Break down

LOL look at me trying to be artistic (but ending up more narcissistic than anything) and Photoshopping my own Photo Booth picture – Tumblr-style. Sorry, not sorry. Anyway, before I finish up episode 14 of Flower Boy Next Door and officially call it a night, I’ve got to prepare my mind for the incoming onslaught of work that’s been consistently piling up, because this weekend, I actually plan to strike things off my to-do list, one by one.

  • miss A Dinoseoul review
  • B.A.P One Shot Dinoseoul review
  • Study for Korean listening test (on Monday)
  • miss A review for Teenage (by Monday)
  • 4-page draft script for screenwriting class (by Monday night)
  • FOC Day 1 Proposal (by Tuesday latest)
  • Photo essay for CS2006 (by Wednesday)

LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF CRAP I HAVE DUE D: And this isn’t even counting all the readings and discussion questions I haven’t been contributing to.

Oh god, I need to pull myself together, and buck up. Now.


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