Of cameos and kisses

Brian Joo’s ‘Let this Die’ was released a little over a year ago, and I only found out about this MV two months back because half of VIXX cameoed in it. I guess it makes sense since artistes often make use of their own company’s trainees to star in their MVs, especially if they’re set to debut soon. Hongbin wasn’t in this one but he does make a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in the English version (you can’t miss that dimple anywhere), which honestly isn’t as good so I won’t link it. I feel bad fangirling over the extras in the MV but broody Leo at the bar, I just- and N‘s kissing scene just makes me roll my eyes because this is the same guy who freaked out when his lips touched Crayon Pop‘s Ellin during a variety show. Leader, please~

But with that said, wrist-grabbing scenes always make me uncomfortable, like a way for the guy to assert control over the girl, and claim his “property”. Seoulbeats did a short article on this here which pretty much echoes my sentiments. And don’t even get me started on the slapping…

I watched the MV again today and it occurred to me just how similar it is to Zia‘s ‘For A Year‘ (which came out in December) with the whole use of physical alter-egos to represent the different facets of the same guy – just that here, we see that he does in fact have a mental disorder of some sort. ‘For A Year’ was much more poignant in the way it was executed though and the dark colour palette fit the mood a lot better. And I liked that they chose not to include scenes of singing, because when you cut to an empty room with him/her belting into the camera and breaking the fourth wall, it just takes you out of the story that’s unfolding. But anyway, the point of this post is…….VIXX. That is all.


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