See you in 5 months

Because there are so many facets to one’s personality, I’m of the belief that you need different people in your life that will not only affect you in different ways, but also help pull out those various parts of you and bring them to the surface, if that makes any sense. So it’s like how you’re a different person depending on who you’re with, but it’s not that you’re a different person per se, but it’s more like how each person in your life brings out something different in you, and you’re essentially the sum of all these parts. So this whole pretentious spiel is basically leading in to me having to say goodbye to one of the few important people in my life, Ying Xin, for a good five months as she embarks on a new chapter in her life… kinda. She’s currently living it up in Seoul, before moving on to Busan to do her exchange. Please, please have a good time and be selfish, for once. Remember that you don’t need to please everyone around you, ok? YOU’RE IN SEOUL, SO GO ENJOY YOURSELF. I wish I had the money to join you in July, but alas… And when you come back from Busan, you better come back with a Busan accent – I’m counting on it. Stay safe, and I’ll miss you!!! Here, have a few lovely, irrelevant GIFs of Finn.

 photo tumblr_mi8jzfIn6Y1qivneko4_r5_250_zpsc6c90acc.gif  photo tumblr_inline_miijpllXoT1qbpemw_zps4fe4e8a0.gif  photo tumblr_mi8jzfIn6Y1qivneko8_r1_250_zps88877779.gif

(GIF credits: everlark)


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