Name cards for Dinoseoul!

For those who don’t know, I’m currently an Editor at Dinoseoul, an online editorial website that covers Korean entertainment content – a website co-founded back in May. Rachel and I decided we needed name cards to appear more professional or whatever whenever we’re invited to events so we previously printed out some name cards on a couple of A3 sheets, which we then had to manually cut out ourselves to cut costs. Thankfully, I’ve managed to get rid of more than half of them at Han Ga In‘s press conference for Korean Film Festival 2012 a few months back, because looking back, my, it really is pretty ugly looking…

Anyway, the point is, our new name cards are here! This time, we learnt from our mistakes and we got them professionally printed and cut in boxes of 100 – at a really reasonable price too. I’m really happy with how they turned out, and I can’t wait to start doling them out at our next event/press conference! And lmao at my dad who told me not to give these out randomly, in case boys started calling me up out of the blue (…..because that’s a possibility and all *poker face*). But I did blank out part of my number here just in case though, cyber safety and all that…


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