving: which idk sounds like it couuuuld be ~true~ but there were also rumours about how he left for a bit to attend to like personal family business so /shrugs/ i guess as long as he’s here… and he does look like he’s getting into the groove of things again so IDK

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