FBND feels

Can we all just take a moment to bask in the absolute magic that is Flower Boy Next Door? Episode 10 was heavenly and possibly my favourite one thus far… I just felt like there was so much development packed into a 45-minute episode that felt way too short for my liking. But this might just be beat once 11 rolls around, if the swoon-worthy preview is anything to go by. Yoon Shi Yoon is hitting it out of the park with his Enrique and I love his acting range – how he can go from perky to serious in a matter of seconds, but still not feel like a complete caricature of a character is beyond me. And of course, Park Shin Hye is nothing short of utterly perfect. The drama is not without its flaws though and I wish I could just do away with all the secondary characters and sub-plots (could care less about how Do Hwi is linked to Jae Won/Jin Rak to be perfectly honest) and just watch my OTP interact all day long.

Now, something sweet to tide us over till next week…


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