Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO impressions


I’m in looooooove, you guys. This drama adaptation is pure perfection and I love it so, so much. I’ve never been one for mangas or Japanese dramas in general, but I do pick up the occasional dorama here and there. What I like most about doramas is that they’re so much more compact then K-dramas so we cut out all the fillers and get straight. to. the. point. But because of its length, this also means less OTP time and less time for the two leads to believably get attracted to each other, get together, have cute moments together, etc. We’re five episodes into Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO and while I (not so) patiently wait for May 10 to get my next dose, I thought I’d do a quick impressions post on how I feel about the drama so far.

When it comes to Itazura na Kiss, we all know it’s an adaptation that’s been done to death – with it’s original manga material, followed by a 1996 Japanese adaptation, then two seasons of the Taiwanese It Started with A Kiss (also the most popular version to date), an anime version and most recently, Playful Kiss starring Korea’s Kim Hyun Joong (ahh ol’ dead eyes) and Jung So Min (love her). I’ve only ever watched Playful Kiss as well as clips from It Started with A Kiss so I guess I’d say I’m pretty familiar with this particular story.


For those who don’t know, it’s essentially about this girl, Kotoko (Miki Honoka), who’s fallen for this rather cold-hearted guy, Naoki (Furukawa Yuki), who’s highly intelligent and doesn’t care for trivialities like love and social relationships and any fun at all, for that matter. He’s sort of that bored, indifferent guy who’s tough to shake but somehow has hordes of girls after him. The drama starts with Kotoko plucking up the courage to hand a confession letter to Naoki, only to immediately be blown off. While she vows to get over him, her family’s new house ends up getting hit by a fallen meteor rock (lol right) and after seeing the news, Kotoko’s father’s best friend from school calls him up and invites the father-daughter pair to their house to stay and of course, this is also where Kotoko finds out that the friend’s son is none other than the Naoki she is trying to get over.


I’m mostly making comparisons with Playful Kiss since that’s the only one I’ve watched in full, but right from the start, you can notice a big difference in the way the characters are portrayed. First of all, what’s always annoyed me about Playful Kiss was that Oh Ha Ni, she’s… well, kinda dumb, and her entire existence revolved around Baek Seung Jo, which just pisses off the inner feminist in me. She had literally no mind of her own and all her decisions in life were based on him. Jung So Min definitely acted her heart out and has this insane likeability factor that thankfully made a potentially grating and annoying character almost endearing.


But when watching this 2013 Japanese remake, I just find myself going “OH MY GOD SHE’S SO CUTE” all the time because this Kotoko is the cutest ever. I love how she’s feisty and doesn’t hesitate to fight back and would actually shout at Naoki when he’s being a jerk and her facial expressions are so adorable and funny without going overboard. And best of all, she’s not dumb per se, but just happens to kinda suck in her studies, and she has so much heart. I can definitely see why guys would be attracted to her and why two end up fighting over her. Needless to say, I infinitely prefer this portrayal of Kotoko because it’s more palatable and realistic. Plus, Miki Honoka is absolutely winning in this role. I can’t believe she’s only 16!


And oh my god don’t even get me started on Baek Seung Jo. Like as if the role wasn’t standoffish and robotic enough, you get one of the worst idols-turned-actors to portray him. I get that he’s supposed to be sort of a jerk, but he was so mean to the point that I really couldn’t see how anyone could even find him attractive and it’s really hard to watch a drama where you can’t understand how the two leads could possibly end up together.

What makes this Naoki work so much for me is the glimpses of humanity that always come through right from the start and Furukawa Yuki is a much more natural actor so he’s able to lend a little more heart to this role and goddamn whenever the guy smiles, my heart dies a little. And when he spoke his English lines perfectly… Apparently, the actor himself is also really smart and is fluent in both English and Japanese since he lived abroad in Canada and the States for over a decade or something to that effect. Like, hot damn, how perfect can you get?


Finally, we have our second male lead… Ikezawa Kinnosuke. I enjoyed Lee Tae Sung‘s version well enough but Yamada Yuki is absolutely killing it as the bumbling sweetheart. His facial expressions and his reactions are comic gold without it veering into the slapstick territory and he has that vulnerability about him that makes my heart go out to him. While I liked Bong Joon Gu in the Korean adaptation, I was never really invested in his relationship with Ha Ni as it was always so, so one-sided, so when he got clingy towards the end, it got a little hard to watch. Here, while Kotoko isn’t attracted to Kinnosuke, they do have a sweet friendship where she’d go out of her way to comfort him and they actually have heartfelt conversations together. It’s really nice to see.

The supporting characters aren’t anything to shout about though they’re likeable enough. I always love the mum because she’s the biggest Kotoko/Naoki shipper ever and the dads are also really cute to watch. I do like the family dynamics but I think it’s something that’s usually done quite well in previous adaptations as well, if I’m not wrong. Also, I’m a little doubtful about the introduction of the meddling second female lead, only because Lee Shi Young played the role so well, I’m not sure if this one could beat that version for me.


I know some people may be uncomfortable with the real life age gap between our leads (they’re 10 years apart), but personally, I don’t really have that big a problem with it since it is acting and as long as onscreen they can believably play their parts and look their character’s age and display some chemistry, I’m fine. And they really are pretty cute together and I don’t know about you, but I definitely bought the kiss in Episode 5 and may or may not have replayed it a couple of times. Besides, Furukawa Yuki has such a babyface he can pass off for much younger than his 25 years. The thing I like most about the relationship between Kotoko and Naoki here is that I already feel emotionally connected so early on and I can also clearly see how and why they’re drawn to each other. Some moments that were especially memorable were all the ones where she was teasing him about his baby photos of him dressed as a girl, their shouting match at the dinner table, the scene where she was running away and he found her and handed her a warm coffee can, as well as when she tried to cook him a meal and he ended up having to cook for her instead. So cute.


And since we got our first major OTP interaction at the end of Episode 5, I’m really looking forward to the romance stepping up a notch. What I didn’t like in Playful Kiss was that though there were hints of jealousy from Seung Jo, those moments were always few and far between and there never felt like there was a proper rival for Ha Ni’s heart and Seung Jo was well aware of that. It was always Ha Ni who was constantly worried, constantly questioning herself if she was good enough and it got quite frustrating after the umpteenth time.

Here, there are already clear moments of jealousy from Naoki which I always savour, because serves you right for not telling her you like her when you so clearly do. And he does have something to be jealous about because Kotoko and Kinnosuke are always hanging out together and they’re pretty close. Kinnosuke isn’t shy about his affections, and he’s the sort who’ll give it his all. I like that while Kotoko is friendly, she also makes it clear to him that she doesn’t feel the same way so all the cards are laid out and it’s up to Kinnosuke to decide whether he still wants to pursue her anyway (which of course, he does). And it’s not like she’s leading him on, because they are friends in the first place.



A scene I’m really looking forward to is the big confession rain scene between Kotoko and Naoki, and since I enjoyed the one in Playful Kiss a lot more than I should, I’m really hoping the one here delivers too. I have high hopes. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this drama to anyone who likes a good, cute fluffy story with super likeable lead characters who can actually act their way out of a paperbag. You can watch it here.

Here’s a lovely FMV that sets my shipper heart on fire. Is it May 10 already?! /flails/

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Getting to know VIXX: This is real fantasy

As usual, I’m procrastinating from doing actual work and even though I have a major paper on Tuesday, here I am writing up my long overdue post about VIXX, one of my current favourite rookie groups. I guess this serves to be some sort of introductory post for whoever’s just getting into the group and like me, you’re thirsty for any and all information regarding these six boys.



Standing for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis (whatever the hell that means), VIXX debuted end May last year and even though I saw them making allkpop headlines occasionally, I never cared to check them out until sometime in March this year after seeing everyone and their mothers fangirling over some guy with red hair called Leo.

I figured if I was going to properly assess a group, I might as well start from the start, and so I ended up marathoning all eight episodes of MyDol one fine day. (For those who don’t know, it’s a reality show that documented the formation of the group and how Jellyfish Ent‘s CEO narrowed the trainees from ten to the final six who made the cut.) I was strangely still quite indifferent after this and none of them in particular really caught my eye. Hmm… was I missing something here?


And then I actually checked out their music and I don’t know exactly when it happened and how it happened, but these guys somehow crept into my heart and now I can’t get over how much I adore them. MTV Diary and VIXX TV are a must-watch if you’re just getting into the group because these showcase the boys’ personalities the best I think.

Just to give you a rundown of their personalities from what I have gathered… and they’re just my opinions, of course, and mostly based on what I’ve seen of them in interviews and shows, etc.:


N/Hakyeon‘s the leader and he’s the naggy, motherly figure of the group who’s always teased about his tanned skin and his height (he wears insoles all the time). He takes really good care of his skin and has a cabinet full of beauty products and I guess he’s sort of vain? Also, a little bit prissy and a scaredy cat, and doesn’t like getting dirty. Loves to talk though, and is probably one of the best dancers in the group. Takes the most selcas out of the group. Oh, and looks like Seo In Guk.


Leo/Taekwoon‘s the soft-spoken, stoic one with an angelic voice. He always, always covers his face when he laughs (which isn’t all that often) and he’s pretty camera shy. Except he turns into a smouldering god during photoshoots. Personally, I feel he has the best dress sense out of the group. He’s a little quirky and also usually tunes out when the rest of the members are talking in the car by plugging into his mp3. His weaknesses are children, cute animals and food.


Ken/Jaehwan‘s in charge of the funny in the group, and is the best at variety. He’s known for his Kenjumma character which he often brings out at random, appropriate moments and his catchphrase is ‘ottokaji’. He’s good at aegyo and can draw, kinda rap, beatbox, and sing (he’s one of the two main vocals). His key facial feature is his nose and last it was measured, its length was 4cm. Also rocks bangs like nobody’s business (but that could just be me).


Ravi/Wonsik always has awesome hair and has the best abs in the group, which he works hard to maintain by regularly gymming. He kinda has a dopey face and a dopey voice, and is known for liking to sleep and eat. He looks older than his age (1993-liner), he talks a lot generally and usually hosts VIXX TV, alongside N. Also has a cute side and a pretty distint loud laugh.


Hongbin‘s nickname is geurim, which means artwork, because his face is… well, a work of art. He’s the visual and honestly doesn’t get that many lines in the songs, but the boy can actually carry a tune. He started out with long hair but has since chopped off his locks, which really just brings more attention to those dimples. Was into basketball but a health condition led him back to his dream of being a singer. Also has a good body and looks really good in glasses.


Hyuk/Sanghyuk‘s the maknae and also the last to join the company as a trainee. He’s still constantly improving in singing and dancing, and likes Justin Bieber a lot. He’s the tallest of all the members and has said that his eyes are his best facial feature.

Wow, that was fun to write. I really tried to condense as best as I could so I wouldn’t start rambling. Hope that was helpful to anyone who wanted to know a little more about VIXX, or maybe it wasn’t, I don’t know. And in case anyone’s interested, Ken’s my favourite, closely followed by Leo and Ravi.

I ordered all three of their singles from kpopmart sometime in March and they finally came two days ago and I couldn’t be happier. The photobooks are gorgeous beyond belief but the ‘Rock Ur Body’ album is my absolute fave because it’s my favourite VIXX era by far (also the era where all six looked their best and it really brought out all their individual personalities), and ‘Love Hurts (uuuuu)’ is pretty much my favourite song by them

The album itself is so colourful and bright, I love it so much. This reminds me of how in one of the episodes of Plan V Diary, the members were supposed to adhere to a pink dress code and everyone was looking at Leo like, “Why are you not in pink???” and he whipped out the bright pink album from his pocket and his deadpan expression was all, “…You were saying?”

The other two albums are great too of course, and the photobook for ‘On and On’ is like… sex everywhere? You’ve got Leo wearing a super revealing shirt, Ken lifting up his sweater and showing off his pelvic line and then you’ve got two members of the maknae line shoving their abs in your face. Like, whoa Hyuk, where did that even come from?


I do like this era quite a bit because it’s so bold and something that hasn’t been done before in K-pop and even though the members themselves felt like the black nails and the coloured lenses would be too much, I love that they actually went there. Ah, I’ll miss this era and I’ll also really miss Leo’s red hair. And I can’t count the number of times I’ve actually watched the dance practice video for ‘On and On’. It’s just so so good and I think they hid the weaker members pretty well in the choreography (and by that I mean shoving Ken to the back as much as possible/giving him separate choreo).

‘SUPER HERO’ is probably their weakest title track, even if it is still pretty catchy. I also just can’t seem to get into ‘Starlight’, but I do enjoy Ravi’s rapping on there. Actually, I just really enjoy Ravi’s rapping in general.


Sadly, VIXX still isn’t all that known in the K-pop scene but I’m glad they’re beginning to gain some recognition thanks to ‘On and On’, so I’m hoping that with their next comeback (which is slated for May, it seems), they’ll become even more popular. I don’t know how they’ll top their vampire concept, but I feel that they have this versatility to them that allows them to embody whatever concept they’re going for, super well. And with Plan V Diary currently airing, I also hope this means MTV has taken a liking to them and will continue to feature the boys in other reality shows.

VIXX, fighting!

(On a sidenote, I am so proud of myself for keeping the fangirling to a minimum in this post when in all actuality, thinking or talking about anything VIXX usually gets me flailing and screaming all over the place as my feels threaten to overwhelm my entire body until all that’s left of me is a crying, slobbering mess on the floor.)




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The conversation that started it all…

It’s always around exam period where endless thoughts start swirling around in my head and these days, I’m thankful. Last Saturday was the U-KISS Collage Tour Concert in Singapore and Dinoseoul was lucky enough to be invited as media to cover both the press conference and concert. But this isn’t a post to gush about how down-to-earth and adorable the boys were, or how Soohyun and Kiseop couldn’t keep their hands off each other throughout the press con, or how Kevin basically called Eli “fat”, or how my life is complete after hearing ‘Without You’ live… no, this is a post to thank my wonderful Dinoseoul team and to look back at how far we’ve come.

Okay, we haven’t quite hit it big or anything and we’re still super grateful for every single follower on Twitter, every single new like on our Facebook page, but just looking back at how it all began… it’s wonderful. I revisted my past Whatsapp conversations with Rachel and managed to pinpoint the exact day the seeds of Dinoseoul were planted.

Look at Rachel being all cynical… So this conversation happened when I was in Seoul last May and Rachel was going on about how she wanted to submit her writing sample to Seoulbeats/Kourier, and it just made sense to start up our own. I mean, we had nothing to lose, right?

Fast forward a year and while we’re by no means a known name yet, nor can we compete with the likes of sgkwave, KAvenyou, etc. with their thousands of followers, I’m still immensely proud to call myself a co-founder of the site and proud of ourselves for actually going through with it, despite our initial uncertainty. I know I don’t contribute as much as I’d like to because of school, so I’m grateful for a great team and a great partner who are able to hold the forte.

And soon, we’ll make the leap, perhaps permanently, to a self-hosted website, and it’s an investment I’m willing to make. Here’s to many more years! And because we’re always appreciative of any and all support, please show us some love on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Thank you and love you all! xx

The anti-rom-com rom-com

A Korean movie that’s been on my radar for a few months now is Temperature of Love, which stars Lee Min Ki and Kim Min Hee. It doesn’t seem excessively over-the-top and seems like it’s right up my alley with its mix of quirky and sweet. It’s about an on-again-off-again couple who have been secretly dating in the workplace for 3 years and they have a sort of relationship that, based on the trailer seems really volatile – which makes for good onscreen entertainment, I’ll bet. It premiered in Korean theatres in March and seems to be doing amazingly at the box office, so I hope it hits our side as well because I’d love to see it. …And this is where I force in pictures from a one-year-old photoshoot just because I can and Lee Min Ki looks extra attractive here.




One thing I noticed though is how similar Lee Min Ki is to Block B‘s Jaehyo, which admittedly, could just be me seeing things… But they have the same build, a similar mouth… even the way they speak is really similar! And their mannerisms… I just- it’s really uncanny. Anyway, I really enjoy Lee Min Ki as an actor and I’ve always felt that he’s really expressive and versatile and because his projects have always been so different from one another, he’s not one to be typecasted easily. Speaking of which, I really do have to finish Dalja’s Spring one day. And… this is also where I awkwardly lead in to wishing the BB boys a happy 2nd year anniversary! I’ll always love you boys and support you, no matter what. ♥

Before I log off and sleep, here’s the MV for Lee Min Ki’s ‘Everything’, which is off the OST for the movie, and also features some clips of the couple being lovey and cute together.

[FANACC] CNBLUE Live in Singapore 2013

Well I’ve never written a fanaccount before so forgive me if I miss out a lot or ramble on about irrelevant details, end up being too fangirly or whatever. But well, I thought it’d be good to preserve the memory of the concert in a post in case I ever forget. It’s probably gonna end up being a few thousand words so… lol brace yourself.

So to begin with, I got my Moon Zone ticket awhile back and posted on the Facebook fanpage that I was going alone and would like some company while queuing. Thankfully, Sarah replied and I texted her about 2 hours later. And she said that another group of girls had actually texted her and she’d thought she was me! Anyway, turned out to be a good thing though because the girl that first texted her was part of a group of Chinese girls who’d queued since the day before and they were first in line in the unofficial queue!!! So I guess they needed someone to take over the shift and then they’d come back just before the wrist-tagging at 1pm.

So I met Sarah and her guy friend (OMG SOBS I DIDN’T GET YOUR NAME) at 7.30 in the morning and we joined a few of the Chinese girls, most of them didn’t even end up going back home to rest or anything so it was about 5 or 6 of us all the way till tagging at 1pm. My god, the weather was absolutely INSANE, and we were under a shelter of sorts, so I can’t imagine how the people who were further back and directly under the hot sun were feeling (I would have been one of them if I didn’t manage to join them at the front of the line…) And then wrist-tagging began but before that the scary security guy was using a megaphone and was like “This is an unofficial queue. The official queue only begins at 1pm after tagging so we want to ask the people at the back if they have any objections for the front people getting tagged first…” And he literally walked to the back and started asking, and we were all like WTF of course they’d say they’d have objections???? But I guess some people have a conscience since we proceeded to the wrist-tagging process pretty smootly and holy shit, I was sixth in the queue????? It was mind-blowing, like how many chances would I ever have to be that in front at a sold out K-pop concert, honestly.

After we got tagged, we thought the queueing would be over, but we had to join the merchandise queue and only after that did we leave the place and relaxed a little. We got back really close to 5pm and thankfully, they were quite efficient in lining us up according to our tag numbers in order to lead us to the re-entry queue and it was a whole ‘nother round of waiting. I think I spent almost 12 hours just waiting and I was already feeling (and looking) like crap, so I’m sure the over-nighters felt 100x worse than we did.

And then at I think 6.30pm, we were finally let into the venue! And we were sooooo excited to be front row… until we found out that a freaking huge raised platform was blocking our entire view of the middle. LIKE SERIOUSLY, WTF ONE PRODUCTION?!?!?! I could only make out Yonghwa‘s mic stand when I JUMPED. I’m not even kidding. And I couldn’t possibly jump during the entire concert. It was pretty funny I guess, in hindsight, how we were all backing away from the barriers to get a better view, instead of rushing to be in front, like at a typical concert. So in essence, we paid almost $300 for our ticket and queued for hours only to get a shittier view than people who paid less. Didn’t make any sense to me, and pretty disappointing that the concert organiser didn’t do a better job of checking the venue to at least anticipate that this would happen.

Anyway, the only member I had a full and close view of throughout the whole concert was Jungshin and okay, I’m not complaining all thaaaaat much, since he was adorable yesterday. I’d say he was about 10 metres max away from our row? Anyway, it was pretty close. And it was so annoying because the amount of Jungshin-focused fancams I could have spammed is uncountable probably, if only security wasn’t so strict FML. I think Jungshin took off his shoes somewhere at the start during ‘나란 남자’ and he was playing and walking around the stage in his socks, it was so cute. And he was so into his bass-playing, I swear. Like most of the concert fancams I’ve seen in the past, he was usually pretty fixed in the same spot but he was moving around and dancing so much yesterday. I don’t even have a proper bias in CNBLUE, but oh god, he’s pretty close to becoming one? He was in a sweater and skinny jeans yesterday, and I just cry from the excessive attractiveness. I usually prefer his hair unstyled but they curled it yesterday, but it still looked SO GOOD T___T

I’m listening to some of the audio clips that I recorded yesterday and I’m really glad Minhyuk interacted a lot with the crowd. Twice during the concert, his drum set actually moved to the front at the extended part of the stage so our view during those couple of songs were AMAZING (which is basically the same raised platform that’s blocked our view throughout the concert so the only good thing it’s for is that we get a damn damn damn close/good view when the members do decide to walk up it). And CNBLUE is good-looking in real life definitely, but Minhyuk might be the best looking I think? His skin is fucking flawless, like you don’t even know. And when he was drumming, all I could stare at was his jawline, I can’t even. Like… I can’t. He is really really good-looking, I swear. He looked so happy drumming too, like a smile was permanently plastered on his face. And he waved at my friend who was next to me! Haha I guess since he was the only fanboy at the front, and he was right in the center. And Minhyuk also introduced himself at the start with Singlish! He said “Hello lah!” and “Singapore, thank you lah!” which… isn’t much, but good effort, I guess.

They’re really good live. I mean I expected them to be good, of course, but they were soooo good. The ‘Code Name Blue’ songs were especially good for me, and ‘Wake Up’ was probably one of the best performances of the night for me. And the breakdown when they were trying to get everyone to scream “Wake up wake up” was just… I loved how Yonghwa pretended he wanted to leave and return to Korea right then because we were being so soft. I think he actually pretended to walk a few steps toward the backstage LOL. And when we got back into the rest of the song and Yonghwa used his screaming voice to sing “You’re a coward!” /SCREAMS/ Such a good performance. The performances for ‘직감’ and ‘I’m sorry’ were another two that really stuck in my head, either because of the fanchants or just the sheer amazing stage presence. I think it was during the latter where the fireworks kept shooting out, which was so irritating because we were close enough for the sparks to get into our eyes so I had to anticipate and cover my eyes each time. :(

The boys pretty much spoke in English throughout the concert, which is just good job. Their English wasn’t um, the best, to be honest, but I was pretty impressed because they spoke A LOT throughout. And they were even capable of actually cracking jokes. When Minhyuk was giving his whole monologue about how much he loved Singapore and how our fishballs which he had the day before were “so awesome”, he asked for other food recommendations and duh, of course everyone started screaming “Chilli crab” at him, and Yonghwa being Yonghwa, said “I am chilli crab” and started doing some sort of crab dance, which Jungshin promptly copied. Boys… And my favourite talk break was when Yonghwa told everyone that they all had English names.

Jungshin: My name is Mental. Nickname is Mental Breakdown, M.B.
Yonghwa: Minhyuk is Eden.
Minhyuk: My name is Eden!
Yonghwa: My name is D.F. Dragon Flower. Dragon Flower! Jonghyun is Juan.
Jonghyun: I’m Juan. Just Juan.
Yonghwa: What’s your name? Your name is… Singapore? Yeah, cool name.

And Jungshin and Yonghwa actually referred to each other by these nicknames later during the concert, which was hilarious. “Hey Dragon Flower, are you ready?!” LMAO I LOVE THESE BOYS. I remember there was also one point when Jungshin was teasing the fans in front by taking his time to carefully wipe his face with a towel and then slowly wrapping it up into a big knot, presumably to throw into the crowd only toss it aside once he was done, everyone was like D: but he did end up throwing it into the crowd in the end. But seriously… what a tease haha.

After one of their talk breaks, they introduced the next song as a “smooth and lovely song”, which turned out to be ‘Love Light’. The atmosphere then was so nice, with everyone in the crowd singing along and waving their lightsticks. And Jungshin did the rapping here, and he actually sang/rapped quite a lot throughout the whole concert, which of course gave me more to watch, since he was pretty much my whole view 85% of the time. I’m kinda glad I was at Jungshin’s side during the concert, because even though guitar would have been more exciting to watch than bass, Jonghyun didn’t seem to talk or interact all that much during the concert, sad to say. And then the song ended with Yonghwa singing “그댄 나의 사랑… Singapore~~~” which is admittedly, cheesy as all hell, but got the crowd (including me) screaming like maniacs.

I’m most upset that my recording of ”넌 내게 반했어” wasn’t saved because I stopped recording halfway to record a fancam of Minhyuk during ‘LOVE’ /flings self off building/ I absolutely loved it because Jungshin sang the entire first part, and okay, his voice is a little shaky, and he’s not the best singer BUT STILL. :(((( Still beating myself up over it.

During the encore before ‘Try Again, Smile Again’, Jungshin was promising the crowd that the band was gonna go eat chilli crab after the concert and he was all “Where is the chilli crab… best? Best chilli crab… where? Give me address! Give me address!” and Sarah was like, “MY HOUSE” LOL. This led in to an adlib jazz/soul/scatting performance from Yonghwa singing about how much he loved Singapore. Sometime here, Jungshin had taken a Boy London cap from the crowd with the words ‘BOY’ across the front and wore it backwards (ASKDJHAKSJDASJ). He was trying to be cute and kept saying “You are a girl. I am a… *turns around*”, which he did a few times. WHICH… OK I THOUGHT WAS ADORABLE AT THE TIME /CRIES/

I took a few fancams during the last song since Yonghwa spent most of it at the extended part of the platform thingy AND HE WAS SO CLOSE his skin honestly looks pretty good from what I could see? And his blonde hair isn’t so bad, to be honest! Before it got completely drenched in his sweat (which is actually by the third or fourth song of the night LOL), it looked really soft and fluffy n__n and anyway, he started taking gifts from the crowd and he picked up a sign that we were all supposed to raise during ‘나 그대보다’ which didn’t end up happening, since it was missing from the setlist (SO DISAPPOINTING). He picked it up and was posing with it, and he also took one of those cute Rilakkuma hats from a fan and he wore it. SO CUTE, I CAN’T EVEN.

And sometime between then and their group picture with the crowd in the background (which Jonghyun ruined anyway since he took up like more than half of the picture PMSL), Yonghwa actually reached out into the crowd and our side was all surging forward obviously, and this all happened in a blur, but he actually touched my hand FML ASLDJKAKLSJHFH and it wasn’t just a touch-and-go thing because there was a guitar pick in his hand and I guess he was trying to subtly pass it but omg, I really couldn’t believe my luck, because these things NEVER happen to me, I swear to god. So I basically held hands with Yonghwa for like a moment. Yup. /INTERNAL SCREAMING/

I still don’t know how it all happened so I’ll have to wait till Sarah sends me her fancam. But sobs I’m fully aware of how lucky I was to have that happen to me (((his hand was kinda rough lol from guitar-playing I guess))) so after (or was it before? lol) that, they were all bowing and thanking the audience and we really had such a good view of all four of them because they were standing at the middle platform again and we were all just staring up in awe because wow, blinded by their beauty, much? I usually say that a lot of celebrities end up looking like how we always see them on screen, like… handsome, but not in an out-of-this-world kinda way, if you know what I mean, but I can safely say that CNBLUE is even better looking in real life. Not even being biased.

So that’s basically the end of the concert… The group of Chinese girls we were with kinda rushed out after a group picture because they’d rented a van to go stalk the boys after the concert. Which I mean, is really their prerogative, but not something I’m inclined to do. I’ll admit I hesitated when I was asked during B.A.P’s stay here the last time in March, but that’s it. I always feel like these idols don’t look too kindly at fangirls chasing them place to place in vans, and just the thought that I’m making them angry/frustrated just saddens me, and I wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of such feelings, even if they’re indirect. Sorry to end on such a preachy note, but that’s basically my entire day yesterday.

Other than that, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t change up the setlist from their Taiwan stop, and not only that, they performed one song less since they missed out ‘나 그대보다’. I’m still itching to hear the ‘Ear Fun’ songs live because that’s definitely one of my fave albums from them. Besides that and the fact that my view wasn’t all that great despite it supposedly being “the best”, I still had a good time and don’t regret going. The boys’ fanservice and stage presence already was worth going for, and to finally hear the songs live… is just such a blessing. Anyway, below are a few pictures that I took – not of the band though, because security is the bane of all our existence. I’m sure everyone in the other cats had a much easier time recording and taking pictures. >:( All videos and pictures taken by my iPhone, so that explains the quality…

This was my view before the concert when I turned around…

My awesome company for the day :)
Just look at the distance between my row (first row) and the second… There was like at least two feet of space between us because no one wanted to be right at the barricades where you could see shit _|_
Right after the concert – the huge black thing behind me is the platform that was blocking my view most of the time _|_
Yonghwa’s pick – which is even more awesome because you can actually see his name on it :O
The group picture that Jonghyun took (and took up most of) ORZ (but how cute do Yonghwa and Jungshin look with their hats?!!!)

And the last is a combination of two of the fancams I took of Yonghwa in the final song. The quality is absolute crap, but this is just to give you an idea of how close I was. This was taken with no zoom at all, since I don’t think you can right with an iPhone lol I’m a noob??? So that’s it for my almost-3000-word fanaccount… May I fondly look back on this post and not cringe myself to death reading about how fangirly I was. Enjoy reading, I guess…

Next gigs:

  • U-KISS (April 20)
  • LUNAFLY (May 12)
  • B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore (unconfirmed)
  • NU’EST (unconfirmed)
  • B.A.P Live on Earth Malaysia (unconfirmed)
  • VIXX (unconfirmed)