Unrelated picture of my cute socks to open the post!

Just a quick exchange-related update before I get started on my incredibly complex photo essay assignment (that’s due on Wednesday F M L). Exchange at NTU is purely based on GPA, so unsurprisingly, with my supremely low GPA, I didn’t make it for first round of acceptance. But now that second rounds have opened, I’m in a dilemma over whether I should just try my luck since apparently, chances are really high of actually getting it. My top 3 choices will probably be (1) SKKu (2) Hanyang and (3) Chung-Ang.

BUT at the same time, if I do get it, that would mean I’d be in Seoul for 4-5 months all by my lonesome, and I’m not sure if I’m truly ready for that kind of independence? But if I apply next semester, my GPA might be a little bit higher, but then I’d be competing for spots with pretty much the rest of the WKW Year 2 cohort, so my chances will be slim as well. I just don’t know if I should hold out for next semester and go for exchange with my friends, because what if I don’t get a spot then? And then what? Maybe I should just submit my application and see how it goes. Chances are, with my rock bottom GPA, I wouldn’t get a spot anyway. We’ll see…


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