Monstar at a glance

This will likely be pretty short since I have to sleep really soon and also because I’m planning to write up something a little more coherent and detailed over at Dinoseoul (crossing my fingers and toes I go through with it), but I just wanted to jot down some thoughts on Mnet’s first original drama Monstar since I literally just finished the first episode like 15 minutes ago.

Basically… I LOVE IT. Like I want to scream into the sky, that’s how much I love it. There’s not one thing about it, it’s… everything. So just to give a quick overview on the plot, it’s basically about a bunch of flawed characters who find their way towards one another and through music and friendship, they heal themselves and come to terms with their past. …Which is totally the kinda thing I eat up with a spoon. We’re only at the first episode and already it’s got my heart. It’s kinda what I wanted Heartstrings to be and I think vibe-wise, it’s a little more along the lines of What’s Up? except perhaps less dark. Musical dramas are my kryptonite, I swear.


We’ve got BEAST‘s Junhyung as our lead guy with mummy issues… He’s in an idol group and I guess he also attends high school when his schedule permits, which… isn’t all that often. But he gets into some trouble and ends up having to halt his idol career for a bit and go back to school on a more permanent basis to show the public that he’s changing for the better with his new image as a reformed bad boy/model student. I’m not sure if Junhyung’s done any acting before this but I have to say he’s pretty convincing in this role and he’s generally quite likeable. I don’t sense any awkwardness that often comes with idols acting for the first time and are still settling into their roles. Admittedly, it’s not a particularly difficult role to play since it’s kinda inline with his image as a real life idol but I’m sure there’ll be more scenes further down the road that’ll really test his abilities as an actor.

As for our female lead, Min Seyi, I’ve never seen Ha Yeon Soo in anything but she’s freaking adorable like a real life doll. Her face is so tiny and she’s got this beautiful thick wavy hair and wow I love how her character’s kinda spunky yet serious at the same time, I don’t even know how to explain it. I just know I kinda love her. I’m always so happy when we’re presented with a K-drama heroine that’s actually feisty and whose someone you’d actually root for. When you really think about it, when it comes to K-dramas, there aren’t actually that many female leads I can say that I love wholeheartedly because somehow, they always end up becoming too clingy or too whiney or too shallow or too shrill and they’re never developed as well as the male leads for some reason.


And then we have what seems to be our second male lead in Kang Ha Neul and babeeee lemme love you~~~ He is so fine, I just- I knew he was attractive in To the Beautiful You but we didn’t get as much of him there as I’d like so I’m really looking forward to more screentime from him. I guess that makes me superficial but I’m not all that different from all those girls who tune in just to see their Junhyung oppa~ I like how his character Seon Woo is developing nicely in the span of one episode even though so far, he seems like a pretty stoic character. I’m intrigued by his friendship with the bully boy (whose smug face I so badly want to slap) as well as his interest in Seyi and I really can’t wait to see how that friendship develops. Second lead syndrome, here I come.


But if I had to pick a moment, the thing that really sold me to the show was towards the end when the jerkwad class bully was laughing at the nerdy boy he’s always picking on and making him sing in class to entertain everyone and for his own sick amusement. It’s heart-wrenching when the boy started crying as he sang and it was almost painful to watch and everyone’s on their toes to see what would happen next… and when Seyi actually started singing with him after firmly refusing to when the bully asked her to, and there was so much power and so much defiance in her tone, I knew I was a goner. Such a powerful moment – I was really holding my breath. And to top it all off, Junhyung’s character ends the episode by waltzing in and declaring, “Min Seyi, let’s be deskmates.” Ugh, hook, line and sinker, bye.

Sorry if half of this doesn’t make sense, but it’s really worth a watch, I promise (watch the drama here!!!)! I’m just hoping the rest of the 11 episodes live up to the expectations I’ve set after this.



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