A touch of randomness

Well, school hasn’t exactly let up and I have a 4-page script due in two and a half hours. And yet, I’m on here. I told you I have a serious problem with procrastination. These days, I’ve been trying to hone my photography skills so I’ve been taking pictures of anything and everything with my DSLR. Though sadly, my improvement remains stagnant. Anyway, here are some of the pictures I’ve taken in the past few days. They’re not much, just pictures of some of my dinners, and some snacks I’ve acquired… but well, they all have to go somewhere.

Famous Amos’ double choc chip & pecan cookies! One of my faves. I can inhale a whole packet of these in one seating, no problem.
These key lime cookies from Hey Cupcakes are little bites of heaven. SO GOOD.

After following a couple of nail accounts on Instagram, I’ve been into glitter and polish lately. The polishes I’m using are super old though since I haven’t been updating my collection. For the glitter, I’m using LA Girl Rock Star’s ‘Overdose’ over a black base. And three coats of Holika Holika’s grey polish.
Definitely my favourite brand/flavour of instant noodles, after Singapore curry.

I get pretty bored easily when it comes to food so my favourite thing about coming home everyday is definitely the home-cooked dinners and the variety of the meals. Yum.

Other than that, I’ll probably post more extensively another time about B.A.P‘s ‘One Shot’ comeback as well as my thoughts on their recent concert (even though obviously I wasn’t there and had to update myself through live tweets :c).



Break down

LOL look at me trying to be artistic (but ending up more narcissistic than anything) and Photoshopping my own Photo Booth picture – Tumblr-style. Sorry, not sorry. Anyway, before I finish up episode 14 of Flower Boy Next Door and officially call it a night, I’ve got to prepare my mind for the incoming onslaught of work that’s been consistently piling up, because this weekend, I actually plan to strike things off my to-do list, one by one.

  • miss A Dinoseoul review
  • B.A.P One Shot Dinoseoul review
  • Study for Korean listening test (on Monday)
  • miss A review for Teenage (by Monday)
  • 4-page draft script for screenwriting class (by Monday night)
  • FOC Day 1 Proposal (by Tuesday latest)
  • Photo essay for CS2006 (by Wednesday)

LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF CRAP I HAVE DUE D: And this isn’t even counting all the readings and discussion questions I haven’t been contributing to.

Oh god, I need to pull myself together, and buck up. Now.

See you in 5 months

Because there are so many facets to one’s personality, I’m of the belief that you need different people in your life that will not only affect you in different ways, but also help pull out those various parts of you and bring them to the surface, if that makes any sense. So it’s like how you’re a different person depending on who you’re with, but it’s not that you’re a different person per se, but it’s more like how each person in your life brings out something different in you, and you’re essentially the sum of all these parts. So this whole pretentious spiel is basically leading in to me having to say goodbye to one of the few important people in my life, Ying Xin, for a good five months as she embarks on a new chapter in her life… kinda. She’s currently living it up in Seoul, before moving on to Busan to do her exchange. Please, please have a good time and be selfish, for once. Remember that you don’t need to please everyone around you, ok? YOU’RE IN SEOUL, SO GO ENJOY YOURSELF. I wish I had the money to join you in July, but alas… And when you come back from Busan, you better come back with a Busan accent – I’m counting on it. Stay safe, and I’ll miss you!!! Here, have a few lovely, irrelevant GIFs of Finn.

 photo tumblr_mi8jzfIn6Y1qivneko4_r5_250_zpsc6c90acc.gif  photo tumblr_inline_miijpllXoT1qbpemw_zps4fe4e8a0.gif  photo tumblr_mi8jzfIn6Y1qivneko8_r1_250_zps88877779.gif

(GIF credits: everlark)


Unrelated picture of my cute socks to open the post!

Just a quick exchange-related update before I get started on my incredibly complex photo essay assignment (that’s due on Wednesday F M L). Exchange at NTU is purely based on GPA, so unsurprisingly, with my supremely low GPA, I didn’t make it for first round of acceptance. But now that second rounds have opened, I’m in a dilemma over whether I should just try my luck since apparently, chances are really high of actually getting it. My top 3 choices will probably be (1) SKKu (2) Hanyang and (3) Chung-Ang.

BUT at the same time, if I do get it, that would mean I’d be in Seoul for 4-5 months all by my lonesome, and I’m not sure if I’m truly ready for that kind of independence? But if I apply next semester, my GPA might be a little bit higher, but then I’d be competing for spots with pretty much the rest of the WKW Year 2 cohort, so my chances will be slim as well. I just don’t know if I should hold out for next semester and go for exchange with my friends, because what if I don’t get a spot then? And then what? Maybe I should just submit my application and see how it goes. Chances are, with my rock bottom GPA, I wouldn’t get a spot anyway. We’ll see…

Dear Diary

 photo tumblr_mia0ghFVkn1qb9pa3o1_500_zpsd995f3b5.gif

She is me. I am her.

These days, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with work from every possible angle and all the more, it just makes me want to retreat to my room and veg out in front of my computer in a futile attempt to drown out all the responsibility coming at me from all sides. So no. I am not ok. I’m finally all caught up on E4’s My Mad Fat Diary and it’s completely brilliant but so painful to watch but I’m so invested in Rae’s character that I just. can’t. stop. I want her to be happy and I want her to be happy with Finn next to her, yeah?

 photo tumblr_mhr6jwVKkz1qg2judo4_250_zpscbeec6ce.gif  photo tumblr_mhr6jwVKkz1qg2judo2_250_zpsa935c29b.gif

Um just look at them, he’s obviously in love with her?! Nothing can convince me otherwise, kthxbai. Just the looks, and the hugs, and their secret way of communicating. ARGH I am drowning in my OTP feels. My ship better sail next week. And speaking of Finn………… OMGTHISBOYICANTOKHOWDOYOUFACETEACHMELICKMEASKLDJASKLDH let me just sit here and weep because there is no way this guy is real.

tumblr_mhvcwhHeSa1rzwltvo1_r2_250 tumblr_mhvcwhHeSa1rzwltvo3_r1_250

 photo tumblr_mi6e83KkE11qceanoo4_250_zps5ad2bde7.gif  photo tumblr_mi6e83KkE11qceanoo1_250_zps266e004a.gif

(GIF credits: x, x, x)

Guys, I think I love him. Nothing beats fictional boys… says the girl who will probably die alone in her apartment with her million and one cats. In somewhat related news, have some pictures from my Valentine’s Day two nights ago. Obviously, my date wasn’t a cute boy… But it sure beats spending it alone.

Hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day went great and that you spent it well with your loved ones! Other than that, I’m excited for new episodes for all my favourite shows next week, which unfortunately, coincides with all my assignment deadlines. Oh please, get me through next week in one piece. On a side note, I’m really looking forward to The Mortal Instruments and The Host movies. I’ve only read the first TMI book and I don’t really plan to touch The Host, but the movies do look promising! And both have British boy leads playing American. Hmm…