Dear Diary

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She is me. I am her.

These days, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with work from every possible angle and all the more, it just makes me want to retreat to my room and veg out in front of my computer in a futile attempt to drown out all the responsibility coming at me from all sides. So no. I am not ok. I’m finally all caught up on E4’s My Mad Fat Diary and it’s completely brilliant but so painful to watch but I’m so invested in Rae’s character that I just. can’t. stop. I want her to be happy and I want her to be happy with Finn next to her, yeah?

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Um just look at them, he’s obviously in love with her?! Nothing can convince me otherwise, kthxbai. Just the looks, and the hugs, and their secret way of communicating. ARGH I am drowning in my OTP feels. My ship better sail next week. And speaking of Finn………… OMGTHISBOYICANTOKHOWDOYOUFACETEACHMELICKMEASKLDJASKLDH let me just sit here and weep because there is no way this guy is real.

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(GIF credits: x, x, x)

Guys, I think I love him. Nothing beats fictional boys… says the girl who will probably die alone in her apartment with her million and one cats. In somewhat related news, have some pictures from my Valentine’s Day two nights ago. Obviously, my date wasn’t a cute boy… But it sure beats spending it alone.

Hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day went great and that you spent it well with your loved ones! Other than that, I’m excited for new episodes for all my favourite shows next week, which unfortunately, coincides with all my assignment deadlines. Oh please, get me through next week in one piece. On a side note, I’m really looking forward to The Mortal Instruments and The Host movies. I’ve only read the first TMI book and I don’t really plan to touch The Host, but the movies do look promising! And both have British boy leads playing American. Hmm…


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