A date with Dating Agency; Cyrano


First episode of Dating Agency; Cyrano was cute cute cute! I went in expecting to be sorta entertained since I wasn’t all that familiar with the two leads but I think it met all my expectations and even surpassed them a little. You can refer back to this post for a little rundown of what tvN’s latest drama offering is all about. At 45 minutes, it’s both fast-paced and engaging, with characters that are easy to like and root for.

Sooyoung‘s quite a natural for a rookie and I think she’ll only improve even more as the episodes go on. She doesn’t seem to be one of those self-conscious actresses who only cares about appearing pretty on camera but only time will tell. Plus, she has such chemistry with leading man, played by Lee Jong Hyuk. Okay, first of all, I don’t exactly have a taste for the ‘ahjussi’ type but this guy’s kind of really attractive despite not being your typical handsome or 꽃미남 sort. Perhaps it’s his cool, confident (and okay, manly…) character that gets to me but straight off the bat, you can tell that this drama’s gonna be way different from the movie it’s adapted from. I mean, I like Uhm Tae Woong but his character was kinda blah and I totally wasn’t feeling the love story in that version.


Here, I loooove Jong Hyuk’s dynamic with Sooyoung’s hopeless romantic character, Min Young; I just know we’re gonna get lots of cute moments. Already, there were so many cute scenes in the first episode – like the one where the client was explaining his story and Min Young’s cooing at how romantic it all is, and then you contrast it with Lee Jong Hyuk’s character, Byung Hoon and his stoic face throughout it all. It’s so amusing. And when the two went out undercover at the train station and he berates her for scurrying so quickly and then makes her walk in step with him. These moments don’t sound at all cute written down like this, but they are… I promise!

I like the leads so far and can’t wait to get to know Lee Chun Hee‘s second lead character (I don’t remember him being this handsome???) as well as the other two guys in the agency. If I’m not wrong, it’ll follow more closely to somewhat of an episodic format whereby the agency will work on case after case, which is quite refreshing and easy to keep up with. I only hope the show keeps up the light-hearted energy it has going for it right now, and doesn’t go all melo on us all midway. Watch the first episode here! And you can read Dramabeans‘ recap for Episode 1 here. Enjoy!



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