Bang bang banggity bang

Some time back, I blogged about how I wanted a change when it came to my hair and was contemplating snipping off my fringe. Well, I did end up doing it and it’s been about two weeks since I’ve had blunt bangs for possibly the first time in my life. I’m still getting used to it, and I can’t say I love it, but well, hair grows, at least. Here’s to all those who’s itching to make a change but are too afraid to take that step! I hate to be cliche but… you only live once.

There are of course pros and cons to cutting bangs. Like for me, it’s virtually impossible to look decent without going sans glasses, and it’s always a pain when I’m trying to wash my face or put on make up since it’s a little too short to clip up fully. And that initial feeling right after your fringe has just been chopped off is a little disorienting since you can feel the hair resting on your forehead – kinda like getting glasses for the first time and you’re hyperaware of the frames. You’ll get used to the feeling pretty quickly though, but even now, I still sometimes get a shock when I pass by a mirror for that split second where I forget that I now have bangs.

And because my hair is naturally wavy, my bangs can end up looking just a little bit different each day (sometimes within the span of the same day) so on those days where I do have some time on my hands before I rush off to school (which is almost never), I’ll usually take the straightening iron to it just to get it looking a little more manageable and not as messy.

But I really do like how they look with any form of headwear, like a beanie or a cute hairband. It prompts me to be a little more proactive in changing up my look each day. For those cutting bangs for the first time (like me), it’s important to know what kind of bangs you want to go for. I specifically asked for the thicker type of bangs, and it’s better to show your hairstylist a reference picture so that he can really get it down pat. For those who are interested (lol I mean, you never know), I got my hair cut at Black Salon at Marina Link. Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Bang bang banggity bang

  1. You have amazing full bangs! I’ve considered getting bangs but I’ve always been too scared to go through with it.

    – KW

    1. Ah thanks so much! I’m still getting used to them :/ Hmm it took me a long while before I got the courage to cut mine too! I find that Photoshopping a set of full bangs onto a picture of myself (I used Vanessa Hudgens heehee) really helps in visualising. :-)

    1. Hehe thanks, Cheryl! Lol yes go get bangs! When did you last have them? But it’s true that they’re much higher maintenance and I do hate when they get a bit greasy :(

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