Mingling with the starz…kinda

I feel like there’s a ton of things I should blog about but I’ll just get last Thursday out of the way first since it was pretty eventful. Michelle and I attended the press conference for Music Matters Live 2013‘s K-POP Night Out as representatives for Dinoseoul, which saw me waking up at an ungodly hour since it was slated to begin at 10am. I was supposed to meet Michelle at 9am but because I suck and I’m never on time, I ended up having to fork over 20 bucks for a cab ride – and even so, I ended up reaching just ten minutes before 10. I am the worst, I know.

I didn’t really have any expectations since I wasn’t a fan of any particular act – I mean, I was pretty much trying to cram as much information about AOA and SPICA into my brain as possible during the cab ride without puking from motion sickness. I still failed though because aside from the leaders from the respective groups, I couldn’t tell any of the others apart.

But the press conference turned out to be pretty okay, thanks to SPICA and M.I.B for lightening up the atmosphere with their energy and jokes, as well as to a very very eloquent Lena Park who answered all the questions thrown at her with such humility and grace.

Here’s a highlights reel I’ve put together for the site:

I didn’t expect M.I.B to be… thaaat attractive, to be honest. Each time 5zic smiled, my cold, black heart melted a little. But because I’m dumb, even though I lugged along my tripod so that I could record the press conference, I ended up leaving my base plate somewhere at home (which I still can’t find, actually) so I had to hold up my DSLR to record some of the questions and interactions. And if you’ve watched the highlights reel above carefully, during SPICA’s part about their individual appeal, you can see the camera shaking terribly toward the end when Boa grabs the mic from Jiwon. I swear I was groaning internally when she did that because THE GIRL CAN REALLY TALK and my arms were already aching like crazy.

Michelle and I thought we’d call it a day for Dinoseoul, but found out that we were granted access to the closed area where Music Matters 2013 was held! We walked in with our passes and immediately spotted M.I.B giving autographs to a girl so we thought we’d try our luck. In the end, we managed to get pictures with them as well as with SPICA (who were sooo nice and friendly).

Michelle met Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi) the day before but I wanted a picture with the duo so we waited for their livestream to be done before we approached them. And oh my god, they are sooooo tall, Martina had to bend her back so much just to lean down next to me u__u We actually wanted a quick shout-out for the site, but Martina was rushing off to get a dress for the Social Star Awards that was happening that night, so it was a no-go. But we did bump into them again at the hotel lobby later that evening and chatted with them for a bit. I’ll probably never go near another Kpop Music Mondays video but I do really admire what they’ve accomplished with Eat Your Kimchi as well as the easy rapport they have with all their celebrity interviewees. They’re definitely living the lives I’d like to lead *single dramatic tear*

And then the rest of the day was spent waiting for Faber Drive/following them around a bit because Michelle’s a biiiiiig fan (understatement) and I really didn’t mind meeting them even though I didn’t know much about them. I have to say they’re super super nice and it’s kinda awkward chatting with them because WHAT DO U EVEN SAY but I think it’s so great that they make the effort to remember and get to know their fans and I think if I were Michelle, I’d be so proud of calling myself a Faber Drive fan. And I do have her to thank for the kind of interaction I got with the guys since they recognised her from all their Twitter exchanges (even if I did feel like a third wheel 3/4 of the time T__T). They played one song at Music Matters 2013 which was so lame because ONE SONG? But I guess it can’t be helped and they did do a good job and would also perform at MML anyway.

We took some pictures and they’ll never see the light of Facebook so I might as well dump them here in all their……..glory. Oh god, why did I think it was a good idea to do derp faces… /facepalms/

Me looking gorgeous in front of famous people, the usual~


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