The conversation that started it all…

It’s always around exam period where endless thoughts start swirling around in my head and these days, I’m thankful. Last Saturday was the U-KISS Collage Tour Concert in Singapore and Dinoseoul was lucky enough to be invited as media to cover both the press conference and concert. But this isn’t a post to gush about how down-to-earth and adorable the boys were, or how Soohyun and Kiseop couldn’t keep their hands off each other throughout the press con, or how Kevin basically called Eli “fat”, or how my life is complete after hearing ‘Without You’ live… no, this is a post to thank my wonderful Dinoseoul team and to look back at how far we’ve come.

Okay, we haven’t quite hit it big or anything and we’re still super grateful for every single follower on Twitter, every single new like on our Facebook page, but just looking back at how it all began… it’s wonderful. I revisted my past Whatsapp conversations with Rachel and managed to pinpoint the exact day the seeds of Dinoseoul were planted.

Look at Rachel being all cynical… So this conversation happened when I was in Seoul last May and Rachel was going on about how she wanted to submit her writing sample to Seoulbeats/Kourier, and it just made sense to start up our own. I mean, we had nothing to lose, right?

Fast forward a year and while we’re by no means a known name yet, nor can we compete with the likes of sgkwave, KAvenyou, etc. with their thousands of followers, I’m still immensely proud to call myself a co-founder of the site and proud of ourselves for actually going through with it, despite our initial uncertainty. I know I don’t contribute as much as I’d like to because of school, so I’m grateful for a great team and a great partner who are able to hold the forte.

And soon, we’ll make the leap, perhaps permanently, to a self-hosted website, and it’s an investment I’m willing to make. Here’s to many more years! And because we’re always appreciative of any and all support, please show us some love on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Thank you and love you all! xx


4 thoughts on “The conversation that started it all…

  1. Aww!!!! It’s so cute how you were all like YES YES LET’S DO IT while Rach was ….meh are you sure…

    Anyway I also want to say how grateful I am to you guys for starting Dinoseoul and for having me onboard!! Seriously.. If not I wouldnt have the chance to be doing what I’m doing now, with the most awesome people ever <33333

    Here's to many more good years!

    1. HAHA AWWW :’) We’re even more grateful to you for joining us and I really mean it when I say you’re a really really good writer, Cheryl! So so glad to have you on the team and thanks for making our work easier. xx

  2. I think I teared…or bawled :’))))))) But there are days when it hits me on just how lucky I am to have you as a partner, out of every person I know, because you’re very special to me and I’m so glad for our early days at SPH. Dinoseoul is our baby woohoo. And I am SO NOT CYNICAL. :|

    Also very grateful to Cheryl for being the only person so far to volunteer writing for Dinoseoul LOLOLOL but she’s amazing.

    Can’t wait for many, many more great years to come! <3<3<3

    1. SIGH CAN DON’T /cries from all the emotions/

      So glad to have met you ok, Rachel!!! Has it only been 2 years since our lowly-paid intern days, I feel like I’ve known you forever??? And I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished with Dinoseoul, really. :’)))) Come back quick ok so we can get back to splitting our time between dancing at CJ and staying up late at Starbucks attempting to write. XXXXXX

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