Getting to know VIXX: This is real fantasy

As usual, I’m procrastinating from doing actual work and even though I have a major paper on Tuesday, here I am writing up my long overdue post about VIXX, one of my current favourite rookie groups. I guess this serves to be some sort of introductory post for whoever’s just getting into the group and like me, you’re thirsty for any and all information regarding these six boys.



Standing for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis (whatever the hell that means), VIXX debuted end May last year and even though I saw them making allkpop headlines occasionally, I never cared to check them out until sometime in March this year after seeing everyone and their mothers fangirling over some guy with red hair called Leo.

I figured if I was going to properly assess a group, I might as well start from the start, and so I ended up marathoning all eight episodes of MyDol one fine day. (For those who don’t know, it’s a reality show that documented the formation of the group and how Jellyfish Ent‘s CEO narrowed the trainees from ten to the final six who made the cut.) I was strangely still quite indifferent after this and none of them in particular really caught my eye. Hmm… was I missing something here?


And then I actually checked out their music and I don’t know exactly when it happened and how it happened, but these guys somehow crept into my heart and now I can’t get over how much I adore them. MTV Diary and VIXX TV are a must-watch if you’re just getting into the group because these showcase the boys’ personalities the best I think.

Just to give you a rundown of their personalities from what I have gathered… and they’re just my opinions, of course, and mostly based on what I’ve seen of them in interviews and shows, etc.:


N/Hakyeon‘s the leader and he’s the naggy, motherly figure of the group who’s always teased about his tanned skin and his height (he wears insoles all the time). He takes really good care of his skin and has a cabinet full of beauty products and I guess he’s sort of vain? Also, a little bit prissy and a scaredy cat, and doesn’t like getting dirty. Loves to talk though, and is probably one of the best dancers in the group. Takes the most selcas out of the group. Oh, and looks like Seo In Guk.


Leo/Taekwoon‘s the soft-spoken, stoic one with an angelic voice. He always, always covers his face when he laughs (which isn’t all that often) and he’s pretty camera shy. Except he turns into a smouldering god during photoshoots. Personally, I feel he has the best dress sense out of the group. He’s a little quirky and also usually tunes out when the rest of the members are talking in the car by plugging into his mp3. His weaknesses are children, cute animals and food.


Ken/Jaehwan‘s in charge of the funny in the group, and is the best at variety. He’s known for his Kenjumma character which he often brings out at random, appropriate moments and his catchphrase is ‘ottokaji’. He’s good at aegyo and can draw, kinda rap, beatbox, and sing (he’s one of the two main vocals). His key facial feature is his nose and last it was measured, its length was 4cm. Also rocks bangs like nobody’s business (but that could just be me).


Ravi/Wonsik always has awesome hair and has the best abs in the group, which he works hard to maintain by regularly gymming. He kinda has a dopey face and a dopey voice, and is known for liking to sleep and eat. He looks older than his age (1993-liner), he talks a lot generally and usually hosts VIXX TV, alongside N. Also has a cute side and a pretty distint loud laugh.


Hongbin‘s nickname is geurim, which means artwork, because his face is… well, a work of art. He’s the visual and honestly doesn’t get that many lines in the songs, but the boy can actually carry a tune. He started out with long hair but has since chopped off his locks, which really just brings more attention to those dimples. Was into basketball but a health condition led him back to his dream of being a singer. Also has a good body and looks really good in glasses.


Hyuk/Sanghyuk‘s the maknae and also the last to join the company as a trainee. He’s still constantly improving in singing and dancing, and likes Justin Bieber a lot. He’s the tallest of all the members and has said that his eyes are his best facial feature.

Wow, that was fun to write. I really tried to condense as best as I could so I wouldn’t start rambling. Hope that was helpful to anyone who wanted to know a little more about VIXX, or maybe it wasn’t, I don’t know. And in case anyone’s interested, Ken’s my favourite, closely followed by Leo and Ravi.

I ordered all three of their singles from kpopmart sometime in March and they finally came two days ago and I couldn’t be happier. The photobooks are gorgeous beyond belief but the ‘Rock Ur Body’ album is my absolute fave because it’s my favourite VIXX era by far (also the era where all six looked their best and it really brought out all their individual personalities), and ‘Love Hurts (uuuuu)’ is pretty much my favourite song by them

The album itself is so colourful and bright, I love it so much. This reminds me of how in one of the episodes of Plan V Diary, the members were supposed to adhere to a pink dress code and everyone was looking at Leo like, “Why are you not in pink???” and he whipped out the bright pink album from his pocket and his deadpan expression was all, “…You were saying?”

The other two albums are great too of course, and the photobook for ‘On and On’ is like… sex everywhere? You’ve got Leo wearing a super revealing shirt, Ken lifting up his sweater and showing off his pelvic line and then you’ve got two members of the maknae line shoving their abs in your face. Like, whoa Hyuk, where did that even come from?


I do like this era quite a bit because it’s so bold and something that hasn’t been done before in K-pop and even though the members themselves felt like the black nails and the coloured lenses would be too much, I love that they actually went there. Ah, I’ll miss this era and I’ll also really miss Leo’s red hair. And I can’t count the number of times I’ve actually watched the dance practice video for ‘On and On’. It’s just so so good and I think they hid the weaker members pretty well in the choreography (and by that I mean shoving Ken to the back as much as possible/giving him separate choreo).

‘SUPER HERO’ is probably their weakest title track, even if it is still pretty catchy. I also just can’t seem to get into ‘Starlight’, but I do enjoy Ravi’s rapping on there. Actually, I just really enjoy Ravi’s rapping in general.


Sadly, VIXX still isn’t all that known in the K-pop scene but I’m glad they’re beginning to gain some recognition thanks to ‘On and On’, so I’m hoping that with their next comeback (which is slated for May, it seems), they’ll become even more popular. I don’t know how they’ll top their vampire concept, but I feel that they have this versatility to them that allows them to embody whatever concept they’re going for, super well. And with Plan V Diary currently airing, I also hope this means MTV has taken a liking to them and will continue to feature the boys in other reality shows.

VIXX, fighting!

(On a sidenote, I am so proud of myself for keeping the fangirling to a minimum in this post when in all actuality, thinking or talking about anything VIXX usually gets me flailing and screaming all over the place as my feels threaten to overwhelm my entire body until all that’s left of me is a crying, slobbering mess on the floor.)




(Photo credits: realvixx)


5 thoughts on “Getting to know VIXX: This is real fantasy

  1. this is such an awesome intro post to vixx and it’s written so well! i’m in awe of your coherence as a fangirl. like you said, it’s really hard to type out anything sane when all you want to do is flail ;__;

    i wish more people would get into them, they’re pretty great and they all dress well and dance well. it’s so hard trying to get my friends to like them though :c i started liking them from rock ur body (i can’t say ‘rock ur body’ in a normal tone anymore – i say it like hakyeon when leo pulled out the album during the pink dress code part) and i’ve only watched plan v diary so far. guess i’m going to watch mydol next!

    i’m so sorry for spamming but can’t contain vixx feels T_T

    1. OTL omg no need to apologise for spamming because I totally understand how you feel and especially with the guys coming back super soon and hyde releasing today it’s just… /feels explosion/ I really never expected to get this into them tbh!

      And I think watching mydol after plan v diary would be a little jarring since they were pretty different then! And definitely not as good at variety/talking around cameras… but still worth a watch! Just to get to know how they were like pre-debut and the dynamics and everything… I’m still slowly catching up on MTV Diary and VIXX TV since I got into them so late >.< Thanks so much for your comment!

      1. I’m totally making up for lost time. I’ve only caught a few VIXX TV eps since their Ready To Get Hurt era (the bread baking episode cracked me up). Still searching for mydol eps now, haha.

        I actually got into them more after seeing how much Hongbin kicked ass (with Leo/RavI) in Dream Team – they were so friggin awesome. The other team ..not so lol. Didn’t expect to be so into them either but they were everywhere for a while and the feels just consumed me HAH.

        Also, you’re from WKW? Enjoy I think it’s one of the more hapz schools already!

      2. Aw that bread baking ep was adorable! And leo with his ‘latte latte~~~’ Ooh I’ve only caught the dream team ep with leo swimming! But he didn’t have all that much screentime there u_u And I’m really glad their popularity seems to be going up with ‘hyde’!

        Yup I’m from WKW (haha was it the thing I said about FOC that gave it away?). Are/were you from there too? Hapz? Hmmm… I don’t know about that. Haha it’s okay I guess!

  2. HAHA because he kinda failed and they banished him to the loser pool poor boy.
    you have to watch the other episode of DT with all of vixx. hongbin is mega awesome! okay everyone was awesome cause they had to crawl as a human pyramid, lol.

    I was from NBS! Graduated already though (god i’m so old let me cry). Had quite a few friends from WKW and I went there for a few classes before too. Not bad! (NBS is so old lol)

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