What is image… and can you eat it

Since Rachel’s left for Perth yesterday, here’s a picture-heavy post from last Friday night in all our…glory, since all the pictures we took have to go somewhere, right? I really don’t know how we can spend hours doing absolutely nothing, and still complain about how tired we are. Starting our night at Sarang, we literally moved from place to place just to take pictures/eat. Sigh, I swear I’m 20 going on 45… except that that’d probably be an insult to 45-year-olds. Sarang serves really good Korean fare, for those who want a taste of Seoul – though the food’s really really overpriced, but I guess you pay for the atmosphere or something. And there was a 50% promotion happening for their soju and makgulli so we had a pot of the latter for only $11 (though um admittedly, you can probably get a bottle for under 2 bucks at a convenience store in Korea…).

Just look at how pretty the apple orchard display at Orchard Central looks! It’s practically calling for a photoshoot… and so we clumsily obliged. ANTM? I think so.

And then… this happened.

I’ll miss you, Rachel. All the reaction GIFs in my sad/crying folders can’t even come close to expressing how I feel ok. :'( See you in May!!! xoxo

 photo tumblr_mempqjWSvK1qd7i2d_zps070cb2bc.gif

P.S. I’m still upset I didn’t get to have my farewell BK breakfast with you u__u


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