CN-Blew me away

I haven’t really blogged about the two main K-pop releases of January that I’ve been anticipating, and that’s because I really haven’t got the time to properly sit down and put pen to paper. I’ve sort of put together my thoughts for B.A.P‘s pre-release track ‘Rain Sound’ into a semi-coherent MV review which you can read over here, but as for CNBLUE…….. I just, I can’t.

I am so, so glad they’re finally back and they’re definitely one of the few groups that for me their music trumps the group itself in every way – which is you know, kinda rare in K-pop. Because most of the time it’s the personalities of the group members that attract me to them first before I get into their music and it’s always a package deal but even if CNBLUE were the most boring boys on the planet, if they still put out the same kind of music as they do now, I’d genuinely still be all over them. I’ve had ‘Re:BLUE’ on repeat for awhile now, and I don’t really have the time to type out an album review, but ugh, it’s sooo good – like every single track on there can probably be a promoting single. They’re not exactly breaking any boundaries with the album, but it’s still so listenable, I cannot even stress enough.

They’ve promoted ‘I’m Sorry’ for a week now, and their live performances are asdkhjgsjkfks so effin’ amazing (though Yonghwa, that hair has got to go). But I really miss Jungshin‘s long hair, and I think he kinda does too… Idk he just kinda looks a bit moody during their performances, as if he wishes he could flip his hair around fabulously like he used to. :( I hope it grows out by the time CNBLUE finally return to our shores for a concert. For the music shows, besides ‘I’m Sorry’, they’ve done ‘More than You’, Where You Are’ and on yesterday’s Inkigayo stage, they performed ‘Coffee Shop’ which is probably my favourite track on the album (but omg the Engrish on this can I just-), next to ‘나란 남자’ which I can’t wait to hear live.

Other than that, Dinoseoul is having our very first giveaway! Ah, so exciting~ We’re giving away four copies of Jaejoong‘s mini album ‘I’ and it’s open to all countries, so please support! Details here. And just a little bit of promo, it’d mean so much if you’d like our Facebook page here, and you can also find us on Twitter and YouTube.



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