The beautiful sound of fandoms colliding

If it weren’t obvious to everyone, I’ve been on a VIXX bender ever since I got into them in March and with Plan V Diary coming to an end earlier in the week, I was doubtful when I’d be able to get my next fix. But it seems like I won’t have to wait long since the release of their (first ever!!!!!) mini album will coincide with the day of their first year anniversary party on May 20. *throws confetti* It seemed like not long ago since they ended ‘On and On’ promotions but I guess they’re going the B.A.P route with the whole never stop promoting/don’t ever give anyone the chance to forget them thing. I’m not complaining…much. I’m really eager to see how they’ll top the vampire concept but since I’m a fan of all their singles so far, I’m not counting on the boys to disappoint.

In related news, BTOB ended their recent Show Champion ‘2nd Confession’ performance with the ending pose from ‘On and On’. Ah, when fandoms collide…

Two more things: (1) I’m so glad Himchan finally took off his bandage!!! I’ve seen it on him for so long, I’ve really gotten used to that thing being wrapped around his right hand. But now that it’s off and with the news of him finally taking part in B.A.P activities starting with B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific, my OT6 has reunited as one and I couldn’t be happier.


And (2) Eat Your Kimchi‘s interview with uBEAT (+ Kevin) was the absolute cutest. It’s the kind of thing we could only dream of doing… *single tear* Eli cracked me up the most, especially with him trying to portray himself as some serious composer and talking about his “rapping style” LMAO. But seriously though, these boys are sooooo personable, I just want to give them the world. *squishes*


2 thoughts on “The beautiful sound of fandoms colliding

  1. You probably know already… but Vixx appears to be coming back as (NAKED) FALLEN ANGELS. I don’t really know how they’re going to top THAT. And :) at the BTOBVIXX bromance. It’s a bit reminiscent of Secret’s Shy Boy performances where they inserted then-current popular idol group dances into their choreography. Apparently the two groups are very close, having trained together on occasion before debuting.

    I’d continue ranting but I think I’ve come off creepy enough already… if it helps, I refrained from spazzing all over your drama posts. :) I just stumbled onto your blog randomly, but I ended up staying and mentally responding to a bunch of posts because you’re such an engaging writer! Also, you’re profile picture is very cute.

    …And creepiness has reached an all time maximum.

    1. Ooh I didn’t know that about Secret! That’s so cute. And YES OMG I KNOW the teasers are just- and I just- my fandom life is pretty much all VIXX now but now that EXO is coming back…ugh how am I gonna split my heart and attention I have no idea… And I’m crossing my fingers and toes I get Ken on the cover for the Hyde album I preordered ^_^

      And omg thanks so much for your comment, you’re not ranting at all! No one ever leaves me nice messages on here so I really appreciate it and I’m glad someone else has the same interests as I do! Speaking of dramas, there’s sooo many I wanna watch now – like Monstar and Dating Agency Cyrano! Hope they’re good xx

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